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Your Weekly Roundup From the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 45th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where we are getting all geared up for the big game on Sunday. Puppy Bowl IX figures to be a strong one. Here are your starting lineups. I would look for Gunther and Biscuit to make plays in the early going. Their talent figures to be too much for Daffodil and Sally to keep up with. Keep an eye out for Arlo coming off the bench. Pup is aggressive and hungry. Either way we’re in for a classic.

The Broncos must limit Marshawn Lynch’s production to win their third Super Bowl. (Troy Wayrynen/The Columbian)

Anyway, I don’t have a whole lot of blog time this week so I’ll just give you some quick thoughts on that other game.

  • The Broncos should win and I think they will.
  • The Seahawks’ defense is easily the best defense the Broncos have seen all season.
  • This defense will not stop the Broncos’ offense because the Broncos’ offense is too talented, too deep, too balanced and too versatile. Versatility is the key here. They can beat you in an infinite number of ways.
  • For the third straight week, the Broncos’ rushing defense will be key.
  • The Broncos’ rushing defense has been really, really good lately.
  • Russell Wilson is a fine quarterback with a very bright future, but I feel comfortable if he is the person attempting to beat the Broncos .
  • Shut up about the weather. It doesn’t look like it’ll be too bad and even if it turns out to be snowy and cold, that will not negatively impact the Broncos a great deal.
  • Try not to talk about the commercials too much.
  • Broncos 31, Seahawks 20
  • Peyton Manning completes what is indisputably the greatest football season ever played and one of the most remarkable sports stories we’ve ever seen when he is named Super Bowl MVP.
  • Hopefully we’ll all be so blessed as to get an updated version of the Manning Confetti Face GIF with the addition of the Lombardi trophy.

via @corkgaines

Stud of the week:

Kevin Durant is playing basketball at a pretty much unprecedented level right now. He’s averaging 37 points in the month of January. 37! In all of January! I don’t talk about the NBA a whole lot these days, but the Slim Reaper is must-watch TV right now.  He nailed this come-from-behind game-winner last night in his 11th straight game with 30 or more points.


Douche of the week:

These girls. Dumb annoying college girls being dumb, annoying college girls in one of the best GIFs ever.

So dumb. So annoying. So college girl. The term “douche” is generally used in reference to males; this is the female version of a douche. (Three of them, actually.)

Tweet of the week:

The Colorado State basketball team just received an unconventional commitment from a legitimate NBA prospect. Quick recap: Chane Behanan was kicked off the team at Louisville for violating team rules, probably because of smoking weed. He is working with John Lucas, who runs some kind of “life coach” program for athletes in trouble. Larry Eustachy worked with Lucas when Eustachy was battling his alcoholism. Eustachy was able to sign Behanan. The internet made approximately 100,000 jokes about Behanan transferring to a state where marijuana is legal.

Anyway, this is a big get for CSU. Behanan will be eligible beginning the second semester of next season and if he stays out of trouble he will be a big-time, impact player in the Mountain West.

What to watch the next seven days:


The second go ’round of Bad Lip Reading in the NFL has 14 million views in four days. That’s unbelievable.


The baseball and basketball versions came first. Now we have the football version of Bad British Commentary. I like the first two better, but this is still good.


Something kind of good came out of the whole Richard Sherman thing, after all.


Here’s a thought-provoking, non-sports piece about a rich dude’s greed and his battle with wealth addiction. Read it.

This Grantland piece on the historical context of how good the Broncos’ offense is (same with Seattle’s defense) came out today. It might give you a headache if you’re not into math and statistics, but some of the numbers are mind boggling, like this chart ranking 2013 offenses based on standard deviations:

I really liked this story from a cancer patient who took out this ad in the Denver post. Pretty cool reminder of why we love sports.

And finally, Jacoby Jones is at the Pelicans’ game. Let’s get his thoughts!


Why, oh why does that reporter keep going back to him? She asks him six different questions. Two minutes of pure gold right there. Yyyyyeeesss Mayyyuuummm.


Happy Tuesday everybody. ENJOY THE PUPPY BOWL! Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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Your AFC Championship Roundup

Welcome to the 44th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where I’m planning my trip to New York for the Super Bowl. I just need Super Bowl tickets, plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and the time off work. Any takers on that?

via @corkgaines

If you haven’t heard, the Broncos beat the Patriots 26-16 on Sunday. Games with that much hype rarely live up to the billing and this one fit the mold. The AFC Championship didn’t deliver because the Patriots just were not very good.

