Your Weekly Roundup From the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 31st edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where we might be in the midst of the best time of the year for sports. The dramatic MLB Postseason. The NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! is in full swing. So is college football across the country. The NHL is back. The NBA is returning soon. College basketball predictions are rolling in. And who can forget that epic WNBA Finals?

(I’ve decided from this moment forward I will only refer to the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! as the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! and never the NFL. I think it’s the only way to be taken seriously as a sports personality).

Speaking of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! a lot of people were sure disappointed in the way the Broncos played on Sunday. They were about 26.5 point favorites but were only up by two at the half. They only won by 16 points against the team that is considered to be the worst in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! To that I say, who cares. They won. They are 6-0. In the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!, a win is a win. And it really wasn’t particularly uncomfortable. (People who had the gall to boo at halftime are an embarrassment).

The Broncos defense did just fine against Jacksonville. Quit complaining. (AP Photo/ Joe Mahoney)

San Fransisco struggled at home against Arizona. Seattle struggled at home against Tennessee. Indianapolis lost last night in San Diego to a bad Chargers team.** You never know what’s going to happen in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!, and I’ll take 6-0 all day long.

The Broncos travel to Indianapolis on Sunday for a night game against Peyton’s old team. This one should be the first time the road to 16-0 is in serious jeopardy. Von Miller is back and I think Denver pulls it out if Von and Champ and Wesley Woodyard and Chris Harris and Robert Ayers are all back on defense.

**That San Diego win produced this GIF that I can’t stop laughing at. Phillip Rivers pumped.

Such a weirdo. (via @corkgaines)

Colorado State football continues to disappoint. Week after week, year after year, one disappointment after another. The Rams found themselves in yet another winnable game against a crap team, and for the third time this year, they found a way to lose, because that’s what they do.

CSU has a nasty habit of giving up enormous touchdown plays, which I’m told is not a good thing. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

I pegged Saturday’s game as a pivotal swing game in CSU’s season. Win, and your chances for keeping up with the pack in the Mountain West and getting a bowl bid are solid. Lose, and the season starts to look like another very long one.

They lost.

The San Jose State game represented yet another opportunity for the kind of nice win that helps build and strengthen a program.

Colorado State travels to Laramie for a game against Brett Smith and a better-than-I-expected Wyoming team. The Rams will be big underdogs and I have no reason to think they can come out of there with a win and the boot.

Changing the culture of a losing football program requires time and patience, but at some point it also requires wins.

All Jim McElwain and company are producing is more of the same.

Colorado isn’t close to turning around their program either. They weren’t competitive on the road against a good Arizona State team. Even Air Force sucks this year. They lost a heartbreaker to a bad San Diego State team.

College football in Colorado has been awful for years, but this might be the worst it has ever been.

Moving on, this is possibly the sports picture of the year. Just an incredible shot.

Torii Hunter took a tumble. A Boston cop was unconcerned at the moment. (Stan Grossfield/Boston Globe)

Here’s that scene in GIF form:

via @corkgaines

This of course brings me to the MLB Postseason, which I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned so far this year, since it is possibly my favorite sports tournament or event. I was hoping for a World Series with the Pirates vs. Athletics like all the other neutral fans. Instead we have a final four with all kinds of fresh blood and scrappy underdogs and low payrolls. Dodgers. Cardinals. Tigers. Red Sox. That is some refreshing stuff.

But those are the teams that earned it and the Postseason has been incredibly entertaining so far, in spite of the douche bag Red Sox fans and self-righteous Cardinals fans.

This was not a home run.

via @cjzero

This is really Yasiel Puig in a nutshell. He hot dogs it like an idiot, but he’s such a freak that it doesn’t matter because he still gets a damn triple.

Game Six of the 2003 NLCS was ten years ago last night. Yes, the infamous Steve Bartman game. That poor nerd’s life was ruined exactly a decade ago. As bizarre as that whole story was, I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if something that monumental happened today. Social media would have amplified the situation even further, which is hard to imagine. Good read here on how Bartman is still nowhere to be found.

The greatest strike three call ever was Instagrammed this week. Click here and laugh uncontrollably for hours.

Back in my day, I went with what I called the flare and punch:

Step One: The flare.  Quick swipe upward with your right hand (accented with an extended HIIIIIGGGGGHHHKKKEEEE).

Step Two: The punch.  In one motion, bring your hand down and rotate your shoulders so you are facing your right with your right arm extended and left arm tucked. Then quickly snap your arms opposite directions  (and a quick HEEE). If you’re looking for that little extra something, you can stand only on your left foot and lean back for the punch out part.

The key is to make sure those nine-year-olds do not want to strike out again.

I’m cautiously optimistic regarding the Avalenche’s hot start. Not convinced it’ll do much, but 5-0 is pretty awesome. It would be great if the Avs could give Denver something to root for over the winter and spring. This national column on Patrick Roy is more interesting than anything I can add.

This is clearly, certainly, most definitely, plainly worth watching:


Lane Kiffin getting burned:

via @bubbaprog

Even Tom Brady gets the shaft.

And finally, here is a 3-minute video of a bear playing tetherball, because honestly what else are you going to do the next three minutes that is more important than watching a bear play tetherball?


I honestly found that to be incredible.


Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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