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Your Weekly Roundup From The Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 99th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where the dress colors are always agreed upon. Let’s get into it…

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I have mentioned at some point during each of the past few weeks that this is one of the slower times on the sports calender. Well, this past week had to be the single least newsworthy (most un-newsworthy?) week I can remember since I’ve been doing these blogs. The Avalanche are out of the playoff picture and took several huge steps backwards after last season’s amazing regular season. The Nuggets are a debacle and laughing stock and have finally entered all-out tank mode. The University of Colorado basketball team is having one of the most disappointing seasons in the country and are a complete afterthought. Colorado State basketball is good and should be tourney-bound, but they are in a lull in their schedule with a boring home game against San Jose State Wednesday night and an idle Saturday. The Broncos stuck Demaryius Thomas with the franchise tag, but that was far from a surprise. And I make it a point to not pay much attention to THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE in late February and early March because there aren’t any damn games for more than six months and draft speculation is absolutely awful in every way. In baseball, players have reported to Spring Training, but the exhibition games haven’t even started yet, so the stories coming out of Arizona are things like Tulo is running the bases or Weiss is confident in Lyles’ change-up.

So yeah, you get the idea. Not much going down ’round these parts these days.

For me, the most interesting of all these non-stories is probably the Nuggets’ noble quest of losing as many games as possible. Breaking down what has gone wrong thus far is pretty pointless by now. (Answer:  Everything.) Among other things, the Nuggets, like most teams in the Association, are in desperate need of a franchise-changing superstar. With that in mind, I’m adding a new segment that will likely stick around the weekly departments for the next six weeks. I present the debut of NBA TANK WATCH 2015:

  1. New York, 12-46, .207
  2. Philadelphia, 13-47, .217
  3. Minnesota, 13-46, .220
  4. Los Angeles (Lakers), 16-42 .276
  5. Orlando, 19-42, .311
  6. Denver, 20-39, .339
  7. Sacramento, 20-37, .351
  8. Detroit, 23-36, .390

(Obviously, the “higher” ranking represents the worst record, and thus the greater chance for a higher pick.)

So the Nuggets currently have the 6th-worst record in the NBA with 23 games remaining. They are 1-9 in their last 10 and have lost 10 in a row at home. They’re starting to get the hang of this tanking thing! They’re only three games back of both Orlando and the Lakers in the loss column. So if the Nuggets can continue their impressive run of losing, they could jump up to the fourth slot with a little help. Come lottery time, that would give them a decent shot at the first pick, and an excellent shot at a top-three pick, which would be ideal.

Woah wait look at this!  The Nuggets fired Brian Shaw a few hours ago! Actual news happened! Something to talk about! I guess Shaw’s books on relating to millennials or his pregame raps didn’t help much.

The timing of this decision is the most curious aspect to me. As mentioned earlier, the Nuggets have finally embraced all-out tank mode. That’s a good thing. That’s a necessary thing. The way the players were playing under Shaw, it looked like they may not win another game this season, WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME!

So why now? What is the point of firing him with 23 games and six weeks left? Why not ride this tank job out for the rest of the year and fire him then? Or, I suppose, re-evaluate things and consider keeping Shaw around? My thinking is that the locker room had gotten so bad, had turned on him so entirely that Josh Kroenke decided the culture that would exist by keeping him around was just too detrimental to the long term process in spite of all the losses (which are good).

Melvin Hunt was announced as the interim head coach. He better not screw this whole thing up by getting these guys to play hard and win games.

Seriously, that would be the worst thing possible the Nuggets right now.

Off to the weekly departments…

Douches of the week:

Take the time to go read this blog post from Curt Schilling. Schilling’s writing is all over the map, but his overall point and message are important. Schilling is a Republican and Christian and is what’s commonly referred to as an “outspoken figure” on Twitter, so a lot of people hate him. Most of his tweets and blog posts are, presumably, met with vitriol from the troll masses. That comes with the territory and should be expected.

This one is different.

Quick recap: Schilling sends completely innocuous tweet congratulating his 17-year-old daughter on making college softball team. Tweet is met with some standard “guy jokes” like “Can’t wait to party with her” or “You don’t mind if I date her, right?”. Schilling acknowledges that this is mostly acceptable. Schilling later starts receiving next-level, disgusting, abhorrent tweets about his daughter, including rape jokes/threats. (Schilling’s description is apt: “But I can’t ever remember, drunk, in a clubhouse, with best friends, with anyone, ever speaking like this to someone…) Schilling publishes their names, schools, fraternities, etc. As of today, they’ve been fired and suspended. Today, Schilling told Dan Patrick he will be pressing charges against every single one of them.

This whole topic has so many levels to it and I’m not really sure where to start. My first reaction was something along the lines of My God, this world is going to hell in handbasket. How in the world does someone see a tweet from someone they don’t like, about about that someone’s 17-year-old daughter and have those things run through their head? And then how in the world do they take the time to translate those thoughts onto their phone or computer? And how in the world do they hit “Send”? 1. What could possibly compel someone to do those things? 2. How could someone possibly be dumb enough to do those things?

This isn’t the standard Shut up Schilling and go to hell type trolling. (Though standard attacks like those also seem unhealthy and problematic; that’s a different, but related, conversation.) This is criminal and psychopathic. And that crap is probably far more common than we realize.

Is this just the way the world is now? Do I need to get used to stories like these? When I’m a super-famous sportswriter with 2 million followers on whatever takes the place of Twitter in 20 years, will I be able to mention my (nonexistent) teenage daughter without wanting to murder anonymous people with silly pretend names?

Or will things evolve? Will the masses slowly start to understand how the internet works? In 20 years will we look back at these early days of widespread social media use as the Wild West Days and say Man can you believe people just said whatever they wanted, to whomever they wanted, on public accounts and thought they would get away with it? 

I dunno, man. I think the biggest problem is that people would never, ever say any of this to anyone in person. That’s what has changed. Just 10 years ago if you were a psychopathic freak and you said this stuff, people would go Hey! You’re a psychopathic freak. I am going to alert the authorities! Or you would just get your ass beat and that would be the end of it. So nobody said stuff like that. But now everybody has access to technologies that allow you to communicate to anyone you want anonymously. Anonymous online communication won’t be going away any time soon. And I’m thinking disturbing stories like this won’t be either.

Anyway it’s a pretty interesting topic, even if it is concerning and disturbing. Hey I know! Maybe let’s try not be mean to each other on the internet. (This tangent is an example what happens when there are not a lot of sports to talk about.)


Studs of the week:

God bless these llamas.

Vine(s) of the week:

Just another thing I could totally do if I felt like it.

I’m not quite sure how to feel about watching James Harden kick LeBron James in the nuts:

I also enjoyed watching Madonna topple over on stage. All the masked deer-men with mantlers aren’t sure how to react!

Tweet of the week:

Juan Pierre reflecting on his power numbers after announcing his retirement after 14 seasons.

Juan Pierre was always pretty damn cool. Naturally, he played his best baseball after he left Colorado, but I always liked his game and swagger. Baseball needs more Juan Pierres.

Photo of the week

This is amazing. The woodpecker is under attack, but it’s more fun if you pretend he and the weasel are pals going for a ride. WEEEEEE!! Or if the Wally the Weasel somehow owns Woody and is riding him like a jet ski. Yeah, see. That’s way more fun. (More actual details here.)

A couple other things worth sharing:

I loved this “flash mob” (not entirely sure that term applies) from Maryland’s student section during their upset over Wisconsin. College is fun, man.

This hilarious shot is worth a laugh:

(Don’t try to ruin my fun and tell me he was trying to pass it to that guy in the corner either, dammit.)

And finally, If you haven’t seen this video yet, stop and watch. Absolutely amazing. (Hence 10 million views in 2 days. If you’re the impatient type, skip to the 0:45 mark.)

Something about saving the life of an unconscious man rapidly plummeting towards the earth makes for pretty captivating footage.

Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week for my 100th post.


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2014 Year In Review, Part Two

Welcome to– and another Happy New Year from– the 91st edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where I’m blogging for the first time in 2015. Let’s get into it…

It’s 2015 now, but I’m not ready to look ahead at the coming year or look back on the five days that have already passed. 2014 has come and gone and in doing so provided 52 weeks– and 52 posts– of sports and pop culture content. It’s time to reminisce on all that we took in last year so I went back and reviewed each of the last 52 posts and pulled out all of my favorite things.

So let’s look back at the year that was. Sports highlights, sports lowlights, news bloopers, funny videos, moving pictures… Here are some of my favorites. The best, the worst, the most memorable. We’re talking Vines, GIFs, videos, posts, pictures, tweets, moments and other stuff from 2014. (This post got so big, I split it up into two sections. Part One was posted last week.)

