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Hey Wait You Guys, Are the Chiefs Actually, Like, Good?

Welcome to the 34th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch. Lots to get to in this one. Get after it.

All season long, I’ve maintained that the Kansas City Chiefs are a fraudulent first place team. They’ve played a weak schedule, I’ve said. They’ve gotten lucky, I’ve said. They’ve played a lot of backup quarterbacks, I’ve said. They might be a pretty good team, but they’re not on the level of a team like the Broncos, I’ve said.

Then I took a closer look at what the Chiefs have done. And I’ve decided I’ve been absolutely right about all of this.

screenshot via espn.com

screenshot via espn.com

So they beat the Jaguars. Then three NFC East teams. Not particularly impressive, but hey, 4-0 is a very nice start for anybody.

Then check out this gauntlet of elite quarterbacks the vaunted Chiefs defense has somehow been able to shutdown.

Fitzpatrick. Pryor. Keenum. Campbell. Tuel. (That’s Ryan Fitzpatrick. Terrell Pryor. Case Keenum. Jason Campbell. And Jeff Tuel.)

That horrifying, all-time great Kansas City defense played four backup quarterbacks and Terrell Pryor in five consecutive weeks. Fitzpatrick was making his first start of the season. So was Keenum. So was Campbell. Tuel was making his second start, but his first in a month.

Keenum was actually making the first start of his career. Tuel was making his second start ever.

Kansas City might have a good defense; I don’t really know. It kind of looks like they have a very average defense that has played a bunch of crap offenses trying out new quarterbacks.

Offensively the Chiefs are definitely average. Alex Smith has thrown nine touchdowns and four interceptions in nine weeks. (On a somewhat related note, Peyton Manning threw seven touchdowns in the first week alone.) Jamaal Charles is a nice player. There’s no way he’s a workhorse that powers the best team in football. He’s run for over 100 yards once on the year. He averages about 80 per game.

The Broncos are favored in this game by about eight points, which is a big number for a game in which both teams have such good records.

I think it’s going to be a party. The Chiefs are overmatched on both sides of the ball. The Broncos blow them out and make a statement.

Look for Peyton to kick up those much-talked-about ankles in the fourth quarter with a visor accenting that magnificent forehead.

Tulowitzki to the Cardinals? That would be an unbelievably difficult trade for Rockies fans to handle. I don’t think it gets done. But then again, I didn’t think the Ubaldo Jimenez trade would get done either. If they do trade Tulo, I sure hope they get some really bright impact prospects. Guys like Drew Pomeranz and Alex White (who they could trade for a guy like Wilton Lopez) and that other guy.

Richie Incognito is a really bad guy. Just a bad person. The locker room culture in the NFL is completely misguided and needs to change. Jonathon Martin could have handled the situation better, but he really didn’t do anything wrong. Boom. See how easy that was? Now we can all move on.

What to watch the next seven days:

  • College basketball on ESPN arrives in a big way tonight. #1 Kentucky plays #2 Michigan State. And #4 Duke plays #5 Kansas. Can’t ask for much more than that.
  • There’s an NFL game on Sunday night.
  • Washington – UCLA could be a rare Friday night college football game that’s worth watching.
  • San Diego State basketball hosts Arizona Thursday night on CBS Sports if you’re into intriguing inter-conference matchups out west.
  • And at this point you should probably be watching the Avalanche whenever you get the chance. They’re 14-2.

Stud of the week:

Kapri Bibbs. 312 rushing yards. 4 touchdowns. National Player of the Week Award. Not a bad day. The Rams have themselves a star. Kapri Bibbs: Stud.

Douche of the week:

Radio host Damon Bruce has been suspended after his strange rant about women in sports. (Hint: He doesn’t seem to like them very much.) It’s unbelievable to me that people are dumb enough to ruin their careers by going off about stupid things. You are a professional talker. You should know you can’t say certain things. Damon Bruce: Douche.

Your heartwarming but also really really sad sports story of the week here.

I missed this last week. Jesse Carr, who came to the Colorado State basketball program in 2008, was set to rejoin the Rams and play through 2014. That career would have spanned six seasons. Carr reinjured his ACL and is justifiably calling it a career. It’s a crushing story for a good kid and a good player who never got his senior season.

In other news, Colorado State is in a rebuilding year. They were blown out by Gonzaga in Spokane last night.

