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Your Weekly Roundup From The Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 99th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where the dress colors are always agreed upon. Let’s get into it…

Getty Images

I have mentioned at some point during each of the past few weeks that this is one of the slower times on the sports calender. Well, this past week had to be the single least newsworthy (most un-newsworthy?) week I can remember since I’ve been doing these blogs. The Avalanche are out of the playoff picture and took several huge steps backwards after last season’s amazing regular season. The Nuggets are a debacle and laughing stock and have finally entered all-out tank mode. The University of Colorado basketball team is having one of the most disappointing seasons in the country and are a complete afterthought. Colorado State basketball is good and should be tourney-bound, but they are in a lull in their schedule with a boring home game against San Jose State Wednesday night and an idle Saturday. The Broncos stuck Demaryius Thomas with the franchise tag, but that was far from a surprise. And I make it a point to not pay much attention to THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE in late February and early March because there aren’t any damn games for more than six months and draft speculation is absolutely awful in every way. In baseball, players have reported to Spring Training, but the exhibition games haven’t even started yet, so the stories coming out of Arizona are things like Tulo is running the bases or Weiss is confident in Lyles’ change-up.

So yeah, you get the idea. Not much going down ’round these parts these days.

For me, the most interesting of all these non-stories is probably the Nuggets’ noble quest of losing as many games as possible. Breaking down what has gone wrong thus far is pretty pointless by now. (Answer:  Everything.) Among other things, the Nuggets, like most teams in the Association, are in desperate need of a franchise-changing superstar. With that in mind, I’m adding a new segment that will likely stick around the weekly departments for the next six weeks. I present the debut of NBA TANK WATCH 2015:

  1. New York, 12-46, .207
  2. Philadelphia, 13-47, .217
  3. Minnesota, 13-46, .220
  4. Los Angeles (Lakers), 16-42 .276
  5. Orlando, 19-42, .311
  6. Denver, 20-39, .339
  7. Sacramento, 20-37, .351
  8. Detroit, 23-36, .390

(Obviously, the “higher” ranking represents the worst record, and thus the greater chance for a higher pick.)

So the Nuggets currently have the 6th-worst record in the NBA with 23 games remaining. They are 1-9 in their last 10 and have lost 10 in a row at home. They’re starting to get the hang of this tanking thing! They’re only three games back of both Orlando and the Lakers in the loss column. So if the Nuggets can continue their impressive run of losing, they could jump up to the fourth slot with a little help. Come lottery time, that would give them a decent shot at the first pick, and an excellent shot at a top-three pick, which would be ideal.

Woah wait look at this!  The Nuggets fired Brian Shaw a few hours ago! Actual news happened! Something to talk about! I guess Shaw’s books on relating to millennials or his pregame raps didn’t help much.

The timing of this decision is the most curious aspect to me. As mentioned earlier, the Nuggets have finally embraced all-out tank mode. That’s a good thing. That’s a necessary thing. The way the players were playing under Shaw, it looked like they may not win another game this season, WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME!

So why now? What is the point of firing him with 23 games and six weeks left? Why not ride this tank job out for the rest of the year and fire him then? Or, I suppose, re-evaluate things and consider keeping Shaw around? My thinking is that the locker room had gotten so bad, had turned on him so entirely that Josh Kroenke decided the culture that would exist by keeping him around was just too detrimental to the long term process in spite of all the losses (which are good).

Melvin Hunt was announced as the interim head coach. He better not screw this whole thing up by getting these guys to play hard and win games.

Seriously, that would be the worst thing possible the Nuggets right now.

Off to the weekly departments…

Douches of the week:

Take the time to go read this blog post from Curt Schilling. Schilling’s writing is all over the map, but his overall point and message are important. Schilling is a Republican and Christian and is what’s commonly referred to as an “outspoken figure” on Twitter, so a lot of people hate him. Most of his tweets and blog posts are, presumably, met with vitriol from the troll masses. That comes with the territory and should be expected.

This one is different.