I present: Your Tuesdays With Mitch 2014 Year in Review (Part Two):

We pick this thing up in…


The dog days of summer produced a lot of baseball and soccer talk across the country. And the early part of the month produced another all-time great Vine.

This one became so popular so fast, lots of people thought it was fake, causing the MLB to step in and confirm its validity. It was quite the controversy.

The World Cup finally came to end in mid-July when some country beat some other country. I couldn’t take it anymore and had to provide my thoughts on soccer, which evidently pissed some people off.

On an international scale, we suck at soccer. We always have and we always will. We suck because we don’t really give a damn. We never have and we never will.

People were excited about the World Cup not because they have a newfound love for soccer, but because of national pride (I am an advocate of U-S-A chants, after all), an excuse to weekday day drink, and the biggest factor, social media group think.

Social media was flooded with athletes and celebrities voicing their support on the job done by the #USMNT. For what? The team’s 1-2-1 performance? Or was it to help build their own brand, get a few ReTweets and Facebook likes and show that they’re in touch with pop culture and supportive of whatever you support?

This obviously goes far beyond famous athletes and other celebs. It became “the thing to do” for everybody. Countless Americans didn’t want to feel left out, so they posted a bunch of tweets, statuses, pictures and stupid memes about the #USMNT even though they literally couldn’t name one player on any team the day before the World Cup started.

Is soccer on the rise in the United States? I guess. Maybe. But if it is, it’s increasing from a tiny minority to a small minority. So congrats on that, soccer.

I regret nothing.

But hey, this Vine of goalie or keeper or whatever Tim Howard not giving out hugs is still stellar.

Even though the Rockies were really bad, watching their infield turn double plays was a treat all year. This was probably the best one, which I referred to at the time as “majestic artistry.”

By mid-July the wheels were completely falling off for the Rockies and owner Dick Monfort wasn’t handling things well. This led to what was probably the funniest thing I wrote all year, “In Defense of Dick Monfort.” That post received quite a bit of positive feedback, so thanks. Go read it again, you lazy bum.

The ESPY’S came and went at the end of the month. Stuart Scott’s speech was just the best.

(Note: I had most of this post completed prior to Scott’s passing on Sunday, so this video was already embedded. This speech is certainly more difficult to watch today than it was just a few days ago. But it’s also more moving and important to watch. He nailed it, man. I also encourage you to watch ESPN’s beautiful tribute and Rich Eisen’s perfect, live remembrance from Sunday.)


Sad news came in the beginning of August when Pat Bowlen stepped down as owner of the Broncos to focus on his battle against Alzheimer’s. So, so damn sad.

I don’t read much Woody Paige anymore, but his column on Bowlen was a must-read.

August brought us the first sniffs of the college football season, starting most importantly, with THE RUNNING OF THE GUMPS. I enjoyed breaking down the Alabama hillbillies racing to worship Nick Saban. (Seriously I just cracked up over looking at the pictures/captions of those freaks one more time.)

And a trio of amazing news stories all came out around the same time, starting with my favorite news blooper of the year.

Followed by the best overall news story of the year, without a doubt.

Although this dude was not to be outdone.

The firing of Jack Graham came in early August and began a CSU-intensive few months for this blog. I kind of still can’t believe it happened. At the time, it seemed like this meant the on-campus stadium project had officially fallen through.

August 17th brought Todd Helton’s number retirement ceremony. It was perfect.

(Aaron Ontiveroz/Denver Post)

The Little League World Series came along and was as entertaining as always. We can’t forget this great speech from a coach who managed to keep everything in perspective.

A lot of you enjoyed my “Colorado State Football and Rocky Mountain Showdown Preview“. I spend a good amount of time just trash-talking CU, including discussing these numbers, which have only gotten dramatically worse after CU went winless in the Pac-12 in 2014.

Obviously, part of the reason for Colorado’s awful records and innumerable blowout losses is because they usually play a really tough schedule. This is all funny to me because one of the bragging points among Colorado fans is their conference. They’re in the Pac-12! That’s one of the best conferences in the nation! It’s prestigious! They play really good teams like Stanford and USC and Oregon! Good for them!

One interesting sidenote many CU fans seem to forget: Colorado is 4-23 against the Pac-12 in their three years in the conference. Wait guys, 4-23? That’s really bad. That’s a .148 winning percentage. But hey it’s a really prestigious conference! Who cares if they get blown out and embarrassed by all the good teams every week?

The pre-showdown CU hate is one of my favorite traditions every year!


September began with a recap of CSU’s fun victory over CU. The CSU student section was named Stud of the Week for their remarkable performance.


Naturally, as the season wore on and CU was revealed to be a really bad team again, the win looked less and less important to Rams fans. Still fun though.

The first true “football weekend” started with a bang as the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! got underway. The Broncos beat the Colts in the first of many victories that would leave large portions of the fan base disappointed because it wasn’t dominant enough. The weekend also included what I still consider to be the greatest play in the history of the game:


This same week saw CSU lose to Boise State in a game that would greatly affect the remainder of their season regarding aspirations for a conference championship and a “New Year’s Bowl.”

The following week produced another Broncos’s win and, from the college world, this Vine, which has 23 million loops:

I love the pass defense here.

And this guy provided the best selfie-video of the year, from an LSU tailgate.

The Broncos lost to the Seahawks in their third week, which I said was “cool with me.” More importantly, that week provided us with a mascot wildcat intently listening to a postgame locker room speech. The speech is cool, but that mascot, on one knee, nodding in agreement is one of the funniest damn things from the entire year.

Colorado State Beats Boston College For A Huge, Wild Win” was one of the more fun write-ups I did this year. Here’s the lede:

Colorado State had no business beating Boston College as our Saturday mornings transitioned into Saturday afternoons. Not after CSU traveled farther east than the program had since 1959. Not after kicking off at 10:30 a.m. local time (an underrated factor in this game). Not after their senior quarterback threw two first-quarter interceptions. Not after falling behind 14-0 late in the second quarter. Not against an ACC team that beat the #9 team in the country on this field two weeks ago. Not with CSU’s senior quarterback beat up and grabbing his shoulder in pain after just about every play. Not when they were down three points facing a fourth-and-eleven with 1:05 left.

It also produced one of the better pictures of 2014.

Grayson to Lovett for the biggest play of Colorado State’s young season and a huge, dramatic win. (Stephan Savoia/AP

Indeed, the win over Boston College set the tone and made a statement in what would turn out to be a very special year for Colorado State.

On the last day of the MLB regular season, Jordan Zimmerman threw a no-hitter. Here’s the last play of the game from a unique vantage point.


October is always one of the best times of the year for sports. That was certainly the case this year with a great MLB Postseason, the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!, college football, the NHL and the NBA all in full swing (eventually).

The first week saw the Kansas City Royals beat the Oakland Athletics in an incredible one-game playoff. They won it on this 12th-inning hit from Salvador Perez. This was probably the best game of 2014 in any sport.

The first Saturday in October saw four MLB postseason games and 11 of the top 19 college football teams lose. This might have been the best sports day of 2014.

Katy Perry was on ESPN College Gameday that morning, and after Ole Miss upset Alabama, she was out on the town celebrating:

One of those postseason games went 18 innings. It ended, at last, when Brandon Belt did this. (Notice the bat drop swag.)

By mid-October, the CSU Rams and the Denver Broncos were both rollin’. It seemed easy. Too f**kin’ easy. IT’S SO EASY! At least that’s what Julius Thomas thought.

And around this time, some huge news came off of a football field, when it was announced that Rockies co-GMs (or whatever they were) Dan O’Dowd and Bill Geivett both resigned. Jeff Bridich took over the role. My quick thoughts on the situation:

The Rockies organization is a mess. Change is good. At this point any front office change has to be considered a good thing. That said, the real problem is the guy who owns the team and he isn’t going anywhere. And because of Monfort’s stubborn loyalty towards O’Dowd, resigning is the only way O’Dowd was ever going to leave.

Naturally, Monfort immediately filled the position with an internal candidate. Very, very “Rockies” of him. Jeff Bridich seems like a bright young executive and for all we know, he could be the perfect replacement. But it would have been nice for Monfort to at least poke around the baseball world outside of his own organization.

So I think Rockies fans should proceed with some cautious optimism. I can’t get overly excited, but this is progress. And progress is good.

If you’ve been keeping up with these posts, you know how I feel about this truly amazing Vine.

Still laughing at that thing.

Not to be outdone, Lou Holtz had this to say in another Top-5 Vine.

After those nutty couple of weeks, we turned to watch CSU beat Utah State on homecoming weekend in front of their first sellout crowd in over a decade. The Rams were rollin’ at 6-1 and the games were a blast.

