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How Can Anyone Not Love Sports?

In the wake of the best postseason baseball game of my generation, I’m a little giddy. (Keep in mind Oct. 1, 2007 is considered a regular season game). Watching all the reaction from the night has led me to ask the simple question stated in the title of this post: How can anyone not love sports? I mean, think about it:  There are people in the world who were just walking around doing laundry and studying and sleeping and watching the Food Network during that game. Strange folks.

This is why I love sports:  Try telling me which video has the happier people…

This group of grown men:


(Notice our joyful friend in the red hoody and the Yadier Molina helmet spike at the 11 second mark).

Or this little kid on Christmas (whose video has like 15 million views):


Pretty close call. Tell me, other than sports, what can make hardened, gritty millionaires act like that kid?