Quick recap: Schilling sends completely innocuous tweet congratulating his 17-year-old daughter on making college softball team. Tweet is met with some standard “guy jokes” like “Can’t wait to party with her” or “You don’t mind if I date her, right?”. Schilling acknowledges that this is mostly acceptable. Schilling later starts receiving next-level, disgusting, abhorrent tweets about his daughter, including rape jokes/threats. (Schilling’s description is apt: “But I can’t ever remember, drunk, in a clubhouse, with best friends, with anyone, ever speaking like this to someone…) Schilling publishes their names, schools, fraternities, etc. As of today, they’ve been fired and suspended. Today, Schilling told Dan Patrick he will be pressing charges against every single one of them.

This whole topic has so many levels to it and I’m not really sure where to start. My first reaction was something along the lines of My God, this world is going to hell in handbasket. How in the world does someone see a tweet from someone they don’t like, about about that someone’s 17-year-old daughter and have those things run through their head? And then how in the world do they take the time to translate those thoughts onto their phone or computer? And how in the world do they hit “Send”? 1. What could possibly compel someone to do those things? 2. How could someone possibly be dumb enough to do those things?

This isn’t the standard Shut up Schilling and go to hell type trolling. (Though standard attacks like those also seem unhealthy and problematic; that’s a different, but related, conversation.) This is criminal and psychopathic. And that crap is probably far more common than we realize.

Is this just the way the world is now? Do I need to get used to stories like these? When I’m a super-famous sportswriter with 2 million followers on whatever takes the place of Twitter in 20 years, will I be able to mention my (nonexistent) teenage daughter without wanting to murder anonymous people with silly pretend names?

Or will things evolve? Will the masses slowly start to understand how the internet works? In 20 years will we look back at these early days of widespread social media use as the Wild West Days and say Man can you believe people just said whatever they wanted, to whomever they wanted, on public accounts and thought they would get away with it? 

I dunno, man. I think the biggest problem is that people would never, ever say any of this to anyone in person. That’s what has changed. Just 10 years ago if you were a psychopathic freak and you said this stuff, people would go Hey! You’re a psychopathic freak. I am going to alert the authorities! Or you would just get your ass beat and that would be the end of it. So nobody said stuff like that. But now everybody has access to technologies that allow you to communicate to anyone you want anonymously. Anonymous online communication won’t be going away any time soon. And I’m thinking disturbing stories like this won’t be either.

Anyway it’s a pretty interesting topic, even if it is concerning and disturbing. Hey I know! Maybe let’s try not be mean to each other on the internet. (This tangent is an example what happens when there are not a lot of sports to talk about.)


Studs of the week:

God bless these llamas.

Vine(s) of the week:

Just another thing I could totally do if I felt like it.

I’m not quite sure how to feel about watching James Harden kick LeBron James in the nuts:

I also enjoyed watching Madonna topple over on stage. All the masked deer-men with mantlers aren’t sure how to react!

Tweet of the week:

Juan Pierre reflecting on his power numbers after announcing his retirement after 14 seasons.

Juan Pierre was always pretty damn cool. Naturally, he played his best baseball after he left Colorado, but I always liked his game and swagger. Baseball needs more Juan Pierres.

Photo of the week

This is amazing. The woodpecker is under attack, but it’s more fun if you pretend he and the weasel are pals going for a ride. WEEEEEE!! Or if the Wally the Weasel somehow owns Woody and is riding him like a jet ski. Yeah, see. That’s way more fun. (More actual details here.)

A couple other things worth sharing:

I loved this “flash mob” (not entirely sure that term applies) from Maryland’s student section during their upset over Wisconsin. College is fun, man.

This hilarious shot is worth a laugh:

(Don’t try to ruin my fun and tell me he was trying to pass it to that guy in the corner either, dammit.)

And finally, If you haven’t seen this video yet, stop and watch. Absolutely amazing. (Hence 10 million views in 2 days. If you’re the impatient type, skip to the 0:45 mark.)

Something about saving the life of an unconscious man rapidly plummeting towards the earth makes for pretty captivating footage.

Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week for my 100th post.


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Your Weekly Roundup From the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 34th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch. If it’s snowing right now you should hunker down with your favorite blog. Ain’t nobody got time to be productive when it snows.

I guess I’ll start with Colorado State football again. Simply put, they couldn’t hang with Boise State. I thought they had a decent shot. I was wrong. After jumping out to a 10-0 lead, they were outscored 42-7 before scoring a couple late touchdowns to make the final score 42-30. CSU was completely outplayed by a much better team.

Rams fans keep waiting for that big win that makes a statement and starts to turn the program around. The Wyoming game was an example of that, but only to a certain extent. Wins like that need to be built upon. This could have turned out to be a big, big game for the future of the program. It wasn’t.

Colorado State is 4-5 with 4 games to go. They’ll be favored in 3 of them. They need to go 3-1 to finish 7-6 and go to the Calahan Auto Parts Inline Rotary Girder Bowl in Flint, Michigan.

The Avs continue to win games. But the biggest story is somehow not their incredible start. They’ve decided to continue to start Semyon Varlamov in the wake of domestic abuse allegations leveled against him. The woman’s account of the story is pretty disturbing.

It’s a little surprising that Patrick Roy and the Avs’ brass didn’t skip a beat and just kept right on playing Varlamov, but I can see where they’re coming from. And it has nothing to do with his performance or how well the Avs are playing. We don’t know what happened. There’s a chance Varlamov didn’t do a damn thing. If that’s the case it would be awfully unfair to suspend him or sit him down.

If he did beat this woman, that truth should come out later and the Avs can react then.

It’s really an impossible situation for the Avalanche. Either decision will be viewed as the wrong one.

And it’s a shame this black cloud has to hang over such an incredible start to the year.

John Fox had a heart attack. I’m taking a Broncos Bye-Week Break, but you can read some solid analysis and commentary here.

This NFL bullying story is bizarre, but I only bring it up because this dude looks like the biggest meathead idiot ever.

via sportsgrid.com

Is anyone surprised this guy isn’t the brightest or kindest person in the world? This guy went to my high school. He went to your high school. He is currently attending every high school in the nation.

A thrilling start to the Nuggets’ home opener.


Rocky is okay. He passed out. This line from this Deadspin write-up cracked me up: “Because the harness was hidden, it looked like Rocky had been hanged and presented on the court as an omen for something. It was unsettling.”

This is one of the best front pages I’ve ever seen. Five simultaneous “safe” calls. Pretty awesome.

via the Boston Herald

This Tim McCarver sendoff is well done:


McCarver is a legend but at the end of his career most people were really ready for him to go away. I never had a problem with him and didn’t really understand most of the McCarver hate, which was rampant on Twitter and the blogosphere. He was a baseball man through and through and he knew the game better than anybody. Sometimes he could start stumbling around and babbling about strange crap, but more often than not I found him to be very in-tune with the game.

Pretty interesting promo:


Speaking of the NBA, if you haven’t seen the New Orleans Pelicans mascot yet, I recommend diverting your eyes now.

That’s Pierre. Pierre is a terrifying creature. For the record, I like the Pelicans rename a lot. Pelicans are badass. I do not like whatever is in that picture.

This GIF turned me into Homer Simpson:

via @guyism


This man is my hero. He just kills this. Pure gold.


Easily the best thing to come out of Halloween weekend. That weather report was just the best. Also, that video has over 2.6 million views since Halloween. That seriously might be the most publicity Colorado State football has gotten in years. And yeah, if you couldn’t tell, I’m a pretty big Anchorman fan.

Actually let’s be real, this is always the best thing to come out of Halloween weekend.

I freaking love this video. Not entirely sure what’s going on, but there appears to be some sort of skateboarding and/or bicycling event. Police appear to be determined to block off a certain area. They’re just not quite sure which one. And their method is not particularly effective. Add in some Yakety Sax and you have me laughing and crying all at once.


I never wanted it to end.

And finally, we’ve all been here:




Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya in November.