That same weekend Peyton Manning broke the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! record for career passing touchdowns. (Man, there was a lot going on.) Of course Peyton and friends had to have some kind of silly (stupid) scripted celebration queued up.


And the MLB Postseason marched on, too, with amazing game after amazing game. The Giants and Royals secured spots in the World Series. Here’s Joe Buck with my favorite play call of the year.

WE’RE STILL IN OCTOBER HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! The Broncos moved to 6-1 with a convincing win over the Chargers. CSU moved to 7-1 with a dominating win over Wyoming to keep The Boot. And the Madison Bumgarner train charged into the World Series without slowing down. By the time he was done, he had put together one of the all-time great Postseason performances in MLB history and perhaps the best individual performance by any athlete in my lifetime.

The other great individual performance from the World Series came from CHEVY GUY, who became an instant sensation after producing all-time high levels of discomfort for everyone watching. “You know, technology and stuff.” (Also keep your eye on Bud Selig at the 33 second mark.)

The Nuggets and Avs also started their seasons in October. Those have both been, umm… disappointing. And boring. And uneventful.


The first weekend of November saw the Broncos go into New England and get their asses kicked by the Patriots. This GIF is a pretty fitting description of how the day’s events went.


The loss to the Patriots forced the Broncos to reevaluate lots of things as their season moved along.

A week later a boring game against the Raiders produced yet another Top-5 Vine.

This guy was an easy selection for Douche of the Week:

So was this bird and the people delighted at his horrifying antics:

Mid-November is when the University of Florida fired their head coach, prompting some national speculation about who might replace Will Muschamp. Jim McElwain’s name was mentioned often. I wrote:

There are always a lot of moving parts in these situations and much of my outlook is based on speculation, but as of right now, there are plenty of reasons to be confident McElwain will be back with Colorado State next year.


Odell Beckhamn Jr. made the best catch any of us have ever seen.


In the month’s final week, Colorado State went to Air Force for both teams’ final regular season game. The Rams were looking to finish an 11-1 season and still had hope for a Fiesta Bowl apearance. The Falcons capped off their own great regular season (9-3) when they beat the Rams with a field goal on the game’s last play. At the time, it was a devastating loss for Rams fans.

(Andy Cross, Denver Post)

The Broncos beat the Chiefs the next night and Travis Kelce did this.

And Tom Brady was taken for a walk by his handler:

CJ Zero/ Cauldren


The beginning of the year’s final month started with some big news when Jim McElwain did, indeed, accept the Florida head coaching position and leave the Rams behind. This was another of my better (and most read) posts of the year.

Those three strange days are over now, having put an odd stamp on the end of the Jim McElwain era at Colorado State. It was a short era that should be remembered fondly. It should be remembered as the three years that brought Colorado State out the dredges of 3-9 seasons and into respectability.

The Rams are no longer an embarrassment. The Rams are a force in the Mountain West. The Rams are back on the college football map.

Jim McElwain put them there.

The McElwain news was quickly followed by bigger, more important news when the CSU Board of Governors approved the much talked about new, on-campus stadium. Somebody, somewhere thinks it will look like this, sooooo… that’s pretty sweet.

It’s slated to open for the 2017 season if all goes well.

The end of the year wasn’t that long ago so you should really remember this stuff.

Colorado State played in the Las Vegas Bowl without a head coach and was blown out 45-10 by a good Utah team. Shortly thereafter, CSU announced the hiring of Georgia Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo, which appears– albeit before a single game– to be a very solid hire.

I thnk that’ll do it, folks. 2014 was a fun one around these parts. I really do appreciate the hundreds of thousands of devoted readers who check in here each week. Here’s to a successful 2015 with more of the same fun posts on Tuesday afternoons.

And again, if you missed it, here’s Part One from last week.

And finally, here’s the funniest year-end video I’ve seen to date. You should recognize some of these clips, as I’ve happily touched on a bunch of the stuff in here over the past 12 months (and in the past two posts. Careful, you might hear some bad words.

Happy Tuesday, everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.


Comment on any of this stuff below, or email me at with post ideas, videos or other media I should know about. Subscribe at the top right of this page. Follow me on Twitter @TuesWithMitch.

2014 Year In Review, Part One

Welcome to– and a Happy New Year from– the 90th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where I’m blogging for the last time in 2014. Let’s get into it… .

Tomorrow is the last day of the year. 2014 has come and gone and in doing so provided 52 weeks– and 52 posts– of sports and pop culture content. It’s time to reminisce on all that we’ve taken in this year so I went back and reviewed each of the last 51 posts and pulled out all of my favorite things.

Let’s look back at the year that was. Sports highlights, sports lowlights, news bloopers, funny videos, moving pictures… Here are some of my favorites. The best, the worst, the most memorable. Vines, GIFs, videos, posts, pictures, tweets, moments and other stuff from 2014. (This post got so big, I split it up into two sections. Part Two will be out next week.)

I present:  Your Tuesdays With Mitch 2014 Year in Review (Part One):


The close of college football season is always an important staple of the year’s first month. The Sugar Bowl between Alabama and Oklahoma gave us one of the best videos of the year right off the bat.

Yeah… that’s gotta be the video of the year.

And the BCS National Championship wasn’t bad either.

The biggest thing from January ’round these parts was the AFC Championship game that saw the Broncos pound the Patriots.

Leading up to the game, I wrote this “Why We Should All Hate the Patriots” post that lots of you enjoyed. This could come in useful again in a couple weeks (although apparently some of the GIFs and pictures are no longer “active”).

The AFC Championship is when we learned that pretend horses ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRUM!

SB Nation

This still cracks me up.

The Broncos won 26-16, but the game wasn’t as close as the score indicates. It was 23-3 with under ten minutes left in the fourth quarter.


The Broncos were heading to the Super Bowl. They were favored. Optimism was high. Things were good.


And then…

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

…The Super Bowl happened. 43-8. The Broncos were completely overmatched in every aspect of the game against an impressive Seahawks team. Has to be considered one of the worst days in Colorado sports history. Probably the worst sports day for anyone in or around my generation.

What a nightmare. I did, however write this post that lots of you enjoyed on “The Annoying People At Your Football Party.”

Next we have the I-kind-of-like-the-Broncos-but-really-I-just-want-to-get-wasted guy. “Dude, we gotta do shots for every Broncos’ touchdown!” on Sunday quickly faded into “Alright dude, we gotta do shots every time the Seahawks score or the Broncos turn it over or they show Richard Sherman on the sidelines or a Bronco gets tackled or they go to commercial!” Again, these guys are pretty standard for most sporting events. Comes with the territory. No big deal.

After the Super Bowl came the Olympics, but before that, let’s check in on Jacoby Jones attending a Pelicans game. This might be the best interview of the year.

Okay, back to the Olympics. The biggest early story was obviously Bob Costas’ freaking eyes, which both looked like they might fall out of his head at any moment.

via @sbnationgif

Ashley Wagner’s reaction to a judges’ scoring was all the rage for about 24 hours:

via Deadspin

After the Olympics, one of my favorite pictures of the year made its rounds. The first 2014 Heisman candidate:

This fairly mysterious picture popped up on Reddit in Late February.


In March we transitioned to basketball and hockey. I wondered if the Nuggets would be better off tanking their season away and laughed at Jan Vesley jab-stepping even though nobody was covering him.

Via The Big Lead

Spring training also started up, which provided this awesome picture from an Indians’ exhibition game.

Via @mlb

In mid-March, the Broncos released Champ Bailey, which just depressed the hell out of me. I wrote about that situation here. Even though some of the outlooks have become outdated after nine months, it’s probably one of the better pieces of writing I produced this year.

…(W)hen I look back at Champ’s days as a Bronco, I think I’ll remember the week-in, week-out excellence more than anything. Without hyperbole, I can say that for several years, Champ was, hands-down, the best football player on the field every single week.

I’ve never seen a cornerback that defended the run like Champ. He was the best cover corner in the game, but he was also the best tackler on the Broncos.

I remember Champ used to track the number of balls his receivers caught on him for a whole season. After an All-Pro year, Champ would lament that that number wasn’t zero. That’s a serious indication of greatness.

So here’s to Champ Bailey, who was just a pleasure to watch and root for over the course of ten seasons in Denver.

For my generation of Broncos fans, there will never be another Champ Bailey.

In the college basketball world, the Buffs were trying to win just enough games to get off the bubble and secure an NCAA tournament bid, while the Rams, Falcons and Cowboys floundered. Even though the Border War didn’t mean much, this dunk from Josh Adams was sick.

March also saw the One-Year anniversary of this blog, which I celebrated by half-assing a post because I was down and out with strep throat.

But the basketball season rolled on, leading to this really insightful tweet from the always insightful Magic Johnson:

Then came March Madness, which produced possibly the best sports weekend of the year (and one of my better posts). The antics of March Madness will never get old.

