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A Quick Roundup From the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 33rd edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where there’s just too much going on for me to handle. I was out of town all weekend. In fact, I got home from the airport at 2 a.m. Monday, then got up for work at 6. So this is going to be a bit half-assed post. Luckily there’s a lot of good stuff floating around this week. So get after it…

The Nugget’s season tips-off tomorrow night. I’m expecting some regression from last year’s exciting team that finished with their patented playoff flame-out. It will be interesting to watch a completely remolded team. I’m not alone in thinking Ty Lawson is the key to the whole year. Who knows what JaVale McGee is going to bring? Or Bryan’s Shaw’s coaching style? Lots of interesting storylines. Mark me down for about 48 wins and a playoff appearance.

If you’re not watching the Avs yet, you should probably get on the bandwagon and enjoy it now. They’re 10-1! They had the worst record in the Western Conference last year. It might not last long, so enjoy it while it’s here.

The Broncos won by 24 points on Sunday against a NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE team and most fans feel like they didn’t play very well. I think that means they’re pretty good.

The Colorado Buffaloes got killed again. This time at home to an Arizona team that I would describe as “decent”. They have one shot at getting a conference win, home to Cal in few weeks. Otherwise they’re looking at 0-9 in the Pac-12.

Colorado State almost choked away an easy win against a horrible Hawaii team. They held on and that meant winning back-to-back conference road games. Rams fans will take it. Boise State comes to FoCo on Saturday night. The Broncos aren’t nearly as good as we’re all accustomed to. I think CSU has a shot. But I’m also completely wrong about the Rams on a very regular basis.

The World Series has been crazy as hell. A walk-off obstruction call. A walk-off pick-off. I’ve heard lots of folks saying it’s bad for baseball’s image. I think it’s pretty darn cool. Check this out:


That’s the craziest baseball moment I’ve ever seen. That play by Pedrioa is unbelievable standing on its own. Jim Joyce nailed the call at third base. He was all over it:

via @bubbaprog

This video of three different calls of the pick-off the next night is also awesome.

Baseball is a great game. The Red Sox won last night in a very ordinary fashion. Not even a walk-off balk or umpire interference or anything! Anyway, they go back to Boston with a 3-2 lead and my prediction of Cards in six ain’t happening.

A quick reminder of why we love sports. Great moment here:


I posted the original, baseball version of this a few months ago. Very funny stuff.


Wowzas in me trousers!

Dez Bryant is nuts.



This is big news in Mitch’s world.


Gosh,  I hope that doesn’t suck. I’m cautiously optimistic after seeing that trailer.

This mad me laugh so hard the first ten times I watched it.


Standing alone, it’s pretty badass to be on a boat that reels in a giant fish that has a sword for a nose. Standing alone, it’s pretty badass to jump off the back of a moving boat. When you combine the two, it’s much less badass. I love this video.

Probably not the best strategy.


A great, great read is bouncing around Twitter and social media. A student journalist at Indiana wrote a brilliant piece on a Waffle House. Yes, read it.

And finally, it is Halloween week. Here’s a couple timely videos.


This one is worth watching just for the interaction at the 1:55 mark:



Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya in November.

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Your Weekly Roundup From the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 32nd edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where CSU is winning, the Broncos are losing, their fans are panicking, the World Series is starting, and some dude at College Gameday is my new hero. Off we go…

The Bronze Boot is coming home. (Andy Cross/Denver Post).

So I didn’t see that coming. A week after CSU played poorly and losing at home in front of a large crowd against a pretty bad team, they had to go on the road in front of a large crowd and play a good team. That week they were favored by 4 points. This week they were 7 point underdogs.

Then they went to Laramie and just dominated Wyoming for 60 minutes. They outplayed the ‘Pokes on offense, defense and special teams.

They were up 21-0 and 31-7 and 52-15.