This is the second of two playoff games that saw the Broncos win by a touchdown or more. Neither game was as close as the final score indicated. In reality, this was a 23-3 game with under 10 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

The Broncos were never going to lose this one.

Peyton Manning did pretty much whatever he wanted on offense. The Patriots needed to run the ball effectively to have a chance. The Broncos shut down the running game from the outset. Throw in some poor quarterback play from Tom Brady– he badly missed at least two open receivers for would be touchdowns– and you have a fairly easy AFC Championship victory.

This is one the city of Denver and state of Colorado badly needed. The Nuggets and Avalanche might both make the playoffs this year, but they’re not championship material and have not been for many years. The Rockies are actually the last Colorado team to contend for a championship back in 2007, but they quickly settled back in to their last place ways. No colleges are making noise on a national level.

Denver is a Broncos town to its core. In recent years the Broncos have provided a little excitement that was always followed by disappointment.  Sports in Colorado have been hurting for some time. If the Broncos win one more game, all those years of apathy and heartbreak could be erased.

Douche of the week:

I provided plenty of reasons to hate the Patriots last week. This week Bill Belichick gave us another. After getting his ass kicked up and down the field all day in an AFC title game that was not really competitive, Belichick surprised most of the fans and media when he whined about Wes Welker’s hit that injured Aqib Talib.

I can’t talk about all of this without showing Welker and his hilarious helmet, because why not? (via Larry Brown Sports)

He implied that the league should fine or suspend Welker, whom he referred to as “the receiver” even though Welker played for Belichick in New England for six seasons.  Belichick usually stays above this kind of thing, but I guess the realization that his team was nowhere close to winning a Super Bowl and his “dynasty” window is closing in a hurry stung quite a bit.

If the Broncos are going to send a “hitman” on the Patriots’ best defensive player, I’m not sure why they would send the smallest guy on the field who has been dealing with concussion issues all season. (Even if he is wearing the most enormous football helmet ever worn, which I put in this post because it’s hilarious.)

Bill Belichick rarely says anything interesting in press conferences and now maybe we know why. Evidently he is not one to lose graciously. Get over yourself, douche.

(Also checking in on the douche meter: The Seattle fan who threw food at a badly injured 49er. That’s about as low as it gets.)

(Also I’m avoiding the whole Richard Sherman thing because I can’t believe how played out that story has been over the course of 36 hours.)

Stud of the week:

Champ Bailey is one game away from (presumably) being the first person named Champ to ever win a Super Bowl. (AAron Ontiveroz, AP)

Last week, in the wake of Chris Harris’s injury, I suggested that Champ Bailey fill in for Harris in the starting lineup. Bailey did just that. And he did it well, looking like the Champ Bailey of old. He ran step for step with receivers. He was a presence in the running game. You can bet Tom Brady knew he was out there.

Bailey ranks pretty high on my all-time favorite athlete list and I’m thrilled that he just reached the first Super Bowl in his 15-year career. I loved this paragraph from Benjamin Hochman’s article in the Denver Post, who sums it up better than I can:

“A generation of Broncos fans has grown up with Champ. Players come and go, but Bailey is a Broncos staple, ubiquitous. He’s part of Denverites’ lives, he’s your guy, and now, with him finally going to the big one, you feel genuine happiness for him. This is what sports do to us. This feeling, this connection, is what makes it fun being a fan.”

Champ Bailey is your stud of the week.

Tweet of the week:

That gem is in reference to this classic moment:


Here are couple memorable moments from Sunday in GIF form:

Just a standard third down conversion:

via @worldofisaac


via @bubbaprog

I love that little stare-down from the horse guy.

What to watch the next seven days:

This is one of the slowest weeks in sports. No football whatsoever (the Pro Bowl definitely does not count). We’re looking only at NHL, NBA and college basketball.

  • The Nuggets are proving to be a pretty streaky team. They lost eight in a row. Then won the next five. They have since lost three of four. They’re 20-20 and tied for 9th place in the Western Conference. They play two of the best teams in the NBA this week. At Portland on Thursday (TNT) and home to Indiana on Saturday (ALT).
  • The Avalanche are still playing pretty well. They have won four in a row and are in 5th place in the Western Conference at 31-12-5. They play four times over the next seven days. All four games are winnable. The best game should be Saturday at Tampa Bay.
  • It’s actually a pretty weak week for college basketball. #21 Michigan hosts #10 Iowa tomorrow, but it’s on the Big Ten Network so you might be out of luck. Everybody is in action Saturday, but no matchups really jump out at me.

