Your Weekly Roundup From the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 32nd edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where CSU is winning, the Broncos are losing, their fans are panicking, the World Series is starting, and some dude at College Gameday is my new hero. Off we go…

The Bronze Boot is coming home. (Andy Cross/Denver Post).

So I didn’t see that coming. A week after CSU played poorly and losing at home in front of a large crowd against a pretty bad team, they had to go on the road in front of a large crowd and play a good team. That week they were favored by 4 points. This week they were 7 point underdogs.

Then they went to Laramie and just dominated Wyoming for 60 minutes. They outplayed the ‘Pokes on offense, defense and special teams.

They were up 21-0 and 31-7 and 52-15.

This one had the feel of a monumental win that people will remember. Taking back the Bronze Boot for the first time in four years while completely dominating on the road could be the kind of win that fans look back on in a few years. Maybe this was the win that turned things around.

Then again, maybe not. Maybe Wyoming isn’t all that good after all. Maybe CSU goes and loses to a horrible Hawaii team this week. With the Colorado State football program, there’s not a whole lot of reasoning to support a mindset that things will be different from now on.

Either way, Saturday was a hell of a day for CSU fans, and provided reason to be optimistic, if only for a week. If they play well against Hawaii, the Boise State game the following week could draw a big crowd and be very interesting. (Particularly since BSU’s starting quarterback is out for the year, which is unfortunate.)

This team has a lot of talent and when they put everything together, they actually look pretty damn good. If (a very big “if”) they play like they did on Saturday for the remainder of the year, finishing 7-6 and earning a bowl appearance is not out of reach. After the San Jose State game, I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.

The Broncos lost and the 16-0 train has been derailed before it could pick up much steam. The Colts are good and that environment in Indi created a tough situation. Throw in a few costly turnovers and you got yourself a loss.

You generally can’t turn the ball over 3 times and expect to win on the road in THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!

The team I thought would go 16-0 is now in second place in the AFC West.

Looking at the big picture, I don’t think this loss is really a very bad thing. The Broncos should still win their division. I still think that will be accomplished fairly easily. The Broncos are still a very good football team. Probably the best in THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!

Games like Sunday are entertaining as hell and fun to watch and stress over and overreact to. But like I’ve been saying all year, for the 2013 Broncos, the real season starts in the playoffs.

And Broncos fans, go ahead and pretend this wasn’t the most amazing play of the night, but we all know it was.

via Bleacher Report

I have been waiting all week to share this video with you all. Ole Miss party girl is a star.


So many good quotes in there I don’t even know where to start. Just kidding, these two are the winners.

“I love school spirit, but let’s not get me wrong,  I wouldn’t have school spirit without, like, a couple vodka waters.”

“My favorite thing about Ole Miss is the education that I receive here. Psyche.”

The fact that the above video comes in a distant second place this week is remarkable. But this one is an instant first ballot TWM Hall of Famer.


That young man is living an incredible life. A life that should be the envy of all of us. In a few years he’ll have a boring job and he’ll be worrying about money and kids and his caloric intake. He’ll sit in a button-down shirt in an uncomfortable chair with a stiff back and think about the days when all he cared about was ripping his shirt off and pouring some kind of fluid all over his face and intentionally acting like a complete idiot in the background of a national TV show. Then he’ll get sad. Because we all grow up. And then we all get sad.

This catch.


The Fox broadcast informed me that’s more than a 40-yard dead sprint to get to that ball.

In the long run it didn’t matter since the Red Sox won the series on Shane Victorino’s grand slam in Game 6, leading to a a rematch of the 1946 World Series. And the 1967 World Series. And the 2004 World Series. Having that kind of history is pretty cool. It also makes me hope for rain or a strike or an epic electricity blackout or something.

Cardinals fans are the absolute worst. Except for Red Sox fans. Red Sox fans are the worst. No, Cardinals fans are.

Still, I’m excited for the Fall Classic and I’ll take the Cardinals in six. Keep an eye out for Allen Craig. The Cardinal’s MVP candidate has missed the whole postseason but should return for the World Series. I’ll say the Series MVP will be Carlos Beltran because he’s like the best Postseason performer of all-time. Seriously. His numbers are ridiculous.

In addition to all of the drama and grit and pageantry, let’s just hope the World Series features someone pulling a Prince Fielder.

via @corkgaines


I use GIFs a lot. The New York Times profiled one of the guys who makes these weird things yesterday.

And finally, where’d coach go?


Just two excited fat guys aimlessly lugging around a big Gatorade cooler. Awesome.


Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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  1. dad

    Other possible, and more likely scenario: Two years from now, his parents get a late night call informing them that their son, while working his job as a pizza delivery boy on the Clemson campus, had been arrested outside the all-girls dorm looking in a window with his pants down around his ankles. Mom to Dad: “Do you remember the day this all started?” Dad to Mom: Yes, Let me show you the video.”

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