(via Deadspin)

via @sbnationgif

CU did, indeed build up a good enough resume to hear their name called on selection Sunday. They received an 8-seed and played against Pittsburgh. Things went poorly.

I felt the need to clarify that last tweet.

“In the game referenced in that last tweet, Michigan won by 30 and was the 8-seed. This means Colorado just had the WORST PERFORMANCE EVER from an 8-seed. Historically awfu! They had a good year, but damn, it did not end well.”


April meant baseball, which meant a long winter officially coming to an end. It was time to make ill-fated Rockies predictions and head out to the ball yard. I predicted the Rockies would go 85-77. Optimism was high. I was wrong.

Opening Day also provided perhaps my favorite sports media piece all year (definitely my favorite from the local media). Benjamin Hochman’s colorful account of the Opening Day festivities at Coors Field.

Early April also brought us the national championship that saw Connecticut beat Kentucky. Kentucky lost, but I love this picture of James Young’s amazing dunk.

Getty Images

The national championship also meant the close of the college basketball season, which of course meant “One Shining Moment” was coming to give you goosebumps.

The best early-season baseball GIF still makes me laugh, eight months later.

via Deadspin

Bubba Watson won the masters. His kid was not impressed.

The Big Lead

The Avalanche completed an incredible regular season turnaround and strutted into the playoffs with swagger and confidence. Here was my “recap” of Game One:

“You know what happened. Roy pulls the goalie with three minutes to go (!). Erik Johnson saves an empty net goal by doing this (!) with less than two minutes left.


Then Stastny scores with 13 seconds (!) left. Then he scores again in overtime (!). It was awesome.


You also have to listen to Marc Moser’s homer radio call of the two Stastny goals. They’re epic.

Regardless of what happens in the rest of this season and series, Game One will be one of the best sports moments of the year in Colorado. To welcome playoff hockey back to Denver in that manner was truly unbelievable.”

Indeed it was.

This time of year also introduced us to Bartolo Colon batting, which became a favorite around these parts.

Adam Hunger, USA Today Sports.

I could still watch that Vine all day.

As April rolled on, the Avs series went seven games and produced the quote of the year from Patrick Roy when he said “”Now it’s our turn to — sorry for the words — put our balls on the table.”

The series was unbeliveably dramatic and entertaining. Here is the Game Five overtime winner from Nathan McKinnon.

Of course, the Avs lost Game Seven in overtime. It happened on a Tuesday night, so I apparently chose not to cover it seven days after the fact.


As we said goodbye to the Avalanche, April flowed into May and the Rockies were playing really good baseball. Troy Tulowitzki had one of the best months any of us had ever seen. He was the best player in the game.

The NBA Playoffs produced one of the great Vines of all-time, when Damian Lillard hit a walk-off three-pointer.

And I wrote one of my most-viewed and best-received post of the year: “How to Sneak In To Better Seats At Coors Field“.

  1. Don’t be too afraid to get caught and have a back up plan. If I get asked for a ticket when trying to enter a section, I generally say something along the lines of Oh yeah my buddy/mom/dad/whoever has mine they should be coming over soon. Then I stand there with a quizical look on my face scanning the fans for my pretend companion before slowly drifting back into the concourse crowd like Shoeless Joe in a cornfield. The usher leaves the park that night gazing at the moon and wondering if I even existed at all. Now, if I’m already seated and an usher comes to give me the boot I usuallly hand him or her my $4 Rockpile ticket with confidence and annoyance as if to say Yeah old man, I know what I’m doing. Here’s my ticket. I usually get quite a kick out of the usher shaking his head, turning and pointing across the stadium at the Rockpile. What? You mean this four dollar ticket doesn’t grant me access to this 2nd row aisle seat? Oh. I’m sorry. Honest mistake.

This real-life version of Andy from “Parks and Recreation” made an appearance.

Wes Welker passed out 100 dollar bills at the Kentucky Derby.

For The Win

With the benefit of hindsight, we are left to wonder if Wes had consumed anything that might have made handing out money a little more fun that it should be.

The progression of baseball season provided us with a new Bad British Commentary video, which was welcome news.

This kid was one of our Studs of the Week:


And I really enjoyed watching an old fat dude smell his armpit and share it with his companion.


By June, the Rockies were falling apart after a 2-7 East Coast road trip. I was still a little bit optimistic at the beginning of June, because I’m an idiot.

The NBA Playoffs were slowly creeping along, and Lance Stephenson provided us with their most memorable moment when he blew in LeBron’s ear.

via @cjzero

Mid-June also means the Spelling Bee freakshows come out to ESPN, which always makes me long for the days when I had summer vacations with nothing to do but laugh at home-schooled weirdos.

As June moved forward, I came to the sad realization that the Rockies, indeed, sucked. This quote from my June 10th post explains the state of affairs at the time…

At some point the injuries became too much to handle, specifically when Nolan Arenado went down. That dramatically changed the entire makeup of the Rockies, both offensively and defensively. And the horrible news just keeps coming. Yesterday three more injury related headlines were announced. Eddie Butler would hit the DL after just one start. Michael Cuddyer would hit the DL (again) and it sounds like he’ll be out for a long while. And Carlos Gonzalez would need surgery on that damn finger. So let’s take a look at the status of eight very important Rockies:

  • Tyler Chatwood 60-Day DL
  • Brett Anderson 60-Day DL
  • Jordan Lyles 15-Day DL
  • Eddie Butler 15-Day DL
  • Boone Logan15-Day DL
  • Nolan Arenado 15-Day DL
  • Michael Cuddyer 15-Day DL
  • Carlos Gonzalez 15-Day DL

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s hard to win without any players.

That pretty much summed it up for the Rox. By mid-June, half of their team was on the DL and their season was over.

The Spurs and Heat played in the NBA Finals. LeBron James set the internet ablaze with irrationality and hot takes when he was carried off the floor because of leg cramps.


Of course, the Spurs would go on to win the series in a relatively easy five games.

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Yoenis Cespedes made the throw of the year.

The L.A. Kings won the Stanley Cup. Naturally, the most important part of the series for me was a lady falling on her face behind a news broadcast.


By late June, the Rockies awfulness reached a remarkable crescendo with this amazing play:

The World Cup came and that was big news for a lot of people. It included a cannibal guy!

That wraps up June, which wraps up the first half of 2014.

Keep an eye out next week for Part Two.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. And happy Tuesday.  Again, thanks for reading these each week. Here’s to a successful 2015 with more of the same fun posts. See ya next week.


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Who Should The Nuggets Draft?

Welcome to the 66th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where I’m opting out of the final year of my blogging contract and becoming a free agent. Lots to get to this week. Let’s get into it…

Could Nik Stauskas be a Nugget? I’m hoping so. (Rick Osentoski/USA Today Sports)

I make fun of and generally dislike the NFL draft for a handful of legitimate reasons, but I’m always interested in the NBA draft. The differences between the two are simple. We aren’t bludgened with 12 months of coverage prior to the NBA draft. There are only two rounds of the NBA draft. The NBA draft isn’t in prime time during other sports’ playoffs. And because  basektball only requires five players in a starting lineup, we’re much more familiar with all of the players that’ll get drafted into the NBA. (Don’t act like you watched that linebacker from Buffalo for more than a couple minutes in his career, because you did not.)

Anyway the Nuggets have their first lottery pick since 2003 and they can’t really afford to miss. So who should the Thuggets* select Thursday night with the 11th overall pick?

*I know they’re no longer called the Thuggets, I just miss that awesome nickname.

The guy I have my sights set on is Michigan shophomore guard and Big Ten Player of the Year, Nik Stauskas. A healthy Nuggets team has a need for a shooting guard more than any other position and Stauskas would compliment the roster perfectly.

The Nuggets have needed a shooter for years. Danilo Galinari (even when healthy) never turned into much of a deep threat and nobody would be thrilled with another year of servicable veteran Randy Foye in that role. Having someone that can spread the floor would open things up for an aggressive Ty Lawson to drive to the cup, which is his best asset.

Stuaskas is considered the best shooter in this draft class. Dude is a sniper. He was a 44 percent three-point shooter in his two years at Michigan. But he’s also much more athletic than most college basketball fans realize and at 6-6 he’s bigger than a lot of your standard long range shooters. This is a guy that can put the ball on the floor and create offense. I think he profiles as way more than a Kyle Korver or J.J. Reddick.

So will he be available for the Nuggets with the 11th pick?

The mock drafts I’ve seen have Stauskas going 9th (Yahoo!), 10th (CBS) and to the Nuggets at 11 (SI). (Looking at more than three mock drafts is looking at too many mock drafts.)

