New Mexico Bowl Preview (And Other Stuff)

Welcome to the 39th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where I’m removing my name from the Texas coaching search. It just isn’t a good fit for me.

Mountain West Defensive Player of the Year Shaq Barrett will be a key factor in the New Mexico Bowl. (Dan Byers, Colorado State University)

I’ll start with a quick glance at the New Mexico bowl on Saturday. Colorado State plays Washington State in the first bowl game of the year. The two teams have never played each other.

Expect a lot of offense.

A big concern for the Rams is their passing defense. They have a nasty little habit of giving up enormous passing touchdowns just about every week. That doesn’t bode well against a Mike Leach coached team. The Cougars rank ninth nationally in passing yards per game. The Rams rank 111th in passing defense. That’s not a good combo for the boys from Fort Collins.

Of course, the Rams’ strength is their offense, obviously led by breakout star running back Kapri Bibbs, who ran for 1,572 yards and 28 touchdowns. WSU gives up 184 rushing yards per game. Garrett Grayson has turned himself into a good quarterback (3,327 yards passing) and shouldn’t have too much trouble with the Cougars’ 96th ranked passing defense.

And we can’t forget the Cougar’s head coach, Mike Leach. He’s a character. Mike Leach, I need some dating advice.


Pretty simple question. Pretty awesome answer.

Mike Leach, why did you guys lose today?


Also, he was fired for locking an ESPN personality’s kid in a shed in one of the most bizarre stories I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, it should be a fun game. Oftentimes when teams from smaller conferences play against a team from a power conference the game represents something of a letdown for the larger school. I don’t think that will be the case here, since Washington State has not been to a bowl game in ten years. Both teams will be hungry.

In Vegas, the over/under is only 65. That seems like a small number in this matchup.

There will be points.

For the Rams to win they will have to find a way to put some pressure on Connor Halliday. If he has time to comfortably look down field, he could shred the CSU secondary. Mountain West Defensive Player of the Year Shaq Barrett will be key in putting some pressure on Halliday. (Speaking of… the Rams had five first-team selections, more than any other MW team.)

On the other side of the ball, if the Cougars lock in on Bibbs and find a way to bottle him up early, Grayson will need to look to his two stud tight ends to loosen up the defense. And look for Donnell Alexander to get some touches in space when Bibbs is on the sideline. Oh, and look for Bibbs to score a few TDs, because that is what he does.

I guess I’ll take the Rams without much confidence. 47-45 in a wild one.

Weston Richburg starts his 50th and final game Saturday. (Rich Abrahamson/The Coloradoan)

Stud of the week: It is important to recognize a great, great Colorado State football career coming to an end. Future NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! center Weston Richburg will playing his last game as a Ram on Saturday. It will be his 50th consecutive start. 4 years, 50 games, and he started every one of them. That’s never been done before at CSU. The first-team All-Mountain West selection will also play in the Senior Bowl in a few weeks. Weston Richburg: Stud.

Douche of the week:  Dez Bryant is nuts. He stormed off the field after the Cowboys’ meltdown. This is no big deal for a crazy diva wide receiver, but saying you did it because you were embarrassed that you were crying is pretty douchey. Kind of a weak week for douches, but Dez gets the honor. Dez Bryant: Douche.

Tweet of the week:

CaptureBoom. One of my first Man Crushes breaking some huuuuuge news. That whole Saban/Mack Brown/Texas/Alabama thing was such a strange story.

What to watch the next seven days:

  • The Nuggets play the Thunder tonight. The NBA in December is pretty dumb, but this might be an intriguing litmus test for Denver.
  • Fresno State – USC is the most interesting of the early bowls. They play Saturday at 1:30.
  • Lots of good NFL games this Sunday. Colts vs. Chiefs, Saints vs. Panthers, Patriots vs. Ravens, Bears vs. Eagles. Four legitimate matchups; can’t ask for much more than that.
  • #20 Colorado plays #7 Oklahoma State at 7:30 on Saturday in Las Vegas. It’s a chance for local basketball fans to watch Marcus Smart, who is good at basketball.

Peyton Manning won the SI Sportsman of the year. Lee Jenkins does a good job of capturing Manning’s unbelievable journey in this feature. It’s worth your time.

Tom Brady is an honest guy.


What a great snap:

via @corkgaines

The Rice Owls are going to a bowl game and they’re happy about it.


DeSean Jackson just wanted some help up.

via @cjzero

via @cjzero

This is pretty cute:


This is one of those GIFs that absolutely cracks me up even though I’m not really sure why.

via @cjzero

Dick Vitale has been at ESPN for 30 years. This video is a little long but some parts are pretty great (namely Fowler and Bilas).

I love Dick Vitale.

Have you seen this 16-year-old, Canadian Elvis? This is unbelievable.


And finally, here’s a cool holiday video of magic (I guess) messing with people.


Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya on Christmas Eve.

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4 thoughts on “New Mexico Bowl Preview (And Other Stuff)

  1. Danny Richburg

    Mitch, I have never seen your column before. However, as Weston Richburg’s father, I want to thank you for the honoring words about him in this article. It warms my heart that you recognize the contribution he has made for CSU. Thanks Again.

    1. Mitch D. Hahn Post author

      Absolutely. He’s been great to watch for four years. Helped turn around the program. Hopefully it stays turned in this direction without him. Thanks for commenting!

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