Your (Quick) Weekly Roundup From The Sports World And Internet

Welcome to the 103rd edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where I have an abbreviated/condensed post this week for a variety of non-blog related reasons. (And happy birthday to my brother Andrew, who I think pretends to read this blog like once a month.) Let’s get into it…

Sam Dekker prepares to hug an invisible person after his unbelievable second-half shooting performance lifted Wisconsin over Arizona and into the Final Four. (Robert Hanashiro/USA Today Sports)

I’ll start with some quick thoughts on the second weekend of the NCAA tournament, because it was awesome.

Thursday evening through Sunday evening represented college basketball at its absolute peak. The weekend was loaded with legendary coaches and future-lottery picks and underdogs and back-and-fourth games and dramatic finishes.

Saturday, in particular, featured two of the best games a college basketball fan can ask for. It started with Arizona and Wisconsin, who I think are two of the best three teams in the country. They met in a classic that saw Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker combine for 56 points against a top-3 defense. Dekker hit five threes in the second half and was a blast to watch (even though I picked Arizona to win the title). Right when you thought one was a dagger, Arizona would come back, only to see Dekker bury another dagger with a hand in his face. It was just awesome basketball.

Here’s Dekker’s final nail in the coffin to seal Wisconsin’s second straight Final Four appearance. Look at the arc on this shot and Dekker’s swag strut after it drops.

And that game was just a precursor to the game of the year on Saturday night. Notre Dame and Kentucky went back and forth for 40 minutes with a Final Four berth and a historic, undefeated season on the line. (Those are some pretty high stakes.)

The Irish showed from the outset they could play with Kentucky and weren’t about to back down with plays like this one from Pat Connaughton (who also made one the best plays of the opening weekend):

And look at the scores and clock during these next couple Vines. Just an extremely high level of basketball with so much on the line. Aaron Harrison would show his ONIONS…

And Jerian Grant would answer…

Goodness what a great game. Kentucky won, by the way. Wish I had more time to break it down here.

So now only three games remain in the college basketball season and they should all be pretty damn good. Wisconsin – Kentucky should be another absolute treat to watch. As far as predictions, give me Wisconsin over Duke in the championship game Monday night.

I think Wisconsin can handle Kentucky’s defense by limiting possessions and draining deep threes. If Dekker plays against Kentucky like he did against a smaller, but almost-as-efficient Arizona defense, the Badgers can pull off the upset. They also have that Frank Kaminsky guy, who is the best player in the country. He should stretch out some of the Cats’ interior defenders and also be able finish inside and get to the line.

Should be an absolute treat. And that’s just the one of the three games!

A couple of the weekly departments…

Stud of the week:

This video only has 400 views for some reason, but I find it amazing. That’s Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy just wandering around on an airplane that’s… you know, flying through the sky.

And we have a post-publish submission sent in by a loyal reader! Pretty sweet move here…

Douche of the week:

Guys, all of the Rockies’ pitchers are getting hurt before the season even starts this year. It’s astounding. (More on all this next week.)

Photo of the week:

TJ McConnell hugs Sean Miller and cries as he leaves his final college game. McConnell was one of my favorite players in the country.

(Getty Images)

Vine of the week:

Blake Griffin has gotten bored with his 360 dunks:

NBA Tank Watch 2015:

Not much movement in the Tankandings this week. The Nuggets were able to move one half game ahead of Detroit for the seventh-worst record, which is nice. However, I haven’t seen anything from the Melvin Hunt-coached Nuggets to suggest they’re capable of holding on to that spot.

  1. New York, .189, 14-60
  2. Minnesota, .216, 16-58
  3. Philadelphia, .240, 18-57
  4. L.A. Lakers, .274, 20-53
  5. Orlando, .297, 22-52
  6. Sacramento, .356, 26-47
  7. Denver, .378, 28-46
  8. Detroit, .384, 28-45

Read this beautiful, heartbreaking eulogy from a sportswriter who lost his son.

And finally, because of my time/motivation constraints this week, I asked my buddy Erick, who spends more time on YouTube than anyone should, for a video to use in this “And finally” section. He replied with a link to this video and emphatically noted that it is a top-5 video of all time.

Erick is a damn weirdo.

Happy Tuesday everybody. I should have more for you next week with some sort of Rockies/MLB Preview. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.


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