So the answer to that question is, Maybe. Ideally if the Nuggets want Stauskas, they can sit back and wait for him to fall to them at 11. Or they might need to get creative and trade up a couple spots if they’re hearing New Orleans or Philadelphia is interested.

The other players that figure to be in the Nuggets range are, among others, Gary Harris Jr, a tough, defensive minded guard from Michigan State; Doug McDermott, an underrated player in college who might lack a lot defensively but should be able to score in the NBA; and Dario Saric, some foreign guy nobody knows anything about.

I would also be in favor of the Nuggets trading some of their current pieces and moving into the top five, but that seems unlikely.

Either way, the Nuggets are in a good position to improve (and move from the back of the middle of the pack to the middle of the middle of the pack. YAY!). A lot of different things could happen between now and the draft, but I’m hoping the Nuggets grab Nik Stauskas.

And a quick sidenote on Kevin Love… The Nuggets have been brought up in trade rumors for the stud big man who wants out of Minnesota and is entering the final year of his contract. I like that the Nuggets are active and creative with the situation because having Love next season would make the Nuggets a much better team, regardless of who they give up to get him (within reason). But I put the chances of Love re-signing with Nuggets after next season at about 1 percent.

So the situation would look like this: Give up a handful of talented young players and draft picks. Sign Kevin Love for one season. Lose Kevin Love and get nothing in return. Become one of the five worst teams in the NBA. Get a top-5 lottery pick. Draft a future superstar. Become good again.

Sounds okay to me.

(For the record I don’t think any of this is going to happen.)

Douche of the week:

I just… I don’t know. Here are your 2014 Colorado Rockies. Whatever.

Tweet of the week:

Just patting myself on the back a bit here. I tweeted this after the second inning of Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter, which turned out to be one of the most dominant performances in the history of baseball. (It had a game score of 102, the 2nd highest ever.)

It was really amazing and incredible and great and stuff, but the national media folks have all neglected to mention that the vaunted Rockies’ offense (Ha!) featured a lineup that was without Carlos Gonzales, Michael Cuddyer, Nolan Arenado, Justin Morneau and Charlie Blackmon. The latter two were the manager’s decision, but those are five of the best six or seven hitters on the roster.

*Also: How can anyone call themselves a Rockies fan and be rooting for Kershaw to complete the No-No? That’s, like, the dumbest thing ever.

Stud of the week:

The Milwaukee Brewers swept the Rockies this weekend, which wasn’t very nice. But they also created a spoof “attack ad” urging people to vote for their catcher Jonathan Lucroy over the Cardinals’ Yadier Molina to start in the All Star Game.

It’s pretty darn good. I can’t embed videos on this site (and for some reason they’re not allowing it on YouTube) so you have to click here to watch. Anyway, anything that trolls the insufferable Cardinals masses is awesome by me. Props to the Brewers media people behind this one.

And it would be super awesome if this catapulted Lucroy up the All Star voting standings and he actually got the start over Molina, which he actually deserves this year anyway. They earned my vote!

Picture(s) of the Week:

Michelle Wie won the US Open and I’m only mentioning that because I think it’s a significant moment for the LPGA.

(AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

I promise.

According to Wie, ‘It takes 21 1/2 beers to fill up the U.S. Open trophy”.

I wholeheartedly support everything about that picture and that quote.

Vine of the week:

This happened today. It’s a soccer player running up behind another soccer player and biting the shit out of his shoulder and then flailing around like the other player’s shoulder just slammed into his innocent teeth. I can’t believe y’all watch this stuff.

What a joke.

A couple links worth sharing:

And some other stuff the internet had to offer from the past week:

Johnny Cueto is having a really good year. But he’s a pitcher, so he should probably just accept it when he strikes out.

Greg Popovich having fun and being a little cocky? Greg Popovich having fun and being a little cocky.

And finally, here’s what appears to be a really fun motorcycle crash!


Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.


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Weekly Roundup!

Welcome to the 61st edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where… let’s be honest, it was a pretty slow week in the world of Colorado sports. No worries, though. I got you covered with your WEEKLY ROUNDUP! Let’s get into it…

The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight. The Nuggets have a 5.4 percent chance of landing a top-3 pick. If they don’t get super-lucky with that, they’re looking at the 11th spot (or possibly 12th-14th, thought that’s fairly unlikely) in next month’s draft. According to most NBA Draft experts, they would likely be looking at a player in the range of Gary Harris, Nik Stauskas, Zach Lavine or Doug McDermott. These guys can all play, but it’s hard to envision them as franchise-changing superstars. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Regardless, they probably should have put together a more concerted tanking effort.

Did you know the NBA Playoffs are also going on right now? They are! It’s true! I haven’t mentioned them much (at all?) here because the first couple rounds are too long, boring and generally uninteresting. I can’t believe the Heat didn’t lose to the Wizards in the second round! Anyway, these two conference finals should be pretty entertaining. It’s too late to make an official prediction, but I think we’ll be looking at the Heat and Spurs again. I’ll take the Spurs to win it all.

Attending the Indy 500 with dudes like this would be a pretty good time. (Photo credit)

Attending the Indy 500 with dudes like this would be a pretty good time. (Photo credit)

I know the real reason you all read this blog, INDY 500 ANALYSIS! Are you pumped? I’m picking that foreign guy with the hot wife and fast car. On a more serious note, the 500 is on my bucket list. Partying on the infield with a bunch of hicks from Indiana on Memorial Day Weekend sounds like an absolute blast.

The Rockies had an interesting week that saw a no-hitter roll into the seventh inning at Coors Field, a triple play, and this walk-off homer:

Is there any personal accomplishment in a team sport that is cooler than a walk-off homer? I guess a game winner at the buzzer of an intense basketball game is in the same category. I can’t include a game-winning field goal because kickers don’t really count and there’s not the one-on-one, me-vs.-you aspect to kicking a ball through the uprights. Yeah, walk-offs are pretty awesome.

Anyway, that was a cool moment for Justin Morneau, who continues to enjoy hitting in this lineup. The homer meant the Rockies won another series at home. They have won all seven at the keg this year, which is a pretty sound formula for success.

The biggest series of the still-young year begins tonight, a three-gamer vs. the first place Giants, who lead the Rockies in the NL West by three games and currently have the best record in the National League. The Rockies absolutely have to beat the Dodgers and Giants if they hope to contend for the division.

Things don’t get easier after this series, when the Rockies are on the road for nine in a row. It makes for a tough stretch for the Rox, but if they can keep winning– or really, just keep their heads above water– they’ll be set up quite nicely when June rolls around. After the aforementioned road trip, 16 of 27 games will be at the keg.

The most recent road trip was a rough one that produced a 2-5 record. But I noticed a significant difference in my analysis and mindset compared to years past. Instead of an Ohh God here comes the collapse mentality, I simply thought Yeah it happens, they’ll be fine.

For whatever reason, things feel a little different this year.

I thought this GIF of Austin Jackson realizing Miguel Cabrera is from another planet was pretty hilarious. This is Jackson’s reaction to an unreal, late-inning, go-ahead homer from Cabrera.

Coincidentally, Cabrera is makes an appearance in my other favorite GIF of the week. This is pretty damn great.

I like the guy in the red vest who is all Hey look, I see a baseball player. But for real, Cabrera deserves some major props for this simple little move to make a young fan’s day.

On to the weekly departments…

Tweet of the week:

I thought it was pretty cool of the Rockies to get these two together because every time McKinrey struck out or threw the ball into left field I always thought Damn, Wes Welker kind of sucks at baseball. Why is he on the Rockies all of the sudden? Turns out they’re different people.

Stud(s) of the week:

This kid.

The look on that girl/lady/woman’s face is priceless.


That cat is a damn American hero. (That’s why he is now called Hero Cat.)

Also, I can’t figure out how to embed InstaGram videos on here, but this dude in the silver slacks is sooooo studly.

Douche of the week:

Nuggets’ center Timofey Mozgov was in a really strange photo shoot for Esquire Russia. The photo below is one of like ten different pictures of this giant dude sullenly staring off into space while wrapped up in a bunch of shirts. It is really, really strange, man. Are all Russians this weird? Mozgov is probably not a douche, but this photo shoot is very, very douchey. It is also weird. Very weird.

via the Russian version of the Magazine called Esquire or something like that but really, who cares?

Picture of the week:

This shot of Andrew Wiggins and his vertical leap made its way around the web pretty quickly. It is kind of mind-blowing.

A couple links worth sharing from the past week (lots of good stuff!):

Take nine minutes and watch this great SportsCenter feature on the Oklahoma City tornadoes, one year later. Moving stuff.

Drew Magary is one of the more unique writers on the web. His yearly commencement address to the class of 2014, “How To Suck” is definitely worth your time.