A couple normal college kids for ya:

via @corkgaines

It’s very important to watch the friends on each side of that dude. Just about killed me. Then there’s this guy in his own little T-Rex world.

via @eyeonCFB

These are always a pleasure to watch:


I found this video to be super hilarious. It’s very Not-Safe-For-Work, so I’m just going to link to it instead of embedding it on this page. I recommend it if you’re not bothered by foul language.

This one’s been out for a while, but yesterday was Veteran’s Day, so it seems relevant.


It’s all about the boots in that one.

And finally, this is… something.


If you somehow made it all the way through that, I hope you enjoyed that final little move as much as I did.


Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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Analyzing the NFL Draft is Stupid

This will be a quick post on why analyzing the NFL  Draft is stupid. Based on the headline/title of this post, I’ve decided that sentence was entirely unnecessary.

Anyway, the NFL Draft Thursday night probably generates more buzz than the conference championship weekend. Think about that.

Super Bowl is #1. Draft is #2. It’s a 3-day, prime time event. Analysis will run rampant this weekend.

Everybody has something to say about every pick in every NFL draft. Thing is, nobody, anywhere knows who made the right moves this weekend.

And nobody knows a damn thing.

Thursday night on ESPN every pick will be scrutinized by experts everywhere. Mel Kiper and his hair (what kind of a blogger would I be if I didn’t say something about his hair?) will give a team an “A” grade and Todd McShay will give them a “B.” Then Kiper will give some team an “F” and McShay will give them a “C.”

Blah blah blah.

In three years nobody will remember or care what kind of analysis is said about pick 8 or pick 14 or pick 25. We’ll say, “Damn we nailed that one” or “That guy is a huge bust.” But nobody, anywhere knows any of that this weekend.

Calling the sports talk shows this week and saying, “Gee what do you guys think of taking Whitney Mercilus at #25 instead of Jerel Worthy?” just so the host can say, “Uhhh… Yeah that Mercilus kid is a beast” is silly and pointless.

(And yes, I realize in the grand scheme of things all sports talk radio is silly and pointless but with other topics people can at least engage in interesting and relatively substantial debate).

The best analogy I can come up with is the weather.

Arguing over draft picks is like arguing over what you think the weather will be like next summer. “No way bro, it’s gonna be cooler than usual with more rain than we’re used to!” “Yeah right dude I bet we set record highs like each week!”

Can you imagine getting really pissed off or really pumped because you see a weather report for like 12 days from now? People have a general idea of the way things may pan out, but a lot can happen and a lot can change. And sometimes meteorologists are just flat-out wrong.

I can’t predict the future, you can’t predict the future and Merril Hoge can’t predict the future.

The draft is important. When building an organization in any sport, the draft is the single most important tool to success. The instant judgment and analysis, however; is just dumb, regardless of what ESPN tells you.

We all need to get over it.

NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

Since I haven’t written a blog in a couple fortnights, here’s a quick post with my picks for the weekend:

Saints over 49ers

Saints over 49ers. AP Photo

I’m taking offense over defense here. There’s been a lot of talk about the Saints being a different team playing outside and on the road. I can buy into that a little bit, but I also think the Saints are just really, really good. The Niners’ have the best rushing defense in the league, but Drew Brees and the Saints don’t really run the ball. I’ll take the Saints by a field goal or two.


Packers over Giants

Packers over Giants. Photo couresty Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Giants are a very trendy little upset pick here. The media are drawing all sorts of similarities between this years’ team and the team that went through Lambeau to win the Super Bowl in 2007. That’s kind of a dumb train of thought; we’re talking about two completely different teams in two completely different years. The 15-1 Packers are somehow flying under the radar going into this game, which works out very well for them. Discount Double Check accounts for about four touchdowns and The Pack wins fairly easily.


Ravens over Texans.  Photo Courtesy, Steve Mitchell, US Presswire

Ravens over Texans. Photo Courtesy Steve Mitchell, US Presswire

The Ravens are 8-0 at home this season. Houston has the second-strongest (Broncos) running game with Arian Foster and Ben Tate accounting for over 2,100 yards rushing, but the Ravens are the league’s second-best (49ers) team at stopping the run. That match-up will decide this game. I think the Ravens’ D will have some fun with T.J. Yates even though he’s played well since taking over. I’ll take the Ravens by a touchdown in a pretty low-scoring game.


Broncos over Patriots.

Broncos over Patriots. Photo Courtesy John Lebya, Denver Post

Screw it.