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Your Weekly Roundup From the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 22nd Tuesdays With Mitch, where I am not deterred by an apparently broken laptop. I overcame that shit like a champ this week. Lots to get to, starting with some random sports thoughts.

Someone told me the Broncos played a preseason game. Nobody got hurt, so it was a success. I’m convinced the NFL preseason only exists so sports talk radio hosts in Denver can babble about specific inconsequential nothings each day for about a month. The NFL preseason is probably going to change soon. If it were me, I’d eliminate 2 preseason games and keep the regular season at 16 games in 17 weeks. That’s two weeks less of something resembling football though, so America probably doesn’t agree with me.

Peyton Manning didn’t get hurt in the first preseason game. So that’s good. AP Photo

The Rockies completed a franchise record-tying worst road trip ever with a 1-9 journey. Then they came home and swept the team with the best record in baseball. They are weird like that.

The Dodgers are 38-8 since June 22. They look like a World Series team, which sucks because I really don’t like them or their fans. But still, you heard it here first.

Johnny Manziel is probably going to get suspended because he signed autographs for money. That NCAA rule is just lunacy and will probably be changed soon, but I don’t understand why a rich kid with so much at stake would do that. Really weird story.

I’m excited for the launch of Fox Sports 1 on Saturday. This is the first time somebody is coming into the cable sports game with the goal of being a serious competitor to ESPN. The channel will air marquee events and be in tens of millions of homes when they launch, so I think their chances of hanging around are pretty good. Also, there’s a growing population of people (yours truly) that are just getting sick of ESPN and lots of the stupid things they do. When I was in middle school and high school my favorite show was SportsCenter. I watched the entire hour almost every day. Not anymore. I bet I haven’t watched an entire SportsCenter in eight years. It’s just not compelling. All you see is contrived debate on the same stupid topics. Anyway, FS1 could flop, but I don’t think it will. More on this battle in the LA Times.

I watched this live and thought That would make a great GIF in my blog. And here we are.

via @sbnationgif

Phil just strutting over a rope with no hands and two cheerleader-quality, chin-high leg kicks. Who says these guys aren’t athletes? Seriously though, I bet I couldn’t do that.

Jason Dufner wastes no time.

via @sbnationgif

Hey Jason, you may or may not be on camera after winning the PGA Championship. Just a thought.

An announcer said Nelson Cruz has, “Taken a dump on the Texas Rangers” and that made me very, very happy. Because I have the sense of humor similar to that of a third-grader, anyone using any form of the phrase “take a dump” can make me laugh instantly. I can’t embed the video, but I found it here. Some form of the “Taken a dump” phrase should be said in every future sports broadcast.

For example: “The Rockies have really taken a dump on Edinson Volquez this year.”

“It didn’t take long for Mark Sanchez to come in and just take a dump all over everything again.”

“Jon Embree tried his best, but he really took a dump on the Colorado football program.”

I could go all day, but I’ll stop at three.

This large lady(?) made some kind of strange Derek Jeter mask, and it is not something anyone should enjoy looking at.

via deadspin.com

Here’s an equally disgusting and creepy GIF from a baseball game. I apologize in advance for Charlie Manuel’s dentures:

via @corkgaines

I mean, that is seriously gross.

I enjoyed this video of Harry Carey interviewing Bill Murray 25 years ago before the first night game at Wrigley Field.

Tom Brady is a womanizing creep just like the rest of us.


Miguel Cabrera is the best hitter of our generation. He has a shot a second consecutive triple crown this year. We are legitimately watching one of the best hitters of all-time. So here he is falling down.

via ftw.usatoday.com

Check out the kid in the front row (blue shirt, red hat) who goes straight Nelson Muntz.

I’ll balance out that non-smooth with a whole lot of smooth.

via guysim.com

And this is just sweet.

via guyism.com

This cartoon/column on why we love sports is really cool.

Since I’ve twice documented fans behind home plate interacting with foul balls, I felt inclined to link to another one. This lady is really scared.

Here’s a video of some Mormon missionairies hustling some black dudes in “the hood”


If you can get over the strange robot news lady, this is pretty awesome.


And finally, if you have five minutes and feel like smiling…


Maybe it’s a PR grab, but you’d have to be quite the cynic to not enjoy that kind of stuff.

Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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Your Weekly Roundup from the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to Tuesdays With Mitch. A bit of a slow sports news week around these parts so this is a shortened post. Also I’ve been busy. I’m sure you’re crushed. Off we go…

Since last we spoke, the Nuggets were eliminated in the playoffs by Golden State in six games. I still think George Karl should be shown the door, even if that doesn’t seem to be the feeling of the Nuggets’ front office.

Also I can’t help but chuckle at the Nuggets fans who are complaining about the refs. The ending to Game 6 was nothing short of bizarre and there were some awful calls down the stretch in Denver’s wild comeback, but come on. Maybe don’t fall behind three games to one against a six seed and those calls would be of less importance.

Nolan Arenado  was appropriately pumped up after hitting a grand slam off the reigning AL Cy Young winner. His career is only a few games old, but all signs are pointing towards the This-Kid-Can-Play category.

The Warriors and Spurs played an incredible, instant classic last night. Down the stretch, one obnoxious, shrieking fan managed to steal the show at the end of regulation and throughout both overtimes. In the sports-twittersphere, last night’s game will forever be remembered as The Screaming Spurs Lady game.

