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All-Star Rosters– Were the Rockies Snubbed?

All-Star game rosters are always good for producing a slew of arguments among fans. A few quick thoughts on the National League selections, which were announced Sunday:

It’s too bad for Rockies fans that Jose Reyes clipped Troy Tulowitzki in the fan voting as the NL starting shortstop. Usually this is where I would complain about East-coast bias or how stupid fan-voting is, but in this situation I’m keeping my mouth shut.

Reyes is having the better year and deserves to start. He leads the NL in batting average at .354 (that’s 82 points higher than Tulo). Reyes also has 30 stolen bases. Reyes and Tulo are two very different players, but Reyes has simply had a better first-half.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Jose Reyes has been the best shortstop in the National League this season. Even better than Troy Tulowitzki. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Huston Street is a snub, but finding a spot for him on the roster would be near impossible. Of the other relievers selected, Heath Bell and Eric Clippard are the sole All-Stars on bad teams and Johnny Venters is probably the most nasty lefty in the league.

Call me a homer, but I would have taken Street over the other reliever selected, Brian Wilson and his creepy, over-the-top, painted beard. Both closers have 24 saves, but Wilson has blown four saves to Street’s two. Rockies fans complain about the baserunners Street allows, but Wilson has 22 walks to Street’s six.

I think, and correct me if I’m completely out of line, but Wilson’s celebrity persona coupled with his manager picking the teams may have helped him earn a spot. Simply put, Street and Wilson are having very comparable seasons, and Street never had a chance.

Looking at the starting pitchers on the roster is a little weird. National League manager Bruce Bochy selected eight starters. Six of them are either the Phillies or Giants. That’s just stupid. Those staffs are very strong, but three starters from each is simply unnecessary. Tim Lincecum is 6-6. All-Stars should not be 6-6.

Jhoulys Chacin had a decent chance to make the squad but his hopes took a major hit when he got lit up in his last start in Wrigley. Right now he’s 8-5 with a 3.10 ERA. Chacin is second in the league to Tommy Hanson in opponent’s batting average. He owns one complete game shutout and is the main reason the Rockies are at all relevant.

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Should Jhoulys Chacin should have been an All-Star? Probably not. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

Chacin has a had a very nice season but the truth is, his numbers aren’t as good as any of the starters selected, save Lincecum, who was selected because he’s Tim Lincecum (same reason as Wilson).

So for Rockies fans, there’s not a whole lot to be upset about. Tulowitzki isn’t starting, but he got beat out by someone who’s having a better year. Chacin was close but probably didn’t quite deserve the nod, and Street is a minor snub.