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This Moral Victory Is Cool With Me

Welcome to the 78th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where I’m just taking losses in stride. Hey we have a lot to get to! Let’s get into it…

Description of . Denver Broncos Seattle Seahawks September 21, 2014 at CenturyLink Stadium. (Photo by Joe Amon/The Denver Post)

Von Miller might have been the best player on the field Sunday afternoon, which is a very encouraging sign for Broncos fans. (Joe Amon/The Denver Post)

Let’s talk about that football game on Sunday! That was fun as hell.

So the quick game wrap looks like this:  For a while it appeared the Broncos may get blown out and embarrassed again. They only had three points at the half and didn’t seem particularly poised to score more. John Fox’s offensive game plan was ultra-conservative, even for John Fox. (I kept making hilarious jokes that his favorite three plays are the punt, the kneel-down, and the squib kick because I’m hilarious.) But then the Broncos woke up and stared down the Seahawks in the fourth quarter. They finally put their balls on the table. (Can we say start saying that again?)

The Broncos even looked poised to win the game in regulation before Peyton Manning made a bad throw and a worse decision on what appeared to be a back-breaking interception. (You don’t say that often.) But then holy crap that last drive! 80 yards in under a minute with no timeouts! In that environment! What a catch by DT!

Damn, THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! can be fun when you’re watching good players on good teams making good plays instead of reading about the league mishandling the discipline of giant men beating women and children. (I’ll let you decide which is more important.)

Anyway, back to football games. You know I’m a “big picture” guy. What can the Broncos take away from this one? Should fans be content with a losing effort?

Yeah, we sure should.

The biggest takeaway from this game for me was the play of Von Miller. He looked like the dominant defender we haven’t seen since 2012. And I’m not the only one with that outlook, as Pro Football Focus graded him as the best player on the Broncos on Sunday.

So with the aid of Miller, the defense finally had that mean, nasty look fans have been clamoring for. I guess it helps to have Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib, TJ Ward, Rahim Moore, and Chris Harris on defense (along with Ryan Clady and Emmanuel Sanders on offense) when you play the Seahawks. None of those guys played in the Super Bowl.

After all 16 preseason games have been played, this one probably won’t mean much in regard to the AFC standings and playoff seeding. I don’t think the Broncos were going to go 16-0. And I don’t think they’ll need to.

The Broncos are 2-1. They’re going to the playoffs. And, yes, they still look like the best team in the AFC. (I’m not sold on the Bengals or Chargers after three weeks.)

The Broncos just lost a game to the defending Super Bowl champions in a really tough place to play* because of a coin toss. That’s what we call a moral victory.

*Did you know the stadium in Seattle gets really loud?

You’re crazy to be concerned about this offense. And the defense finally looked like the one fans were hoping to see.

I know I don’t sound as manly and tough and hardcore and intense as all the gasbags screaming that THERE ARE NO MORAL VICTORIES!!, but in this case– a fourth-quarter comeback to force overtime against a very good team on the road in a tough environment after losing to that team 43-8 in a Super Bowl played on a neutral field– there are definitely some positive takeaways from a loss.

Last week I predicted the Broncos would lose a close game and that I’d be back here in a week beating my everything-is-fine drum again.

Well, here we are. The beat goes on.

Off to the weekly departments…

Tweet of the week:

One last beautiful picture of a beautiful stadium in a beautiful state. Indeed, the Rockies are done playing at Coors and 2014’s last game is Sunday. I wrote quite a bit about the Rockies all year and I wanted to write a “What Went Wrong” post, so here it is. Don’t tell me nobody cares about the Rockies anymore!

The Colorado Rockies had a long season. Here’s what went wrong for the hometown team in 2014:  Everything except Corey Dickerson.

Vine(s) of the week:

Colorado State plays at Boston College on Saturday in an important game for the Rams. Traveling that far east for a 10:30 a.m. kickoff is a pretty rough situation and CSU opened as about 6 point underdogs. The game definitely provides another interesting measuring stick for CSU and I think they’re capable of winning it.

Anyway, enough of all that football talk! I discovered BC head coach Steve Addazio’s Vine page. It is bizarre. And it is hilarious. (He really likes DUDES!) Here are my favorite two:

You can see all seven (unfortunately there are only seven) here.

Oh and while we’re talking CSU Football (kind of) here’s the link to Episode 4 of “The Grind.”

Stud(s) of the week:

This kid is everybody’s new favorite person, and with good reason.

What an awesome human being he is.

Wait so is this lady. Her outlook on life is a little different from Apollos Hester’s. But this is still awesome. We’ve all thought about quitting every job ever in a manner that somewhat resembles this. (Be careful, she says a bad word.)


Douche of the week:

Whichever Bronco gets arrested during the bye week.

Picture of the week: Someone tell Julian Edelmen this is not how you play football.


Getty Images

Some other stuff the internet had to offer from the past week:

The look on Jimbo Fisher’s face when he sees his suspended Heisman Trophy-winner in full pads before kickoff Saturday night is a thing of beauty. Somewhere I heard this described as a very “Coach Taylor” look, which makes this particularly hilarious if you’ve ever watched Friday Night Lights. And everyone should watch Friday Night Lights.

Johnny Football did something kind of awesome.

…but it didn’t count.

The best play from the college weekend was this hail mary to complete a wild comeback for Arizona over Cal. Really cool footage here:

And here’s the scene inside their locker room afterwards. This is good but not great until you notice the freaking mascot wildcat, on a knee, front and center, nodding in agreement with each word from RichRod. That damn cat literally had me in tears. Still does, in fact.

College football is just so damn fun, man.

Football fans are weird.

This is why there’s no need for a glove at the ball game. The slow motion shot of this one (1:00 mark) is pretty sweet. Dude was all over it.

Another really cool Vine from MLB:

Joey Porter was coaching on CSU’s staff last year. He’s back with the Steelers but is having some trouble adjusting to the size of NFL players.

A couple links worth sharing from the past week:

And finally, Malcom’s dad, Walter White, would like for you to watch the MLB Postseason. This is great and baseball needs more of this kind of marketing. Also, I know it’s football season ’round these parts, but there is some really intense, fun baseball going down just about every night from now until the end of October. You should really watch some of it.

Cranston is the man. The dramatic reading of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” had me cracking up.

Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See y’all next week.


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