I’m fully expecting to hear that in a few nightmares.  Seriously, how could you sit next to that? This one excited woman/girl turned my Twitter feed into a steady stream of jokes about Screaming Spurs Lady. This gem summed it up the best after the game:

screaming gem

That reminded me of this moment:

The “KEEVVVVVVIIIIINNNN” at 32 seconds just kills me every time.

I think it’s important for all of us to read this enlightening piece on Jason Collins, Tim Tebow, ESPN, First Take, Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith and Chris Broussard. On a related topic, don’t watch that crap or listen those dudes. Just don’t. You’ll be better for it.

It has to be a first to combine an actually relevant, interesting news story with one of those strangely awesome urban news interviews that take over YouTube. Those two came together in beautiful harmony last night, when news broke that three women who had been missing for over a decade were found alive, locked in a house. It’s a horrifying story with a twist of a happy ending. Anyway, this guy is your latest hero.


Another wild story had a local angle when people in the Wyoming and Colorado State athletic departments managed to save a former Denver Post reporter’s life when they realized she was having a stroke over the phone.

This is a great picture.

And finally, Sunday was Cinco De Mayo and all that Spanish being spoken reminded me of one of my all-time YouTube favorites.


Happy Tuesday everybody. I should have more to say in a week. See ya then.

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Analyzing the NFL Draft is Stupid

This will be a quick post on why analyzing the NFL  Draft is stupid. Based on the headline/title of this post, I’ve decided that sentence was entirely unnecessary.

Anyway, the NFL Draft Thursday night probably generates more buzz than the conference championship weekend. Think about that.

Super Bowl is #1. Draft is #2. It’s a 3-day, prime time event. Analysis will run rampant this weekend.

Everybody has something to say about every pick in every NFL draft. Thing is, nobody, anywhere knows who made the right moves this weekend.

And nobody knows a damn thing.

Thursday night on ESPN every pick will be scrutinized by experts everywhere. Mel Kiper and his hair (what kind of a blogger would I be if I didn’t say something about his hair?) will give a team an “A” grade and Todd McShay will give them a “B.” Then Kiper will give some team an “F” and McShay will give them a “C.”

Blah blah blah.

In three years nobody will remember or care what kind of analysis is said about pick 8 or pick 14 or pick 25. We’ll say, “Damn we nailed that one” or “That guy is a huge bust.” But nobody, anywhere knows any of that this weekend.

Calling the sports talk shows this week and saying, “Gee what do you guys think of taking Whitney Mercilus at #25 instead of Jerel Worthy?” just so the host can say, “Uhhh… Yeah that Mercilus kid is a beast” is silly and pointless.

(And yes, I realize in the grand scheme of things all sports talk radio is silly and pointless but with other topics people can at least engage in interesting and relatively substantial debate).

The best analogy I can come up with is the weather.

Arguing over draft picks is like arguing over what you think the weather will be like next summer. “No way bro, it’s gonna be cooler than usual with more rain than we’re used to!” “Yeah right dude I bet we set record highs like each week!”

Can you imagine getting really pissed off or really pumped because you see a weather report for like 12 days from now? People have a general idea of the way things may pan out, but a lot can happen and a lot can change. And sometimes meteorologists are just flat-out wrong.

I can’t predict the future, you can’t predict the future and Merril Hoge can’t predict the future.

The draft is important. When building an organization in any sport, the draft is the single most important tool to success. The instant judgment and analysis, however; is just dumb, regardless of what ESPN tells you.

We all need to get over it.

Plenty of Reasons To Like the Nuggets

This season’s Denver Nuggets are quite a bit different from the team we saw on opening night of last season. They’re fun to watch, they’re not completely self-absorbed and they’re actually pretty good.

It’s refreshing to watch a team without a superstar. It doesn’t hurt that I don’t have to watch mediocre players who think they’re superstars regardless of their productivity.

Andre Miller, Ty Lawson, Nene (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Something's not right here, these dudes don't even have that many tattoos. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

The Carmelos, Kenyons and JRs have been replaced by quiet, unassuming guys like Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov, Rudy Fernandez, Corey Brewer and Andre Miller.

I don’t want to make these guys out as saints, but the Nuggets look like the most unselfish, least ego-driven team in the NBA. They don’t mind playing defense, they’re incredibly deep (important in this highly condensed season), and they run the floor in a fan friendly style of play.

In short, ESPN would struggle to make a promo like this if the Nuggets were involved.

The best part of all of this? They have a chance to do some big things in the Western Conference. The Nuggets (12-5) have already beaten the Mavericks (11-7), Jazz (10-5), Lakers (10-8), Heat (12-5) and 76ers (12-5). They went 4-0 on an East Coast road trip swing in which they played four games in five nights and if they win in Sacramento tonight can complete a 5-0 road trip.

That should turn some heads throughout the league.

Al Harrington has come out of nowhere to be perhaps the team MVP this year. Ty Lawson and Miller have been compatible on the floor together, especially late in games. Danilo Gallinari is having his best season. The Fernandez and Brewer trade didn’t generate much buzz across the country, but both have proved to be productive.

The Nuggets are trying to win a championship in an unconventional manner, and if nothing else, it should be very interesting to watch.

The NBA is probably rigged to favor superstars and large markets, but if it’s not, a healthy Nugs team could be David Stern’s and ESPN’s worst nightmare come playoff time because they are very capable of making a deep run.