And finally, one more GIF just because it’s really wonderful.

GIF of the year for Broncos fans? (via @sbnationgif)


Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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Why We Should All Hate the Patriots

Welcome to the 43rd edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where I’m trying to find someone willing to talk about the upcoming AFC Championship game. Haven’t had much luck, so I guess I’ll get the conversation started.

The Patriots receive a good amount of hate from most corners of the football world throughout the year. For Broncos fans, though, it’s time to take that hate to another level. If you can’t get on board with some good New England bashing the week of a Broncos vs. Patriots AFC Championship game, you aren’t much of a Coloradoan or Bronco fan.

It starts with their awful quarterback.

Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but dear Lord, he is awful. Truly an all-time douche bag. If you can watch Tom Brady play a whole game of football and never think to yourself Man, F*** him  then something is wrong with you.

A lot is made of his antics of screaming at the referees or his teammates or even one of his own coaches. I don’t really mind this stuff. Every decent quarterback does that kind of thing, including Peyton Manning and John Elway.

Tom Brady’s awfulness comes out when he’s off the field.

I’m not sure what to say about his dancing.


Or these magazine covers. Tom Brady has, without a doubt, appeared on the cover of more non-sports magazines than any athlete ever.

brady mags

How many other quarterbacks are being interviewed for stupid articles in Women’s Health Magazine? (My favorite quote:  “Guilty pleasure? A frozen margarita. Oh my God.”Yeah, I’m going to go with zero.

Peyton Manning is in a bunch of dumb commercials. They’re usually corny and poorly produced (“Hey Papa…”). But they’re definitely not as douchey as whatever the hell this is.


Oh yeah… and he’s married to this person.

If that doesn’t make you hate the guy, I don’t know what to tell you.

This kid sums it up pretty well.


So obviously Tom Brady is reason 1 to hate the Patriots. Reason 1A is their head coach. The cutoff hoody wearing, perpetually frowning, mumbling, lying, cheating, Bill Belichick.

Lookin good, Bill. (Damian Strohmeyer/SI)

The Hoody was certainly the behind the scandal that found the Patriots guilty of cheating in 2007, creatively titled by the media as “Spygate.” Belichick admitted to taping teams’ signals in closed practices dating back to 2000. The league fined Belichick $500,000 (the maximum amount a coach can be fined) and took away their first round draft pick in 2008. Since the scandal was revealed, the Patriots have won zero Super Bowls.

I can’t believe this isn’t talked about more.

But of course, the real reason to hate The Hoody is just the way the miserable, horrible piece of crap carries himself. He’s condescending to reporters and speaking to the press is seemingly a source of tremendous pain for this weirdo, even though that’s kind of  a huge part of your job description as head coach.

Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal did some in-depth investigative journalism. They figured out how many times Belichick smiled this season in this well-done video. (Not very many.)


Here’s a reporter lobbing Belichick a softball during the holiday season. Naturally, Bill replies with a really fun, insightful, cheerful response.


Just say Jingle Bells you freaking crazy nutjob.

And let’s not forget the gangster serial killer the Patriots decided to employ.

The Patriots are the only NFL team that decided to employ a gangster murderer in Aaron Hernandez. (Ted Fitzgerald, Boston Herald)

No other team would take a chance on Aaron Hernandez because it was clear he was a horrible person. The Patriots, well they are the Patriots, so surely a drugged out murderer would reform and change his ways under the tutelage of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and Bob Kraft. Why? Because it’s The Patriot Way. And anyone so blessed and lucky to be a part of The Patriot Way would never screw that up. Yeah, or he would play games on acid and keep murdering people.

Then there’s Josh McDaniels. He drafted some good players for the Broncos (Moreno, Ayers, Bruton, D. Thomas, Beadles, Walton, Decker, Tebow). He also drafted some bad ones (Alphonso Smith, Darcel McBath, Richard Quinn, Perrish Cox, Tebow). But let’s be honest, the guy was always a huge douche and the Broncos couldn’t fire him fast enough. He’s now back with the Patriots as offensive coordinator.