This one had the feel of a monumental win that people will remember. Taking back the Bronze Boot for the first time in four years while completely dominating on the road could be the kind of win that fans look back on in a few years. Maybe this was the win that turned things around.

Then again, maybe not. Maybe Wyoming isn’t all that good after all. Maybe CSU goes and loses to a horrible Hawaii team this week. With the Colorado State football program, there’s not a whole lot of reasoning to support a mindset that things will be different from now on.

Either way, Saturday was a hell of a day for CSU fans, and provided reason to be optimistic, if only for a week. If they play well against Hawaii, the Boise State game the following week could draw a big crowd and be very interesting. (Particularly since BSU’s starting quarterback is out for the year, which is unfortunate.)

This team has a lot of talent and when they put everything together, they actually look pretty damn good. If (a very big “if”) they play like they did on Saturday for the remainder of the year, finishing 7-6 and earning a bowl appearance is not out of reach. After the San Jose State game, I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.

The Broncos lost and the 16-0 train has been derailed before it could pick up much steam. The Colts are good and that environment in Indi created a tough situation. Throw in a few costly turnovers and you got yourself a loss.

You generally can’t turn the ball over 3 times and expect to win on the road in THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!

The team I thought would go 16-0 is now in second place in the AFC West.

Looking at the big picture, I don’t think this loss is really a very bad thing. The Broncos should still win their division. I still think that will be accomplished fairly easily. The Broncos are still a very good football team. Probably the best in THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!

Games like Sunday are entertaining as hell and fun to watch and stress over and overreact to. But like I’ve been saying all year, for the 2013 Broncos, the real season starts in the playoffs.

And Broncos fans, go ahead and pretend this wasn’t the most amazing play of the night, but we all know it was.

via Bleacher Report

I have been waiting all week to share this video with you all. Ole Miss party girl is a star.


So many good quotes in there I don’t even know where to start. Just kidding, these two are the winners.

“I love school spirit, but let’s not get me wrong,  I wouldn’t have school spirit without, like, a couple vodka waters.”

“My favorite thing about Ole Miss is the education that I receive here. Psyche.”

The fact that the above video comes in a distant second place this week is remarkable. But this one is an instant first ballot TWM Hall of Famer.


That young man is living an incredible life. A life that should be the envy of all of us. In a few years he’ll have a boring job and he’ll be worrying about money and kids and his caloric intake. He’ll sit in a button-down shirt in an uncomfortable chair with a stiff back and think about the days when all he cared about was ripping his shirt off and pouring some kind of fluid all over his face and intentionally acting like a complete idiot in the background of a national TV show. Then he’ll get sad. Because we all grow up. And then we all get sad.

This catch.


The Fox broadcast informed me that’s more than a 40-yard dead sprint to get to that ball.

In the long run it didn’t matter since the Red Sox won the series on Shane Victorino’s grand slam in Game 6, leading to a a rematch of the 1946 World Series. And the 1967 World Series. And the 2004 World Series. Having that kind of history is pretty cool. It also makes me hope for rain or a strike or an epic electricity blackout or something.

Cardinals fans are the absolute worst. Except for Red Sox fans. Red Sox fans are the worst. No, Cardinals fans are.

Still, I’m excited for the Fall Classic and I’ll take the Cardinals in six. Keep an eye out for Allen Craig. The Cardinal’s MVP candidate has missed the whole postseason but should return for the World Series. I’ll say the Series MVP will be Carlos Beltran because he’s like the best Postseason performer of all-time. Seriously. His numbers are ridiculous.

In addition to all of the drama and grit and pageantry, let’s just hope the World Series features someone pulling a Prince Fielder.

via @corkgaines


I use GIFs a lot. The New York Times profiled one of the guys who makes these weird things yesterday.

And finally, where’d coach go?


Just two excited fat guys aimlessly lugging around a big Gatorade cooler. Awesome.


Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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Your Weekly Roundup From the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 31st edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where we might be in the midst of the best time of the year for sports. The dramatic MLB Postseason. The NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! is in full swing. So is college football across the country. The NHL is back. The NBA is returning soon. College basketball predictions are rolling in. And who can forget that epic WNBA Finals?

(I’ve decided from this moment forward I will only refer to the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! as the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! and never the NFL. I think it’s the only way to be taken seriously as a sports personality).

Speaking of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! a lot of people were sure disappointed in the way the Broncos played on Sunday. They were about 26.5 point favorites but were only up by two at the half. They only won by 16 points against the team that is considered to be the worst in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! To that I say, who cares. They won. They are 6-0. In the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!, a win is a win. And it really wasn’t particularly uncomfortable. (People who had the gall to boo at halftime are an embarrassment).

The Broncos defense did just fine against Jacksonville. Quit complaining. (AP Photo/ Joe Mahoney)

San Fransisco struggled at home against Arizona. Seattle struggled at home against Tennessee. Indianapolis lost last night in San Diego to a bad Chargers team.** You never know what’s going to happen in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!, and I’ll take 6-0 all day long.

The Broncos travel to Indianapolis on Sunday for a night game against Peyton’s old team. This one should be the first time the road to 16-0 is in serious jeopardy. Von Miller is back and I think Denver pulls it out if Von and Champ and Wesley Woodyard and Chris Harris and Robert Ayers are all back on defense.

**That San Diego win produced this GIF that I can’t stop laughing at. Phillip Rivers pumped.

Such a weirdo. (via @corkgaines)

Colorado State football continues to disappoint. Week after week, year after year, one disappointment after another. The Rams found themselves in yet another winnable game against a crap team, and for the third time this year, they found a way to lose, because that’s what they do.

CSU has a nasty habit of giving up enormous touchdown plays, which I’m told is not a good thing. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

I pegged Saturday’s game as a pivotal swing game in CSU’s season. Win, and your chances for keeping up with the pack in the Mountain West and getting a bowl bid are solid. Lose, and the season starts to look like another very long one.

They lost.

The San Jose State game represented yet another opportunity for the kind of nice win that helps build and strengthen a program.

Colorado State travels to Laramie for a game against Brett Smith and a better-than-I-expected Wyoming team. The Rams will be big underdogs and I have no reason to think they can come out of there with a win and the boot.

Changing the culture of a losing football program requires time and patience, but at some point it also requires wins.

All Jim McElwain and company are producing is more of the same.

Colorado isn’t close to turning around their program either. They weren’t competitive on the road against a good Arizona State team. Even Air Force sucks this year. They lost a heartbreaker to a bad San Diego State team.

College football in Colorado has been awful for years, but this might be the worst it has ever been.

Moving on, this is possibly the sports picture of the year. Just an incredible shot.

Torii Hunter took a tumble. A Boston cop was unconcerned at the moment. (Stan Grossfield/Boston Globe)

Here’s that scene in GIF form:

via @corkgaines

This of course brings me to the MLB Postseason, which I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned so far this year, since it is possibly my favorite sports tournament or event. I was hoping for a World Series with the Pirates vs. Athletics like all the other neutral fans. Instead we have a final four with all kinds of fresh blood and scrappy underdogs and low payrolls. Dodgers. Cardinals. Tigers. Red Sox. That is some refreshing stuff.

But those are the teams that earned it and the Postseason has been incredibly entertaining so far, in spite of the douche bag Red Sox fans and self-righteous Cardinals fans.

This was not a home run.

via @cjzero

This is really Yasiel Puig in a nutshell. He hot dogs it like an idiot, but he’s such a freak that it doesn’t matter because he still gets a damn triple.

Game Six of the 2003 NLCS was ten years ago last night. Yes, the infamous Steve Bartman game. That poor nerd’s life was ruined exactly a decade ago. As bizarre as that whole story was, I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if something that monumental happened today. Social media would have amplified the situation even further, which is hard to imagine. Good read here on how Bartman is still nowhere to be found.