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The Best of Tuesdays With Mitch

Welcome to the 26th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch. Somebody told me there are 52 weeks in a year, so that must mean it’s been half of a year since I burst onto the scene and took the entire internet by storm in jaw-dropping fashion on March 19th. In honor of that milestone I wanted to walk down memory lane and rank my favorite videos, gifs and links from the past six months. (When I had this idea, I thought it would make an easy, quick post. Turned out to be quite the opposite. From a content standpoint, there’s more in this blog than any I’ve ever done.) Enjoy The Best of Tuesdays With Mitch.

Before we jump in, there’s two very important videos from last week, which I’m presenting without comment. Also, the Broncos are good and so is Peyton Manning.

Important video Number One:


Important video Number Two:


Now, let’s get back to that walk down memory lane. Our first category is videos, which I’ve broken down into three sub-categories.


Sports Videos: The best from the action between the lines. Now, this isn’t the best videos from the sports world the past three months, just my favorites that I’ve featured on here. A handful of these were removed due to copyright reasons, but these are your winners.

5. Todd Helton, ladies and gentlemen.  From June 6th:


This would be higher but it gets some more recognition later in this post.

4. Dunk Freaking City with the coolest moment of the NCAA tourney. From March 26th:


Remember those kids? Damn that was something.

3. Old-Man Andre takes over Game 1, finishes with the game-winner that seemed cool at the time. From April 16th:


Yeah. Seemed cool at the time.

2. Excited bat-boy reminds us all why we love sports. From April 23rd:


(The full story of that one can be found here.) You’d have to be quite the cynic to not smile at that stuff.

1. Hit #2500. For the record I was counting down to this for the past couple seasons.




Kind of Sports Videos: This is probably the heaviest-hitting category of all. Tough to narrow it down to these eight.

8. The most baller way to catch a foul ball.


I’ve often debated weather it would have been more baller to quickly remove the ball then chug without spilling. I’ve determined both strategies produce equal ballerness.

7. Cincinnati does not care about your stupid interview.


There’s really something to be said about their creativity.

6. NBA people read mean tweets.


Freaking Twitter.

5. British Baseball Announcer. No idea who made this or where it came from, but damn it made me laugh.


It’s funny because he talks weird and doesn’t understand what’s happening.

4. Matt Harvey interviews New Yorkers.


That last dorky kid just kills me.

3. My Wish: Arizona Diamondbacks. Changing gears a bit here from funny to tear-jerker.


I just love this little guy and everything that goes right for him on this day.

2. CSU Student clutches up.


I mean, everything about this is just awesome.

1. “Tim Duncan Realizing He Has Arms”


This could be the funniest video I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched it dozens of times and I think I’ve cried with each viewing. I’ll never know exactly what that nerdy-robot-basketball-legend was doing, but that title is just perfect.


Not Sports Videos: These are the best eight random videos from around the internet that made me laugh enough to share them with you over the past 6 months.

8. Double stiff-arm without breaking stride:


One of a couple moments of levity from the terror of the Boston bombings. Dude’s pretty badass.

7. Large blue bird messes with people:


No idea where this came from either. Really, I don’t know what the hell is happening at all. But I can not. Stop. Laughing.

6. Charles Ramsey:  Hero:


Incredible story. Incredible interview.

5. Speaking of…


Freaking Internet.

4. Patriotic and badass band kid:


Tough situation. Handled like a damn champ.

3. Very necessary and easy fence jump:


You can’t make things up that are more funny than that. That gate is just mocking that poor dude.

2. How to piss in public: (Borderline NSFW)


Really, this has been one of my favorite YouTube videos for a long time. I just needed an excuse to post it on my blog. I’m doing so again. What can I say, it speaks to me.