And of course, we can’t forget the insufferable Boston sports fans. According to insufferable Boston sports fans, insufferable Boston sports fans are God’s gift to each and every sport. This group gets drunk and screams in the classic nails-on-a-chalkboard accent about the Pahhhhttts or the Red Sawwwwwx being the model franchise in sports.

I guarantee you that right now somebody, somewhere in the northeast is pounding a Sam Adams and babbling to a disinterested out-of-towner about the Patriots dominant, decade-long dynasty even though they haven’t won a Super Bowl in eight seasons. EIGHT FREAKING SEASONS.

That fact that the last Super Bowl the Patriots won was in the 2004 season seems to be easily forgotten among the entitled chowdaheads and the media.

Here’s hoping that come Sunday, the Broncos extend that streak and send the Patriots, their awful quarterback, miserable coach and insufferable fans to another long offseas0n.


Douche of the week:

I don’t think Philip Rivers is that big of a douche. I actually find his childish antics to be pretty funny (more so when the Chargers lose). Anyway, I know most of you freaking hate the guy, so here are a few GIFs of Philip Rivers acting like an upset child. These are always thoroughly enjoyable.

via @cjzero

via @cjzero

Here’s Robert Ayers mocking our favorite little upset fella.

via @sbnationgif

And here’s the little tyke reacting to that big, game-sealing third down.

via @cjzero

That’s just really great stuff from your Douche Of The Week.

Stud of the week:

LaGarrette Blount. The Pats’ back ran for four touchdowns in the Patriots’ 43-22 win over the Colts. The Patriots ran the ball 46 times. Brady only threw 25 passes, completing just 13. Some of this is because the Pats had the lead and the ball in the fourth quarter, but the Patriots offense is now predominately centered around running the ball, much like the Chargers. Much is made about Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, but the Broncos’ rushing defense, which has been pretty good all year, is the key to this game. If Blount goes for 166 and four against the Broncos, it will be a long championship Sunday.

Tweet of the week:

I bring this up because I think the Chris Harris injury is really bad news for the Broncos. The Chargers scored all of their points after Harris was hurt. You don’t need the advanced stats of that tweet to know that Quenten Jammer looked horrible trying to hang with Keenan Allen, who caught two touchdowns. I think it’s up to Champ Bailey to move from the nickel and start in Harris’s place. Maybe this will happen.

What to watch the next seven days:

  • Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots, Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium, Sunday January 19th, 1 p.m. MST. The Super Bowl on the line. That is all.

Here’s a video of all the times Peyton Manning said “Omaha” on Sunday.

And finally, here’s some interesting stuff regarding Brady that I haven’t heard mentioned once this week. Brady hasn’t played a road playoff game since the 2006 season. His career road playoff record is 3-2. His record in such games since the 2004 season is 1-2. One of the two losses was in Denver; the other in Indianapolis against Peyton Manning. Indeed, since winning the Super Bowl in the 2004 season, Tom Brady has one win on the road in the playoffs. The Patriot-loving national media hasn’t said much about this.

Mitch Hahn’s official prediction (sometimes I’m not wrong!): Broncos 39, Patriots 30.


Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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The Broncos Should Beat The Chargers; The Flying ‘Bama Ninja; Other Stuff

Welcome to the 42nd edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where we’re mourning the loss of college football for  a few months. At least we sent it out in style. Lots to get to this week…

Broncos fans will hate Phillip Rivers a whole lot more if he comes in to Denver and ends the Broncos season. (via

The Broncos’ season starts now. The four pre-preseason games and 16 preseason games have taken us to opening day, Sunday, January 12th at 2:40 p.m. against the San Diego Chargers. Here we go.

The Broncos have the best record in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! and are playing at home against a third place team. They are double digit favorites. So why are so many fans so damn worried about this game?

Because we’ve seen this all before, and it didn’t go well.

The Broncos can not afford to take Chargers lightly. San Diego is the “hot team” in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! right now. They have won five in a row, including the win over the Broncos in Denver in week 15 (as double digit underdogs). They were seven point underdogs last week on the road in Cincinnati and won with ease. They’re scary.

There are plenty of similarities between this scenario and the one we saw last year. The 13-3 record. The one-seed. The Super Bowl favorites.