The greatest strike three call ever was Instagrammed this week. Click here and laugh uncontrollably for hours.

Back in my day, I went with what I called the flare and punch:

Step One: The flare.  Quick swipe upward with your right hand (accented with an extended HIIIIIGGGGGHHHKKKEEEE).

Step Two: The punch.  In one motion, bring your hand down and rotate your shoulders so you are facing your right with your right arm extended and left arm tucked. Then quickly snap your arms opposite directions  (and a quick HEEE). If you’re looking for that little extra something, you can stand only on your left foot and lean back for the punch out part.

The key is to make sure those nine-year-olds do not want to strike out again.

I’m cautiously optimistic regarding the Avalenche’s hot start. Not convinced it’ll do much, but 5-0 is pretty awesome. It would be great if the Avs could give Denver something to root for over the winter and spring. This national column on Patrick Roy is more interesting than anything I can add.

This is clearly, certainly, most definitely, plainly worth watching:


Lane Kiffin getting burned:

via @bubbaprog

Even Tom Brady gets the shaft.

And finally, here is a 3-minute video of a bear playing tetherball, because honestly what else are you going to do the next three minutes that is more important than watching a bear play tetherball?


I honestly found that to be incredible.


Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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Breaking Down the Broncos Chances of Going 16-0

(Getty Images/ Ronald Martinez).

Welcome to the 30th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where I had plans for a big, long, large post. Then I popped my shoulder out of its socket Monday night, which I learned is a very painful experience. Long story short I’m on my third large glass of whiskey and am typing this with one hand. So forgive me if this post becomes a little more brief than I had initially planned. Let’s get to it…

Did you guys watch that football game on Sunday? The one with Broncos and the Cowboys? That was a really good game. It was exciting and a lot of points were scored. Did you guys notice all the points that were scored and stuff?

Listen, the Broncos defense sure looked terrible, but that wasn’t really the Broncos defense. No Von Miller. No Champ Bailey. Then no Wesley Woodyard. Those are undoubtedly their three best defensive players. Then Chris Harris went down. Then Robert Ayers went down. That’s five defensive starters. That’s like half the damn unit. So the defense is bit of a concern, but not really. Of course that is assuming all those guys come back, which they should.

The offense, on the other hand, continues to be just stupid.

If you don’t feel like reading, just watch this for the next ten minutes and call it good.


Let’s talk 16-0 shall we? Last week I “called my shot” (pretty lame, I know). I still don’t see the Broncos losing in the regular season if they can stay as healthy as they are, which really isn’t very healthy. 5 down. 11 to go.

Breaking it down:

Week 6: Jacksonville. Chances of winning: 99.99%

Moving on.

Week 7: at Indianopolis. Chance of victory: 60%

Night game. Peyton’s return. The crowd will be all jacked and there will be all kinds of emotions and all that stuff. Also the Colts are pretty good. This one is definitely a concern. I think the Broncos will be about 2 or 3 point favorites. Big news is Von is back and Champ will also be back. (I think.)

Week 8: Washington. Chance of victory: 90%

Home game. Redskins suck. Bob Griffin is like 50 years old.

Week 9: Bye. Chance of losing: 0%.

Book it.

Week 10: at San Diego. Chance of victory: 80%

The Chargers just aren’t very good. That is sure fun to say. This will become a theme over the course of this exercise. Even on the road, Denver wins comfortably.

Week 11: Kansas City. Chance of victory: 75%

I have a vision. The Broncos and Chiefs are both 10-0. The game of the year rolls into Denver. All eyes are on Mile High. The Broncos beat the hell out of a completely overmatched Chiefs team. Kansas City is much improved (currently 5-0), but Alex Smith ain’t beating Peyton Manning in Denver.