1. How to defend your dog Toaster:


That video inspired a little write-up from me in late July:

“That has 5.4 million views in three days and I understand why. I think about 100 of them are from me. No hesitation, shirtless, two hands, over the head, sending that maniacal rodent with ill intentions head over heels about ten yards and down a stairwell with his evil glowing eyes looking back at you with each rotation. Maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

Now all I can think about is it what it would be like to throw a live raccoon as far as I can. Would I take a running start? Would I shuffle step and go across my body like I’m dumping a heavy bucket of water on an unsuspecting friend? Perhaps I would try a one-armed fling to the side or back. Maybe I could perfect one of those soccer inbounds plays when they do a little flip. Should I spin around like an Olympian in the shot put? I bet I could throw an adult male raccoon over them mountains if I really wanted to.”


GIFs: GIFs (pronounced gif or jif or gif or jif) are my favorite. They’re like pictures, but the pictures move. Isn’t that crazy? Here are the top 10 GIFs from Tuesdays With Mitch.

10.  Phil Mickleson struts over a yellow rope with cheerleader-quality leg kicks. From August 13th:

via @sbnationgif

Not sure why I find that so funny. But I really, really do.

9.  Rick Pitino avoids gun fire or fireworks or something after winning the national championship. From April 9th:

via @worldofisaac

Get down Rick!

8.  Florida Gulf Coast equipment manager is thug as hell and goes HAM. From March 26th:

via gifsection.com


7. Non-sports one here. From May 21st:

via @bubbaprog

“I’m told that is someone named Miguel performing at something called the American Music Awards or something. Don’t know about any of that, but I’ve always said it’s never a good idea to try and jump across a large group of people if you’re a no-name musician lip syncing on a no-name awards show in a tight white suit unless you get a solid running start. I’ve always said that!”

6. David Ortiz would rather just text the bullpen. From July 3oth:

via @thescore

Aaaarrrghhh!  His teammates are like… Yikes broken phone pieces and a very large angry man with a bat! Is it over? Is it over yet?!?

5. Ummm… This guy.

via deadspin.com / @bubbaprog

Moving on…

4. Pam Oliver is just trying to do her job. From August 30th:

via businessinsider.com / @corkgaines

The funniest part was when the football hit that lady in the face.

3. We have a tie. These two guys just really like baseballs and would like to take them home with them. Also, they are not the least bit afraid of bushes or hedges. From June 18th:

via guyism.com

And from August 27th:

via guysim.com

2. Louie Anderson is a great diver.

via @guysim

Weeeeeeeee!!!!!  I love America.

1. Todd Helton has more swag than anyone.

GIF courtesy of @andy_mcdonnell. Lots of good stuff on his blog at andymcd.com. Check it out.

So our winner isn’t a funny GIF, it’s just the most badass bat flip/crowd reaction/dramatic homer ever. It also involves Todd Helton. (This was a game-tying homer in an 11-pitch at-bat in the bottom of the ninth inning).

Links: Not sure how many of you actually take the time to click on the media that I suggest, but here are five pieces that are worth reading or viewing if you skipped them. If you did read them, they’re worth your time once more:

5.  “Carry On” from ESPN’s Outside The Lines. This one is a long video accompanied by an article, but it’s moving and inspiring. Considered by many to be the best piece ESPN has ever done. Take the time to watch it. You’ll be glad you did.

4. From MLB.com: An interview between the great Harry Caray and the great Bill Murray. Pretty cool few minutes from 25 years ago.

3. The Insane Sorority Letter, as read by Michael Shannon (NSFW. Very NSFW). I would have just embedded the video, but this is the most vulgar, inappropriate thing I’ve ever referenced here. Still, I watched it again today and truly appreciated this rendition of the hilarious letter that went viral, in which some crazy sorority girl was upset with her “sisters.” If you don’t like foul language, skip it. But this sure makes me laugh.

2. Memphis quarterback Jacob Karam is a pretty good dude. Please take a couple minutes to watch this guy play piano (by ear) with a young cancer patient in a hospital and read his story. He does these things voluntarily. This might make you feel like a loser, but it will make you feel really good about the world. This is great. Highest recommendation.

1. The remarkable obituary of Frosty WesteringThis is hands-down, my favorite piece I’ve read over the past six months. I’ve never heard of this man until I stumbled across the link on Twitter.