But when looking at last year’s Ravens compared to this year’s Chargers, there are plenty of differences. While the Chargers are the “hot team” this year, the Ravens lost four of five games heading into the playoffs last year. This year, the Chargers impressively beat the Broncos in Denver in week 15. Last year, the Broncos went in to Baltimore in week 15 and pounded the Ravens 34-17.

The Broncos should win this game. They should win it fairly easily. But what should happen, doesn’t always happen. The NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! playoffs seem almost impossible to predict. Three road teams and three underdogs won last weekend.

The Chargers game plan will be to control the football and keep Peyton Manning on the sideline.

In the Broncos’ win over the Chargers in week 10, San Diego won the Time of Possession battle 38 minutes to 22 minutes. This didn’t matter because the Broncos scored quickly on most of their drives and went up 28-6 in the third quarter. In week 15 the Chargers had the same game plan but it yielded a much different result. The Chargers held the ball for 39 minutes and controlled the game from start to finish.

In last week’s win over Cincinnati, Phillip Rivers attempted only 16 passes, which is kind of absurd in today’s NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!. They ran the ball 44 times.

A couple factors make this game plan favorable for the Broncos.

First, Von Miller is more effective as a pass rusher than a run stopper. He is out for the year. So if the Chargers don’t throw ball much, it actually helps negate the loss of one of the Broncos’ best players. (If the Broncos and Patriots play in the AFC Championship, Miller’s absence will be much more noticeable.)

Second, Wes Welker is back. The control-the-ball game plan worked for the Chargers in week 15 because the Broncos struggled on third downs, converting only 2 of 9. Wes Welker didn’t play that week. As Manning’s go-to guy on third down, Welker should help keep the Broncos offense on the field this week.

So I suppose I’ll take the Broncos 34-23. But if I were in Vegas, I would keep my money in pocket. I don’t think anybody really knows what is going to happen in these games.

That’s part of the fun.

Douche of the week: Okay, this week’s douche should probably get her own post. Here is video number one, the original, which by my count generated almost 2 million views in one day.


Of course, the internet has some fun with this kind of thing. Several other videos popped up with different soundtracks, but this one was by far my favorite.


Please note the kid in the white shirt saying “kiss” right on cue with the song. Also the line “Don’t you ever say I just walked away” takes place when the crazy lady is refusing to “just walk away.” I bet I’ve watched that 50 times and laughed out loud each time. Wonderful, glorious stuff.

The most interesting aspect of this whole thing to me is the changing landscape of viral videos and the internet. The increase in cell phone videos and quality of these videos has led to the understanding (or lack thereof) that if you go nuts or act like a weirdo in public, it will probably be caught on video. This is nothing particularly new.

But with advances in social media (my dad posted this on Facebook for crying out loud) and various blogs and sports sites, videos like this don’t just become viral videos. They become their own stories.

In the day that this was posted, both the victim (I guess he’s the victim. He’s the dude that got kicked 50 times in the back) and the crazy lady were identified. The day after the whole thing happened!

Here’s the link to the guy’s side of the story in which he says, “When she kicked me, it left giant boot marks on my shirt. I’m not sure if the guy restraining her was her husband or not—they weren’t sitting right next to each other—but she was kicked out of the game and her two daughters were crying.”

And here’s the crazy redneck trashy mom’s side of the story. She was concerned that she upset Nick Saban. Also, she wasn’t drunk. Can’t make this stuff up. “I’m embarrassed. I love The Tide and I apologize to all the players and to Coach Saban and to the entire fan base. I’m sorry. Coach Saban’s going to say ‘those crazy fans don’t know how to act.’ And I wasn’t intoxicated either. I want people to know that. I’d had a couple of drinks, but I was not intoxicated.”

The flying ninja was identified in part because she posted something on Facebook (always a smart move) and some readers of a blog about the SEC saw it and emailed the information in to the website. And can you believe this Mother Of The Year candidate didn’t actually attend the University of Alabama?! That one’s a real shocker.

Just five or six years ago this nut job could have done this and it wouldn’t have been recorded. The lady would have been kicked out and the episode would be over. Or more recently, it would have been caught in a grainy twenty second clip and uploaded on the internet and not many people would have seen it. The victim’s account wouldn’t have been published online. The ninja certainly wouldn’t have been identified.

These days, it was caught on a phone in high definition, filmed horizontally (a crucial factor in this story), nicely edited, uploaded to YouTube, shared on every blog and Facebook post and tweet imaginable, and turned into what is probably the defining moment in her entire life. A moment that will follow her forever.

