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Breaking Down the Broncos Chances of Going 16-0

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Welcome to the 30th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where I had plans for a big, long, large post. Then I popped my shoulder out of its socket Monday night, which I learned is a very painful experience. Long story short I’m on my third large glass of whiskey and am typing this with one hand. So forgive me if this post becomes a little more brief than I had initially planned. Let’s get to it…

Did you guys watch that football game on Sunday? The one with Broncos and the Cowboys? That was a really good game. It was exciting and a lot of points were scored. Did you guys notice all the points that were scored and stuff?

Listen, the Broncos defense sure looked terrible, but that wasn’t really the Broncos defense. No Von Miller. No Champ Bailey. Then no Wesley Woodyard. Those are undoubtedly their three best defensive players. Then Chris Harris went down. Then Robert Ayers went down. That’s five defensive starters. That’s like half the damn unit. So the defense is bit of a concern, but not really. Of course that is assuming all those guys come back, which they should.

The offense, on the other hand, continues to be just stupid.

If you don’t feel like reading, just watch this for the next ten minutes and call it good.

via deadspin.com

Let’s talk 16-0 shall we? Last week I “called my shot” (pretty lame, I know). I still don’t see the Broncos losing in the regular season if they can stay as healthy as they are, which really isn’t very healthy. 5 down. 11 to go.

Breaking it down:

Week 6: Jacksonville. Chances of winning: 99.99%

Moving on.

Week 7: at Indianopolis. Chance of victory: 60%

Night game. Peyton’s return. The crowd will be all jacked and there will be all kinds of emotions and all that stuff. Also the Colts are pretty good. This one is definitely a concern. I think the Broncos will be about 2 or 3 point favorites. Big news is Von is back and Champ will also be back. (I think.)

Week 8: Washington. Chance of victory: 90%

Home game. Redskins suck. Bob Griffin is like 50 years old.

Week 9: Bye. Chance of losing: 0%.

Book it.

Week 10: at San Diego. Chance of victory: 80%

The Chargers just aren’t very good. That is sure fun to say. This will become a theme over the course of this exercise. Even on the road, Denver wins comfortably.

Week 11: Kansas City. Chance of victory: 75%

I have a vision. The Broncos and Chiefs are both 10-0. The game of the year rolls into Denver. All eyes are on Mile High. The Broncos beat the hell out of a completely overmatched Chiefs team. Kansas City is much improved (currently 5-0), but Alex Smith ain’t beating Peyton Manning in Denver.

Week 12: at New England. Chance of victory: 51%

Blah blah blah Manning Brady Foxboro Cold Weather Belichick Receivers Gronkowski Night Game Playoffs

The Patriots aren’t the same team this year, but this game will be a toss up. Is this the 17th year in a row the Broncos and Patriots are playing each other? I’m over it. Broncos should be slight favorites on the road.

Week 13: at Kansas City. Chance of victory: 65%

This will be a tough one, but I’m really just not buying the Chiefs. They might be a wildcard team, but they’re not in the Broncos’ class. Arrowhead is a tough place to win, but you know, Alex Smith vs Peyton Manning.

Week 14: Tennessee. Chance of victory: 90%

Manning watches the fourth quarter in a visor.

Week 15: San Diego. Chance of victory: 85%

Don’t have much analysis. Chargers aren’t very good. (Still fun to say.)

Week 16: at Houston. Chance of victory: 65%

The Texans are supposed to be good. They’re not. The Broncos will get Houston’s best shot and the Texans could be fighting for a wild card berth. But they don’t have a quarterback and the Broncos have Peyton Manning.

Week 17: at Oakland. Chance of victory: 60

All of the Broncos backups might become the starters, as the 1-seed and home field advantage will already be secured (Yippee). Hard to call it so far in advance, but something tells me this group just doesn’t want to lose. The Raiders are just another crap team on the schedule.

Bottom line in most of these games is the other team isn’t very good. In all of these games, the Broncos have Peyton Manning and the other team does not. The way things are going, that can’t really be understated.

Now remember, as fun as all of this stuff is, if the Broncos go 16-0, who really cares? As I said last week, if they go 16-0, they better go 19-0 or this is all a pointless waste of time just like last year.

That picture up top is from a really cool gallery I found on Deadspin of a crazy sunset producing some really cool pictures. If you like photography or sports you will like this.


This is more funny than most news bloopers:


I never did this while I was in college. Shame.


Nooooooooo! (jump to the 45 second mark)


And finally, if you are playing in a recreational, co-ed, slow pitch softball league, don’t try to go first-to-third on a groundout to the shortstop if you’re up by 10 runs. Especially if the lady playing third base is just going to be kind of standing in your way as you barrel down on her at 100 mph.  If all of that is happening, feel free to blow her up because trying some sort of jump maneuver to avoid contact is just not worth ripping your shoulder out of the littlle whole where your shoulder is supposed to stay.

I’m really not “softball guy.” I’m really not. Either way, today I learned an indelible lesson about growing up. Sometimes, the realization that your body isn’t 19 anymore just slaps you in the face. Or shoulder.

Hey I guess this post wasn’t all that short after all!

Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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