“Did you know one of the most remarkable American coaches died on Friday? Did you know that Frosty Westering, who had 32 seasons at Pacific Lutheran without a losing record in any, who never mentioned playoffs or titles to his players but won four national championships and four runner-up finishes on two levels, died at 85 surrounded by his considerable family? Please know. Please, please know.”

You’ll enjoy this piece. Read it. Or reread it like I just did.


Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading over the last half-year. Looking forward to trying to entertain over the next half-year. See ya next week.

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Brian Shaw, The Aftermath of Game 7, Other Stuff

Welcome to the 15th edition of Tuesdays with Mitch. We’re turning a corner in the sports calendar. Basketball is done. Hockey is done. Football hasn’t started. We have just entered the dog days of summer when baseball is the only thing going on. Almost…

Brian Shaw is the new head coach of the Denver Nuggets. (USATSI)

The Nuggets hired Brian Shaw as their new head coach to replace George Karl. I don’t have a whole lot of insight on Shaw, but I think it has to be considered a success for the Nuggets. Shaw was one of the hot names in coaching circles this offseason and the Nuggets got the guy who was probably their first choice to take over. Shaw has won five championships in his career, three as a player, two as an assistant. That alone is a pretty impressive resume. It will be interesting to see how much the playing style differs from the fast-paced days of George Karl.

There’s always great optimism when hiring a new coach, but after Karl’s surprise firing and Masai Ujuri leaving, all the sudden the Nuggets have a rookie GM and a rookie head coach leading one of the youngest teams in the NBA. That doesn’t exactly inspire a ton of confidence. Again though, I think it is wise to make a change, simply because the only thing the Nuggets risk giving up is boring first-round playoff exits.

This piece from ESPN on Shaw’s remarkable journey is worth your time.

The rough road trip for the Rockies that I said had the makings of a season-changing disaster started with them going 0-5. (Sometimes it’s almost like I know what I’m talking about.) They won the next two and there are two in Boston remaining, tonight and tomorrow. They can finish the trip at 2-7 or 3-6 or 4-5. At this point I’m hoping for a split in Boston, and coming home at .500 to regroup.

Since nobody watches hockey anymore, here’s all you need to see from the absolutely incredible Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, wrapped up in a neat three minutes.

Two goals in 17 seconds on the road in a clinching game of the Finals? That’s about the craziest damn thing I’ve ever heard.

The middle of overtime in a Stanley Cup Finals game is not the best time to cut to cheap local commercials.


I was cruising around Twitter after the Heat beat the Spurs in Game 7 on Thursday and found some pretty legit pictures and gifs and videos.

Here’s ESPN’s ninjas getting real creepy behind the scenes.

Bill Simmons is one of the few ESPN employees who can get away with badmouthing the network for which he works because he’s one of the top dogs. And juuuuuust as he was about to bring up the debacle that LeBron and ESPN took a lot of justifiable heat for (see what I did there?), the cameras went black. Hard to believe that was a coincidence.

Excellent and gutwrenching picture of a sad Tim Duncan

Sad Tim

I found this on Twitter from @corkgaines. Getty Images.

Dwayne Wade looks pretty drunk:

Happy and drunk Wade

Or maybe he’s just happy. via SB Nation.

Here’s rap superstar Drake being told he can’t enter the Heat locker room.

Whoever’s holding the camera is sure a douche.

Check out Birdman’s unreal shades:

Found this on Twitter @corkgaines.

Classic freaking birdman right there.

Dan LeBetard had an epic, 10 minute rant after Game 7. Kind of strange for a “columnist” to be such a homer. Stranger still, for anyone to play the “disrespect” card when referring to the Heat. Still pretty funny though.

And my favorite one
of all is Chris Bosh struggling with the postgame celebration as much as struggled with the actual game.

found on Twitter @sportsvines

In other news, I follow the Iron Shiek on Twitter along with 305,000 other people. It’s fascinating. The former pro wrestler sends out incredibly vulgar, mostly nonsensical tweets about anything happening in pop culture or sports. He doesn’t like Hulk Hogan. He likes the cold beer. He calls people Bubba (which I have since stolen). Once you learn to speak his language, it’s usually pretty hilarious.