I just discovered a website called “Humanitarians of Tinder.” It’s pretty great.

Ted Berg taking batting practice off Mariano Rivera and relating it to the loss of his brother is a sad, thoughtful piece.

This E:60 report from Jeremy Shaap on the slave labor conditions in place to prepare for the World Cup in Qatar is unbelievable. Required viewing.

And finallycongratulations to all you graduates out there. For the college grads, it’s all downhill from here. The real world can be a pretty shitty place if you’re not careful. (I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact that I graduated from college four years ago, meaning I’ve been out of college longer than I was in it. Weird.) That said, this classic speech will never get old, especially when accompanied by some sweet late-90s animation. (Can you believe it’s actually now 17 years old?)

I love that speech, but you’ll never get me to floss on a regular basis, so QUIT TRYING, WORLD.

Happy Tuesday everybody. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Grill a burger and drink a beer and be glad you live in America.  Thanks for reading.  See ya next week.


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Should the Nuggets Tank?

Welcome to the 50th (!) edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where the sports calendar is slowly heating up along with the weather. I’m breaking down a hot topic in the Denver sports world this week. Off we go…

The Nuggets are going nowhere. I think it’s time to start thinking about their next draft pick. (via USATSI)

The Denver Nuggets are bad. They won’t be making the playoffs for the first time in ten years. After last night’s (fairly dramatic) loss to the Timberwolves, the Nugs are ten games out of the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference. Danilo Gallinari will end up missing the entire season. The human puzzle that is JaVale McGee was not solved this year. Ty Lawson has been out for the past nine games. (He returned last night.) They have a first-year coach and new general manager. Andre Miller– who once appeared to be a true professional– yelled at the coach and pouted like a child and got suspended and traded. All this has led to an incredibly uninteresting and down year for the Nuggets, with each game providing nothing to play for.

Unless they lose.

With each loss that sends the Nuggets tumbling towards the bottom of the NBA standings, the chances of Denver ending up with a higher draft pick increase. This puts the team, and their fans, in a very interesting predicament.

The Andre Miller vs. Brian Shaw saga was a black eye on an otherwise uneventful season for the Nuggets. (Bart Young/Getty Images)

The Andre Miller vs. Brian Shaw saga was a black eye on an otherwise uneventful season for the Nuggets. (Bart Young/Getty Images)

Tanking is complicated and there are a few important things to remember with all of this.

First, keep in mind the NBA has a draft lottery, which was originally implemented to prevent teams from tanking. With this system the team with the worst record does not necessarily get the number one overall pick, the 2nd worst team doesn’t necessarily get the number two pick, and so on. It all depends on those damn ping-pong balls.

Second, the Nuggets have the rights to the Knicks’ top pick if it is more favorable than their own. So if the Knicks finish with a bad record, get a lucky bounce, and end up with a better draft pick, the Nuggets will pick in that slot. And Carmelo and the Knicks are pretty damn bad. The Nuggets are currently 25-33. The Knicks are 21-40. Neither team is making the playoffs, so the “more favorable” pick will be determined after the Draft Lottery. This means that even if the Knicks finish with a worse record, the Nuggets still benefit by losing games. Each loss for each team means more ping-pong balls in the spinny clear cylinder thing for the Nuggets.

Third, this year’s draft class figures to be remarkably deep. The crop of freshman in the NCAA is loaded with NBA-level talent. If the Nuggets or Knicks are bad enough and the ping-pong balls bounce in the right direction, Denver could have the opportunity to draft an impact player that is easily better than any of their draft picks since Anthony in 2003. Names like Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, Julius Randal, Marcus Smart, Aaron Gordon, Noah Vonleh, Tyler Ennis, and presumably some foreigners I’ve never heard of, represent hope for the Nuggets.

It’s also very important to note that the NBA is different from other leagues when it comes to building a championship-level team. There are only twelve active guys on a roster and five guys on the floor at one time, so having a superstar is imperative. Without a superstar, the best situation you can hope for is being the post-Carmelo Nuggets. Good, but not good enough.

Andrew Wiggins or any number of his NCAA cohorts could do wonders for the Nuggets franchise.(Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

Andrew Wiggins or any number of his NCAA cohorts could do wonders for the Nuggets franchise.(Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

Additionally, in the NBA the superstars dictate where they want to play more than any other league. This leads to superstars leaving for bigger billboards and more lucrative shoe contracts in larger markets.

They don’t want to play in Denver.

So there’s only one way for a team like Denver to contend for a championship:  Draft a superstar and win before his rookie contract expires or hope your superstar is a different guy in a unique situation that is cool with sticking around. (Think Duncan in San Antonio or Durant in Oklahoma City.)

So, with all that in mind, I say…. Tank Away, Nugs! Tank Away.

This whole concept is a weird one.

From the perspective of the players it doesn’t make sense. You think Wilson Chandler really wants to compete with Andrew Wiggins or Julius Randle for playing time next year? Hell no, he doesn’t. So it’s kind of silly to think the players will go out there hoping for a higher draft pick, especially in the NBA where playing time is in such high demand.

From the perspective of the fan it only kind of makes sense. You’re supposed to sit there literally rooting against your favorite team? Hoping for Lawson turnovers? And horrible defense from Faried? Even if you understand the reasoning behind the tanking process, that just feels… dirty.

So here’s my outlook:  I watch the Nuggets (follow is probably a better term; that team can be awfully hard to watch) and I don’t necessarily root for them to lose. I look for progress from young players and hope to see Lawson looking healthy again and that kind of thing. But then when they inevitably lose, I shrug and maybe do a mini fist-pump.

The Nuggets aren’t contenders because they don’t have good enough players. Look what Nathan McKinnon is doing for the Avalanche. Or what we are hoping Jon Gray will do for the Rockies. Teams need good players to succeed. The easiest way to acquire good players, especially in the NBA, double especially in Denver, is through the draft.

The ineptitude of the Nuggets, combined with the ineptitude of the Knicks combined with the structure of the NBA combined with the talent in this draft class make for a golden opportunity for the Nuggets.

They can’t afford to waste it by winning games.

Tank away, Nuggets. Tank away.

And to remind you of the kind of players the Nuggets currently have, here’s Jan Vesley, your newest Nugget, faking out… nobody. Or a ghost or something.


Via The Big Lead

Bro. There is nobody standing in front of you. Why are you jab-stepping?

Moving on to the weekly departments…

Stud of the week:

Time is a flat circle… or, something.

This week’s stud is Nic Pizzolatto (not pictured above, that’s Matthew McConaughey, stupid), creator and writer of the best TV show currently on the air. The season finale of True Detective (HBO) airs Sunday night and figures to be a doozey. The gripping/creepy/dark/fascinating crime/mystery/detective/cop show is starting to produce as much internet chatter as the final season of Braking Bad generated a few months ago. Woody Harrelson and Mathew McConaughey put together performances that are just about the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV. McConaughey is almost certain to add an Emmy to his new Oscar, which is pretty impressive to pull off in the same year. You should probably figure out a way to watch this show.

Here’s a little preview of the season finale.


(If you’re a fan of the show, you should really be reading the weekly reviews done by both Alan Sepinwall and Molly Lambert. They’re great.)

Douche of the week:

K.C. Ross-Miller is the New Mexico State player that hurled the basketball at a Utah Valley player as time was expiring Thursday night. Coincidentally, the UVU fans were rushing the court at the time and the combination led to an ugly fan-player brawl.


Interestingly enough, I spoke about the rules of court-rushing last week. My take is that there are no more rules for rushing the court. The importance of the game or prestige of the program no longer matters. Anyone who wants to rush the court can do so whenever they want.  After the scene shown above, many in the college basketball world are arguing that court rushing should be banned. For everyone. All the time.

I’d be fine with that too.

Sure there will always be an element of danger like we just saw, but to me the whole thing is just tired and trivial, played out and pointless. The more I think about it, the more I am inclined to believe we should just be done with the whole mess. The only casualty will be drunk kids missing out on their chance to get on SportsCenter.

Anyway, the guy that threw that ball is probably a pretty huge douche.

Tweet(s) of the week: I don’t care who you are or what you believe, this (since deleted) tweet from Texas State Senator Dan Patrick (not the sports TV guy) with a pretty crucial freudian slip is just funny.

I should also probably include this tweet because it’s been retweeted like 5 times more than any other tweet ever. Like 3 million retweets. The previous “record” was 780,00 or something. Unreal. We live in a strange world, don’t we?