God bless the internet.

Stud of the week:

This week’s stud is the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! I can oftentimes poke fun at our country’s obsession with the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! and it certainly has its faults (blackout rules, the concussion crisis, denying the concussion crisis, etc.) but weekends like the one we just witnessed make it clear why the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! is king.

We started on Saturday afternoon with a matchup between the Chiefs and Colts. It turned out to be a 45-44 thriller. Shortly thereafter, the Saints and Eagles kicked off on a cold Saturday night in Philadelphia. The result was a 26-24 thriller. About 13 hours after that game ended, the Chargers and Bengals kicked off in Cinci. The seven point underdogs won by 17. Then, on Sunday afternoon, the 49ers and Packers played in freezing conditions. The result was a 23-20 thriller.

The NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! is indeed king. And sometimes it is very clear why.

Tweet of the week:

Steve Gleason was live tweeting the Saints – Eagles game with his eyes. Gleason has been diagnosed with ALS and is now limited to a motorized wheelchair. Technology allows him to type with his eyes, which unbelievable and awesome. His inspirational work can be seen on his website here. Anyway, he tweeted out this gem Saturday night:

Tweet of (last) week:

bibbs tweet

I didn’t get to this in last week’s holiday post, but Kapri Bibbs surprised a whole bunch of people when he announced he would forgo his last two seasons of eligibility and enter the NFL Draft.

Bibbs kind of came out of nowhere this season to turn into one of the nation’s most underrated players and breakout stars. He rushed for more than 1,700 yards and 31 touchdowns. The only other players in the history of college football in the 30 touchdown club are Monte Ball and Barry Sanders.

Anyway a lot of CSU fans were quick to voice their displeasure with Bibbs’ decision. Most felt he would have benefited from another year in the college ranks. I think a lot of this outlook is based on hurt feelings and selfishness. Nobody knows if Bibbs is making the right decision right now, but I do know that Bibbs did what he had to do and earned his shot at a big pay day. Maybe Bibbs would have benefited from another season at CSU, or maybe he would have gotten hurt never made a dollar off his talent and hard work. It’s important to remember that running backs are forced to have a different outlook than other positions. In the NFL, running backs have a very short shelf life and an increased risk of injury.

Obviously this a big blow for the 2014 Rams who will know lean more heavily on Donnell Alexander. On the other hand, having players (especially at skill positions) drafted, raises the national profile of Colorado State a little bit in the long term, big picture.

Another interesting side note with this:  Four Colorado State Rams have a legitimate shot at getting drafted this year. Bibbs joins linebacker Shaquil Barrett, tight end Crockett Gillmore and center Weston Richburg as guys who should play on Sundays. This draft would mark the first time four CSU players were taken since 1996, according to the website

In other CSU news, multiple outlets are mentioning head coach Jim McElwain as a candidate for the open position at Louisville. McElwain served as offensive coordinator there for three years under John L. Smith. Let’s just say that would be a big blow to Rams fans. One thing to keep in mind, McElwain’s contract is structured with large buyout clauses should he leave early. If Louisville were to pry him away this season, they would have to pay CSU $3 million. Jack Graham is confident McElwain will stay.

What to watch the next seven days:

  • I think some NFL games will be played this weekend.
  • Tuesday nights are good for college basketball. #7 Baylor plays at #9 Iowa State tonight on ESPN2 at 5 p.m. Then #5 Michigan State hosts #3 Ohio State at 7 p.m. on ESPN.
  • The Nuggets have turned into a train wreck, but they host Oklahoma City on Thursday night on TNT. Train wrecks can be fun to watch sometimes.
  • It’s worth watching Colorado basketball these days. They’re good. They play twice on the road this week, at Washington State on Wednesday and at Washington on Sunday. They should win both.

Check out how close the Packers were to blocking the 49ers game winning field goal Sunday night. The ball literally went between this dudes arms!

via @bubbaprog

And CBS Sports tweeted out this still shot:

via @cbssports / (USATSI)

Here’s one of the biggest hits of the weekend:

via @xmasape

Unsuspecting old chubby guys are not as agile and coordinated as the players on the field.

John Kuhn didn’t quite make it:

kuhn leap

Fox Sports One put together this cool year-end video:


Here’s a non sports video for all my readers who are country music fans:


And finally, this video from Proctor and Gamble about moms is pretty touching and awesome:



Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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