There has always been kind of a mysterious vibe to the whole thing though. Is this really him? There were pictures that made it clear the Iron Shiek was actually around. I always wondered if he was actually sending these tweets or they were coming from brilliant handlers who created a strange Twitter character. An insightful article came out Sunday that (kind of) helps answer some of these questions. Pretty interesting stuff. It’s all being done to help raise funds to create a documentary on the guy.

Here’s some good sportsish long reads from the past week:

Really interesting profile on Serena Williams from Rolling Stone.

An oral history of the 2003 NBA Draft is insightful stuff from ESPN.

Here’s a video of a guy making fun of the government and screwing with people:


And finally, I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this video, but it’s just captivating. I mean, I can’t look away.

There is so much going on. Kids ripping off their shirts and sticking out their tongues. Admit it, you were hoping they brawled. Twenty bucks says each one of those kids grows up to a lunatic.

Happy Tuesday everybody, see ya next week.

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Masai Ujiri is Probably Leaving and That’s Bad For the Nuggets.

It’s starting to sound like Masai Ujiri won’t be staying with the Nuggets.

The single biggest reason for the recent success of the Denver Nuggets has not been a player or George Karl. It has been Masai Ujiri.

The VP of Basketball Operations (which really just means general manager, but the Nuggets have a weird hierarchy with strange titles) was considered a rising star in the basketball world when he was hired. This season, he won the NBA Executive of the Year award.

Ujiri comes from a scouting background which is a little different than most front office executives and has apparently given him a leg up in analyzing talent and acquiring a cohesive set of players.

The NBA is a superstars’ league and superstars don’t want to play in Denver. Ujiri has recognized this and expertly assembled a roster of solid players than can compete with the big boys.

There hasn’t been any playoff success, but I point the finger at George Karl there and that’s a whole separate conversation.

The drama surrounding Carmelo Anthony’s exit was a horrible situation for a young GM to be in, but Ujiri pulled off a genius trade that reshaped the Nuggets franchise.

Anyway, the Kroenkes have given Ujiri permission to speak with his former franchise, the Toronto Raptors, about their vacant GM position and it is being reported that Toronto will be offering a very lucrative deal. The details remain hazy, but it sounds like Ujiri could pull in well over $1 million per year, with the Kroenkes not likely to match that kind of figure.

That kind of money not easy to turn down.

At this point, we’re all just waiting on Ujiri to make his decision, but personally, I’d be surprised if the NBA Executive of the Year comes back to Denver.

Ujiri leaving would not resemble most changes in the front office with relatively unknown executives moving on. He is the single most important– and perhaps most talented– person in the Nuggets organization.


Not sure what’s going on here.

Tulo is not interested in high-fiving Betancourt. (gif via guyism.com)

Baseball players are a quirky bunch.

Your quick Rockies update aside from cupchecks or sack taps or whatever is happening there: Finished that crucial homestand 5-2, but then started their current road trip 1-3. Went 6-4 in the 10-game NL West stretch. Should really win the next three over the AAA affiliate in Houston.

This video is perfectly titled. I present, “Tim Duncan Realizing He Has Arms”.


Chris Anderson has had a few different looks in his day.


via @NickiJhabvala of the New York Times

As good as this is, I distinctly remember a perm somewhere along the way even though I couldn’t find any evidence of this either. I’m putting the over/under him just saying “screw it”and going full technicolor face-tat at 2.5 years.

This is the best interview I’ve seen in a long, long time.

I would like to hang out with that young man.

I can’t wait for the 30 for 30 on Gordon Bombay.

Bombay’s willingness to accept eccentric characters like the Bash Brothers and implement unique techniques like the Knuckle Puck have made him a true legend.

And finally, here’s a non-sports link. A worthhile read about the devastation in Oklahoma.

Happy Tuesday everybody. See ya next week.

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