What to watch the next seven days:

  • This category is still being dominated by college basketball… CU plays at Stanford tomorrow night at 7 on ESPN2. Their tournament stock is falling, but they’re still in most projected brackets after their past two losses. That will change if they don’t win at least one game this week. They play Saturday at Cal to finish the regular season.
  • There is a handful of really good college basketball games on Saturday. The best might be when #21 New Mexico visits #10 San Diego State on Saturday for a de facto Regular Season Mountain West Championship Game (assuming both teams win tomorrow night). Should be awesome. 8:05 on CBS Sports.
  • Also worth watching is Duke vs. UNC, SMU vs. Memphis, and UConn vs. Louisville.
  • The Avs are still worth watching. They are in Chicago in a very interesting game tonight at 6. Then at Detroit on Thursday. I’m pretty excited for the upcoming stretch run for the Avalanche.
  • Monitoring the Nuggets’ “Tank-O-Meter” will be interesting from here on out.

Picture of the week:

One of the coolest pictures of the year came from an Indians’ Spring Training game this week. Via @mlb

And finally, here is a truly awful commercial featuring Tom Izzo dancing (I guess?) on a ladder:



Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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Your Weekly Roundup from the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 17th Tuesdays With Mitch, where I find it amazing how little I can care about NBA Free Agency over a long holiday weekend. I guess Dwight Howard or Shaquille O’Neal or somebody signed with the Mavericks or Rockets or Astros or somebody. Whatever. It was nice out and that cold case of magical American Budweiser cans wasn’t gunna drink itself.

Andre Iguodala never enjoyed playing in Denver. Now he’s gone. (Howard Smith, US Presswire)

In news I did pay attention to, Andre Iguodala bailed on the Nuggets and took a 4 year deal with Golden State worth $48 million. I always got the feeling Iguodala never really wanted to be in Denver for some reason, even though the team was dominant in the regular season. Oakland isn’t exactly a title contender or a huge market, and apparently George Karl wasn’t the issue either. Maybe he’s the only NBA player alive who doesn’t like weed.

I’ve always really liked Iguodala’s game, but I think 12 mil a year for four years is a little much for a player that can go through some serious offensive droughts. Also, the Nuggets have acquired Darrell Arthur and JJ Hickson in what could (or could not) prove to be a couple savvy moves. I think both of those players, Hickson in particular, are the kind of solid NBA role players a contender needs.

At any rate, next season the Nuggets will have a new head coach, new GM, new starting center, new starting two guard and a new starting small forward until Gallo comes back from his knee injury. That feels like an unprecedented amount of changes for a team that won 57 games. I guess that’s the kind of thing that’ll happen when you never win in the playoffs.

Roy Oswalt has not exactly been the savior to the Rockies rotation. Instead he sucked. Then he got hurt. (Chris Peterson, Getty Images).

The Rockies had a disaster of a series this weekend in Arizona. They were outscored 22-6 and never had a chance in any of the three games. And boy, Roy Oswalt and Drew Pomeranz sure have sucked. On Sunday, the comedy of errors reached quite the crescendo. Oswalt, the supposed savior (I never bought in) who, again, has really sucked, was in the process of pitching poorly before pulling a hamstring trying to run to home plate. So he’s done for a while, with nobody worthy of replacing him, which is saying something, since he has really sucked. Then in the ninth inning Carlos Gonzalez, who has not sucked at all, left the game after injuring his hand on a swing.

This team is teetering on the brink of irrelevance with two series to go before the All-Star break. When Tulowitzki went down, I wrote that it was hard to see the Rockies hanging around and they really haven’t.

It’s clear that the Rockies offense is kind of a mess without Tulo in the lineup. What nobody is talking about, though, is that the Rox are missing Tulo and Dexter Fowler, who has also been crucial to the Rockies’ success or lack thereof. Not having either of them in the lineup or in the field makes the Rockies a completely different team.

The Rockies have three in San Diego (they won Monday), which has now lost ten in a row. Then there’s a possibility both Fowler and Tulowitzki will come back on Thursday for four games against the Dodgers. Those seven games could go a long way in determining how many more times I stroll out to Coors Field the rest of the summer.

In related news, Jeff Passan of Yahoo chose Carlos Gonzalez as his midseason NL MVP.

A cool GIF from Andy Murray winning Wimbledon:

(via @erikmal) I found it on the timeline of @edsbs.

And a cool picture:

(Via @GettyImages and ‏@RealMikeSinger) I found it on the timeline of @richarddeitsch.

And an incredible front page:

(Via ‏@suttonnick and @thetimes). I found it on the timeline of @richarddeitsch

As far as links go, there’s really only one piece you should focus on this week. Instead of trying to describe it myself, here’s SI’s Richard Deitsch from his weekly media column:

If you click on anything in this column please let it be the video linked in the next paragraph. It might be the best feature piece I’ve ever seen on ESPN.

ESPN aired the 21-minute video on Outside The Lines on Sunday, which documents the remarkable friendship between former Cleveland high school wrestlers Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton. Crockett, who is legally blind, earned a Judo medal in the 2012 Paralympics in London, and now lives and studies in Colorado Springs, Colo., while Sutton, who lost his legs at age 11 when he was hit by a train, is now a college student in Phoenix. It is impossible to watch without weeping.

Bravo to former ESPN features producer Lisa Fenn, who produced the original piece on these friends in 2009 and was a central figure in Sunday’s piece, and ESPN coordinating producer Jose Morales, who helmed the update.

Watch the video. Read the feature. Both are certainly worth your time.

I try not to cuss on here, but I sure don’t mind when other people do.

That’s actually a pretty appropriate response to a horrible question. “You just threw your second no-hitter! What was with that walk?”

Eric Decker had a better weekend than you.

Apparently somebody filmed me at the gym the other day.

That’s really Robert Gill of the Arizona Cardinals, supposedly running 25 MPH.

This  poor guy helped produce my favorite YouTube minute of the week, even with the sideways phone.


And finally, in the opening I mentioned that I had some fun this weekend. On a few occasions I was presented with a situation that reminded me of a Personal YouTube Hall Of Fame video from a couple years ago. It’s borderline inappropriate, but who cares.


Happy Tuesday everybody, see ya next week.

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Brian Shaw, The Aftermath of Game 7, Other Stuff

Welcome to the 15th edition of Tuesdays with Mitch. We’re turning a corner in the sports calendar. Basketball is done. Hockey is done. Football hasn’t started. We have just entered the dog days of summer when baseball is the only thing going on. Almost…

Brian Shaw is the new head coach of the Denver Nuggets. (USATSI)

The Nuggets hired Brian Shaw as their new head coach to replace George Karl. I don’t have a whole lot of insight on Shaw, but I think it has to be considered a success for the Nuggets. Shaw was one of the hot names in coaching circles this offseason and the Nuggets got the guy who was probably their first choice to take over. Shaw has won five championships in his career, three as a player, two as an assistant. That alone is a pretty impressive resume. It will be interesting to see how much the playing style differs from the fast-paced days of George Karl.

There’s always great optimism when hiring a new coach, but after Karl’s surprise firing and Masai Ujuri leaving, all the sudden the Nuggets have a rookie GM and a rookie head coach leading one of the youngest teams in the NBA. That doesn’t exactly inspire a ton of confidence. Again though, I think it is wise to make a change, simply because the only thing the Nuggets risk giving up is boring first-round playoff exits.

This piece from ESPN on Shaw’s remarkable journey is worth your time.

The rough road trip for the Rockies that I said had the makings of a season-changing disaster started with them going 0-5. (Sometimes it’s almost like I know what I’m talking about.) They won the next two and there are two in Boston remaining, tonight and tomorrow. They can finish the trip at 2-7 or 3-6 or 4-5. At this point I’m hoping for a split in Boston, and coming home at .500 to regroup.

Since nobody watches hockey anymore, here’s all you need to see from the absolutely incredible Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, wrapped up in a neat three minutes.

Two goals in 17 seconds on the road in a clinching game of the Finals? That’s about the craziest damn thing I’ve ever heard.

The middle of overtime in a Stanley Cup Finals game is not the best time to cut to cheap local commercials.


I was cruising around Twitter after the Heat beat the Spurs in Game 7 on Thursday and found some pretty legit pictures and gifs and videos.

Here’s ESPN’s ninjas getting real creepy behind the scenes.

Bill Simmons is one of the few ESPN employees who can get away with badmouthing the network for which he works because he’s one of the top dogs. And juuuuuust as he was about to bring up the debacle that LeBron and ESPN took a lot of justifiable heat for (see what I did there?), the cameras went black. Hard to believe that was a coincidence.

Excellent and gutwrenching picture of a sad Tim Duncan

Sad Tim

I found this on Twitter from @corkgaines. Getty Images.

Dwayne Wade looks pretty drunk:

Happy and drunk Wade

Or maybe he’s just happy. via SB Nation.

Here’s rap superstar Drake being told he can’t enter the Heat locker room.

Whoever’s holding the camera is sure a douche.

