Kapri Bibbs is a Monster and the Broncos Beat the Cheifs

Welcome to the 35th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where a couple more touchdowns were just scored in the Colorado State – New Mexico game. Huge post this week. Enjoy.

Kapri Bibbs is having the best season of any Colorado State running back ever and appears to be the best running back in the country. AP Photo

Kapri Bibbs is good. Colorado State beat New Mexico Saturday. If you hate defense, this one was for you. CSU won and will probably appear in a bowl game. Their defense looked bad. Their offense looked great. That’s all well and good, but the story of the Rams is all about the best running back in college football, Kapri Bibbs. Check out some of these numbers. (Hint: They are absurd).

  • His 25 touchdowns is five (5!) more than anyone else in the country.
  • He has Six games with three or more touchdowns.
  • In the last seven weeks (not a small sample size) he has averaged 175 yards rushing and over 3 touchdowns.
  • With two games to play, he is 163 rushing yards shy of Colorado State’s all-time single season record. (So expect that record to get broken in the first quarter on Saturday.)
  • He’s also breaking every other rushing record in Colorado State history. There’s really no point in listing them all.
  • The last two weeks he has touchdown runs of 28, 59, 1, 85, 11, 27, 1, 7, 26 and 18 yards. In two weeks!
  • All ten of his touchdowns from the past two weeks have come in the games final 39 minutes and nine of them have come in the second half.
  • SportsCenter summed up the last two weeks nicely:


Bibbs is just a sophomore so he’s still got two years of eligibility remaining after this one. He is a joy to watch. Tough enough to run between the tackles in short yardage situations and elusive and fast enough to break 85-yard touchdowns. I’ve never seen anything like what he’s done the last two weeks. New Mexico and Nevada are certainly not the stoutest of defenses, but they’re not FCS cupcakes either.

Kapri Bibbs is the best running back in the country, and I don’t really care if I sacrifice some objectivity when I suggest we get his official Heisman campaign off and running.


Jack Dempsey/Associated Press

The Broncos beat the Chiefs. It wasn’t as close as I predicted, but it also wasn’t as close as the 27-17 final score indicated. The Game Of The Year was never much in doubt. The Broncos are a better team than the Chiefs. They were at home. They beat them soundly.

The Chiefs vaunted defense has one sack in the last three weeks, and I came away from watching them play the Broncos with a shoulder shrug. They didn’t give up a ton of points, but they weren’t particularly impressive or intimidating either.

The Broncos wanted to keep Peyton Manning from getting hit. They did just that. The offensive line played well, but a lot of it was Manning finding his receivers on quick, short passing routes and getting the ball out of his hands almost right away. I don’t think the Chiefs have the best defense in the league, but I think the Broncos can score plenty of points against whoever does.

There’s just too many playmakers on that offense.

The Broncos defense is underrated and coming along nicely. It helps to play the Chiefs, whose offense is just horrible. I mean, that offense sucks. The Chiefs will certainly make the playoffs, but it’s hard to imagine them making much noise when they’re there.

This was a big win for the Broncos in regards to hype and records and standings. But it wasn’t particularly dramatic.

And it really wasn’t much of a test.

This upcoming Sunday night and the following Sunday afternoon provide a much bigger tests, when the Broncos play the Patriots for the 25th year in a row, then travel to Arrowhead. The Broncos are opening as 2.5 point favorites in Foxborough and will probably be slightly favored in Arrowhead as well.

If they come out of this three-game stretch without dropping one, even I would be surprised.

The Auburn – Georgia game was just incredible. Auburn had a huge lead and was about to blow a big game, then this happened. (Yes, this is worth two videos and two GIFs. This is one of the most incredible plays I’ve ever seen.)

via @cjzero

via @cjzero

Here’s the video with the Auburn announcers:


Here’s the video with the Georgia announcers:


OHHHMYYYGAAAWD  was also the sentiment of several of the Georgia coaches:

via deadspin.com

That’s an all-time GIF right there.

Stud of the week: The San Francisco Bat Kid (and the city of San Francisco).

Non sports related, but this is such a cool story. I was never much of a super hero or comic book fan, even as a kid. But 5-year-old cancer patient Miles Scott is. The Make-A-Wish foundation’s request to turn him into Batman for a day went viral and the results will tug at your heart strings and restore your faith in humanity. The best and most comprehensive recap I found is right here. Check out these pictures of BatKid in action and an overhead shot of the crowd at the news conference in which he was awarded the key to the city. No 5-year-old should have to fight leukemia, but he’ll never forget that day. Awesome stuff.

via @sfwish

via @sfwish

via @JasonBretWells and ABC 7 news.

via @JasonBretWells and ABC 7 news.

Douche of the week: Erik Waldon. This is pretty self explanatory:


Ripping a dude’s helmet off then smashing your facemask into his unprotected grill? Super douchey. Also douchey is the ref that didn’t even eject this guy. And he was only suspended for one game, making Roger Godell a bit of a douche as well. So much is made of helmet-to-helmet contact, but we don’t hear as much about helmet-to-forehead contact. Lots of douche going around, but your douche of the week is Erik Waldon.

Tweet of the week:

preds tweet1

The Nashville Predators are not having a very good season. This tweet from their official account has since been deleted and I can not find a legitimate screenshot of it anywhere. Still pretty hilarious though.

What to watch the next seven days:

  • In college hooops #11 Memphis plays #7 Oklahoma State tonight on ESPN. It’s only November, but I enjoy games like this one.
  • The college football game of the week is Baylor – Oklahoma State. This one has national title implications and should be a shootout. Saturday night at 6 on ABC.
  • Back to basketball, Harvard is getting some love as an Ivy League team that could make some national noise. They play CU in Boulder on Sunday afternoon on ESPNU.
  • I know NBC and the NFL are struggling trying to promote this one, but the Broncos play the Patriots on Sunday Night. I think both teams have, like, good quarterbacks or something?

Not the right cop to mess with. Just a great shot of some moron getting lit up during the Oklahoma – Iowa State game. This cop is a freaking monster.

Andre Iguodala doesn’t need to high five rich nerds.

via @bubbaprog


A very effective free throw distraction:


This is a couple months old, but I just saw it and thought it was hilarious.


And finally, check out these ladies. This is what happens when a small school goes to the Final Four. A midnight tipoff will not deter these fans.


At the very, very end, you can see the reaction from anyone who has ever tried a Rockstar energy drink. UghhewwWhatTheHellIsThat?!


Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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5 thoughts on “Kapri Bibbs is a Monster and the Broncos Beat the Cheifs

  1. Jill Hahn

    love the Georgia coaches and the Iguoalda bits. On KEZW this morning, the morning host Rick Crandall and the traffic guy Johnathon somebody were babbling about sports they know nothing about and discussed how impressed they were by that CSU running back Chris Nwoke or something. Neither one knew Bibbs’s name even though they spent 90 seconds talking about him and totally got every one of his statistics wrong. Epic.


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