Rules of Court Rushing; The Buffs Are Embarrassed.

Welcome to the 49th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where we’re I’m out of town typing this in a hotel lobby after several adult drinks. It takes a serious amount of dedication to be your favorite blogger. The Olympics are over and it’s officially basketball season for the next few weeks. Get to readin’…

North Carolina rushes the court after beating Duke, although their fans would tell you beating Duke is expected and nothing to celebrate. (via Grant Halverson / Getty Images)

The rules for college student sections rushing the court used to be fairly understood, if not hotly contested. This became a topic of conversation yet again after North Carolina rushed the court after beating their archrival #5, Duke Thursday night. I was surprised. But I shouldn’t have been. The rules have changed. Let’s start by looking at the old rules. In my book, the court-rushing rules were as follows.

Rushing the court is allowed if:

  • You are a school with not much of a basketball history and you beat a top-5 team. Top-10 doesn’t count. Ideally, this would only take place if you have postseason aspirations.
  • You have a pretty darn good, but not necessarily great program (think along the lines of Memphis, Wisconsin, Marquette, etc.) and you beat the #1 team in the country. This is assuming the win “means something” in your season. If you’re usually pretty good, but you’re 5-21 this season, I don’t care if you beat the top-ranked team.
  • You are a school that was considered to be “on the bubble” needing this game to make you a lock for the tournament. If your student body is educated enough to know what was at stake and you essentially clinched an invite to go dancing, you can get down on the hardwood.
  • You are a decent team that generally does not win conference championships, but just clinched a conference championship. In this instance a school like Colorado State is allowed to rush the court after beating a crappy San Jose State team if that win clinched the Mountain West. Or a school like Colorado is allowed to rush if they were to beat a crappy team like USC while clinching the Pac-12.
  • You are team like Wichita State and you just finished the regular season undefeated.
  • That’s pretty much it.

The following should never happen:

  • You rush the court when you consider yourself to be a blue-blood program that insists the beauty of basketball flows through only your gym and always has. This means the following schools are never, ever allowed to rush the court: North Carolina, Duke, Syracuse, UCLA, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville. (Maybe a few others.)

When these schools rush the court they simply diminish their dominance and pull themselves back to the pack, associating with lesser programs that should only rush the court when beating them. At least that’s what I used to think. Now, the days of schools giving a damn about such things have yielded to a pack of young students who are just trying to have fun.

And I suppose that’s okay.

Anyway, the court-rushing rules as we knew them are long gone. The new court-rushing rules are as follows:

  • Anybody can rush the court whenever they want, because who the hell cares? These kids are in college and couldn’t tell you a thing about the history of their program. They’re drunk. They want to get on TV and rushing the court makes that a near-certainty.

So as much as it saddens me, the days of exclusive court rushings (this goes for field-rushing in football too) are over. It no longer matters, but I will always subscribe to the brief rules I laid out above. At this point though I’ve given up defending the honor of the court. These damn kids (How old do I sound here?) are going to do whatever they want because they don’t care. They want to have fun and get on TV.

And I suppose that’s okay.

(I could discuss the ins and outs of this topic for an extended period of time, but again, I am not in the ideal situation for blogging and need some sleep. I apologize.)

I would also like to quickly discuss the state of CU Basketball. If you’re not careful, the Denver media would have you think that the Buffaloes are an up and coming super power of basketball. A national contender. A powerhouse. 

But let’s get real for a second.

Aaron Gordon pretty much embarrassed CU by himself. (via Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Colorado has a pretty good basketball program. Tad Boyle is a good coach, but let’s not label this guy the best coach in the nation. Let’s not label this team as a perennial PAC-12 contender.

The first thing we need to address is the injury to CU’s best player, Spencer Dinwiddie. The “big brother” guard tore his ACL in a loss to Washington that completely changed the course of the Buffs’ season. It was unfortunate for everyone. The Buffs were in the top-20 at the time. Now, after an embarrassing loss to #4 Arizona in Boulder, they might end up on the wrong side of the bubble.

I think losing a player like Dinwiddie on a team like CU is an absolutely legitimate excuse reason to explain a disappointing season. There is literally no shame in that. But if that is the route you’re going to take, then I don’t need to hear Coach Boyle explaining how his team has adapted so well and is poised to take the next step on every Denver sports talk radio show in town. (I bet I heard him on four different shows this week, with each host just gusssssshhhhhing about the state of the Buffs and their coach.)

Anyway, CU played in primetime on ESPN Saturday night. ESPN Gameday was in Boulder for the first time ever. It was a big deal. But, then, well, you see, Arizona, they, kind of, embarrassed, the Buffs. It was 88-61.

I think the statement the Wildcats made was significant. Arizona is a powerhouse. They are a top-two seed. This team from Boulder, they have a long, long way to go. Let’s not forget that Arizona lost one of its best players, Brandon Ashley, a few weeks ago. They overcame the loss of a key component of their offense. They adapted. They are what CU wants to be.

CU isn’t close.

The Buffs finish the regular season with three road games, against Utah, Stanford and California. CU is 2-4 on the road in the Pac-12. The combined home conference record of their opponents is 15-7.

The Buffs needed badly to make a statement against Arizona. Their tournament hopes depended on it. They were embarrassed. They have a long way to go.

(On a separate note: I think they at least stopped with the whole “Roll Tad” thing. That was embarrassing on so many levels. Maybe they’re making progress after all.)

And here’s a crappy video of Aaron OMGordon, because this is like the nastiest college oop I’ve ever seen:


Stud of the week:

Rob Ford is like my favorite dude ever. Here he is reacting to Canada’s gold medal. (I’m too tired to think of a real candidate here):

Douche of the week:


Tweet of the week:

Miley Cyrus tweeted a picture to her 10 million followers of her laying in bed at noon with the statement “can’t remember the last time I was still in bed at noon”. The bizarrely awesome account of The Iron Sheik replied with his own tweet. It might be my favorite tweet ever.


This GIF of John Calipari is pretty great:

via @sbnationgif


So is this one of Jim Boeheim. It’s not often you see a college coaching legend and class act just go completely berserk.

via @bubbaprog

Yes, that’s FOUR “that’s bullsh*t”s from coach Boeheim there.

Here is the FULL video of the wolf in the Sochi hotel:


Jimmy got us again.

And finally, check out your latest candidate for the 2014 Heisman.

This fairly mysterious picture popped up on Reddit on Wednesday.

This picture just slays me.


Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week. (50!)

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