Check out Birdman’s unreal shades:

Found this on Twitter @corkgaines.

Classic freaking birdman right there.

Dan LeBetard had an epic, 10 minute rant after Game 7. Kind of strange for a “columnist” to be such a homer. Stranger still, for anyone to play the “disrespect” card when referring to the Heat. Still pretty funny though.

And my favorite one
of all is Chris Bosh struggling with the postgame celebration as much as struggled with the actual game.

found on Twitter @sportsvines

In other news, I follow the Iron Shiek on Twitter along with 305,000 other people. It’s fascinating. The former pro wrestler sends out incredibly vulgar, mostly nonsensical tweets about anything happening in pop culture or sports. He doesn’t like Hulk Hogan. He likes the cold beer. He calls people Bubba (which I have since stolen). Once you learn to speak his language, it’s usually pretty hilarious.

There has always been kind of a mysterious vibe to the whole thing though. Is this really him? There were pictures that made it clear the Iron Shiek was actually around. I always wondered if he was actually sending these tweets or they were coming from brilliant handlers who created a strange Twitter character. An insightful article came out Sunday that (kind of) helps answer some of these questions. Pretty interesting stuff. It’s all being done to help raise funds to create a documentary on the guy.

Here’s some good sportsish long reads from the past week:

Really interesting profile on Serena Williams from Rolling Stone.

An oral history of the 2003 NBA Draft is insightful stuff from ESPN.

Here’s a video of a guy making fun of the government and screwing with people:


And finally, I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this video, but it’s just captivating. I mean, I can’t look away.

There is so much going on. Kids ripping off their shirts and sticking out their tongues. Admit it, you were hoping they brawled. Twenty bucks says each one of those kids grows up to a lunatic.

Happy Tuesday everybody, see ya next week.

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Masai Ujiri is Probably Leaving and That’s Bad For the Nuggets.

It’s starting to sound like Masai Ujiri won’t be staying with the Nuggets.

The single biggest reason for the recent success of the Denver Nuggets has not been a player or George Karl. It has been Masai Ujiri.

The VP of Basketball Operations (which really just means general manager, but the Nuggets have a weird hierarchy with strange titles) was considered a rising star in the basketball world when he was hired. This season, he won the NBA Executive of the Year award.

Ujiri comes from a scouting background which is a little different than most front office executives and has apparently given him a leg up in analyzing talent and acquiring a cohesive set of players.

The NBA is a superstars’ league and superstars don’t want to play in Denver. Ujiri has recognized this and expertly assembled a roster of solid players than can compete with the big boys.

There hasn’t been any playoff success, but I point the finger at George Karl there and that’s a whole separate conversation.

The drama surrounding Carmelo Anthony’s exit was a horrible situation for a young GM to be in, but Ujiri pulled off a genius trade that reshaped the Nuggets franchise.

Anyway, the Kroenkes have given Ujiri permission to speak with his former franchise, the Toronto Raptors, about their vacant GM position and it is being reported that Toronto will be offering a very lucrative deal. The details remain hazy, but it sounds like Ujiri could pull in well over $1 million per year, with the Kroenkes not likely to match that kind of figure.

That kind of money not easy to turn down.

At this point, we’re all just waiting on Ujiri to make his decision, but personally, I’d be surprised if the NBA Executive of the Year comes back to Denver.

Ujiri leaving would not resemble most changes in the front office with relatively unknown executives moving on. He is the single most important– and perhaps most talented– person in the Nuggets organization.


Not sure what’s going on here.

Tulo is not interested in high-fiving Betancourt. (gif via

Baseball players are a quirky bunch.

Your quick Rockies update aside from cupchecks or sack taps or whatever is happening there: Finished that crucial homestand 5-2, but then started their current road trip 1-3. Went 6-4 in the 10-game NL West stretch. Should really win the next three over the AAA affiliate in Houston.

This video is perfectly titled. I present, “Tim Duncan Realizing He Has Arms”.


Chris Anderson has had a few different looks in his day.


via @NickiJhabvala of the New York Times

As good as this is, I distinctly remember a perm somewhere along the way even though I couldn’t find any evidence of this either. I’m putting the over/under him just saying “screw it”and going full technicolor face-tat at 2.5 years.

This is the best interview I’ve seen in a long, long time.

I would like to hang out with that young man.

I can’t wait for the 30 for 30 on Gordon Bombay.

Bombay’s willingness to accept eccentric characters like the Bash Brothers and implement unique techniques like the Knuckle Puck have made him a true legend.

And finally, here’s a non-sports link. A worthhile read about the devastation in Oklahoma.

Happy Tuesday everybody. See ya next week.

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It’s Time to Fire George Karl

Welcome to Tuesdays With Mitch, this week’s edition 100 percent free of both tear gas and pepper spray. Off we go…

What’s the point of another season with George Karl? AP Photo

Over the past eight and a half years, every now and then some Denver Nuggets fans or media members would start a little uprising calling for George Karl to be fired as the Nuggets’ head coach.

I never really bought into those theories. I shrugged and thought Karl was a fine coach, but not the reason the Nuggets weren’t advancing in the playoffs.

This is Karl’s ninth season in Denver. His teams have made the playoffs nine times. They’ve advanced past the first round once. That won’t be changing this year unless the Nugs win three in a row against Golden State beginning tonight. To put it mildly, that seems unlikely.

This off-season is the time to fire George Karl.

Heading into the playoffs, things were different this year.

This isn’t the Nuggets as a 7-seed trying to pull off an upset like in many previous seasons. The Nuggets were heavily favored to win this series. The Nuggets have the all-important home court advantage. This team won 57 (fifty-seven!) regular season games.

Including tonight, the Nuggets have been favored in Vegas in all five games. It looks like they’ll lose the series in five or six games, but keep in mind they’re one Andre Miller layup away from getting swept.

The Nuggets’ performance in these playoffs is an enormous underachievement.

Denver is without Danilo Gallinari, which I predicted would be a huge blow in the playoffs, but Golden State is without their all-star. David Lee going down allowed Mark Jackson to tinker with his lineup– going small by starting three guards– and in doing so, badly outcoach Karl.

Yes, Stephen Curry has gotten weird and sometimes there’s just not much you can do, but if you don’t think Karl’s been outcoached by Jackson, you’re a lunatic.

This isn’t the Broncos losing a somewhat flukey game to the eventual champion. This is one of the best Nuggets teams ever getting blown-the-hell-out by a mediocre team in the first round.

The system that’s in place is not working. Eventually the organization has to try something new. Why not? What’s at risk aside from another few years of first-round exits?

This team is talented enough and young enough to make the playoffs by sleepwalking through the regular season over the next few years. When the regular season ends is when they need some fresh thinking and a new outlook.

At this point, we know who George Karl is. It is not unfair to label him as a successful regular-season coach who can’t win in the playoffs. He’s a perennial underachiever  He’s a coach that loses in the first round.

And year after year, season after season, what is the point of that?

Feel free to comment at the bottom of this story if you think I’m wrong about GK, or preferably, if you think I’m right.


It was an eventful few days for the Avalanche. They finally had their nightmare of a season come to an end. Then they fire Joe Sacco (to the surprise of no one. It will be more interesting to see if they shake up the front office as well). Then they won the draft lottery. They’re expected to pick Seth Jones, which is a cool story.

The Rockies continue to play well, but the big story from the past week was the call-up of Nolan Arenado, who started at third base Sunday in the most anticipated Rockies debut in years. If you follow the Rockies, you’ve been hearing about this kid for some time. He went 0-3 with a walk on Sunday, but went 3-6 with a 2-run homer last night. His family and friends had almost a whole section to themselves and they kind of went nuts in what was a pretty cool moment. If Arenado can provide some pop and Helton comes back soon, it could make the Rockies lineup ridiculous. Like, best-in-baseball ridiculous.

The Sports Pickle compiled a handful of old newspaper articles praising horrible draft picks. This essentially explains my position on why analyzing the NFL Draft is just a really stupid and pointless thing to do.

Frank Caliendo can get old in a hurry, but anyone making fun of Mel Kiper Jr. is all right with me.


I don’t know why I found this to be so funny, but I was pretty much crying uncontrollably throughout.

I suppose the 3 million views in three days means I’m not alone.

We lost a legend on Friday. George Jones was one of the greats and a personal favorite of mine. (Yeah, I like that kind of music.) Here he his with his first hit in 1959. (Just look at that flat-top!)

He lived one wild life and there’s a lot in this NYT obituary you didn’t know.

The guy who was carjacked by the alleged Boston bombers talked to the Boston Globe. This is just a gripping, fascinating, incredible story.

And finally, well, I’ll let you piece together the details of this episode. The world needs more people like this.

Happy Tuesday everybody. See you next week.

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