Week 12: at New England. Chance of victory: 51%

Blah blah blah Manning Brady Foxboro Cold Weather Belichick Receivers Gronkowski Night Game Playoffs

The Patriots aren’t the same team this year, but this game will be a toss up. Is this the 17th year in a row the Broncos and Patriots are playing each other? I’m over it. Broncos should be slight favorites on the road.

Week 13: at Kansas City. Chance of victory: 65%

This will be a tough one, but I’m really just not buying the Chiefs. They might be a wildcard team, but they’re not in the Broncos’ class. Arrowhead is a tough place to win, but you know, Alex Smith vs Peyton Manning.

Week 14: Tennessee. Chance of victory: 90%

Manning watches the fourth quarter in a visor.

Week 15: San Diego. Chance of victory: 85%

Don’t have much analysis. Chargers aren’t very good. (Still fun to say.)

Week 16: at Houston. Chance of victory: 65%

The Texans are supposed to be good. They’re not. The Broncos will get Houston’s best shot and the Texans could be fighting for a wild card berth. But they don’t have a quarterback and the Broncos have Peyton Manning.

Week 17: at Oakland. Chance of victory: 60

All of the Broncos backups might become the starters, as the 1-seed and home field advantage will already be secured (Yippee). Hard to call it so far in advance, but something tells me this group just doesn’t want to lose. The Raiders are just another crap team on the schedule.

Bottom line in most of these games is the other team isn’t very good. In all of these games, the Broncos have Peyton Manning and the other team does not. The way things are going, that can’t really be understated.

Now remember, as fun as all of this stuff is, if the Broncos go 16-0, who really cares? As I said last week, if they go 16-0, they better go 19-0 or this is all a pointless waste of time just like last year.

That picture up top is from a really cool gallery I found on Deadspin of a crazy sunset producing some really cool pictures. If you like photography or sports you will like this.


This is more funny than most news bloopers:


I never did this while I was in college. Shame.


Nooooooooo! (jump to the 45 second mark)


And finally, if you are playing in a recreational, co-ed, slow pitch softball league, don’t try to go first-to-third on a groundout to the shortstop if you’re up by 10 runs. Especially if the lady playing third base is just going to be kind of standing in your way as you barrel down on her at 100 mph.  If all of that is happening, feel free to blow her up because trying some sort of jump maneuver to avoid contact is just not worth ripping your shoulder out of the littlle whole where your shoulder is supposed to stay.

I’m really not “softball guy.” I’m really not. Either way, today I learned an indelible lesson about growing up. Sometimes, the realization that your body isn’t 19 anymore just slaps you in the face. Or shoulder.

Hey I guess this post wasn’t all that short after all!

Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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Thoughts on Helton’s Last Week; Other Stuff.

A moment none of us will soon forget. (AAron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post)

Welcome to the 29th edition of Tuesdays With Mitch, where I have to recap the end of Todd Helton’s career. Then I’ll change the subject for a while. Promise. Also, thanks to everybody for reading and sharing last week’s post. It received by far the most views of anything I’ve posted. I also received more positive feedback in various forms than ever before. So thanks y’all. Off we go…

Wednesday night was the most awesome 15-5 loss in the history of 15-5 losses. It certainly wasn’t perfect, but it was special nonetheless. I loved the giant 17 mowed into the outfield grass and the two purple 17’s along the baselines. The pregame ceremonies were lengthy, but the pomp was necessary and appropriate.

Todd got a horse. Lots of people found that to be a little weird and awkward. I thought it was fine. Definitely unconventional and unexpected, but it was cool with me.

One of the best moments of the night was when the Rockies took the field in the first inning. After already receiving a few standing ovations in the pregame ceremonies, Todd led the Rox out to the field, only his teammates didn’t follow him. It looked to me like Todd was surprised his teammates stayed along the dugout. Anyway, the result was Todd standing on first base alone on the Coors Field diamond waving to the crowd for a good minute or so before the Rockies took the field alongside him.

Then came Todd’s first at bat. Quite obviously, this was the moment of the night.


Just goosebumps. I was lucky enough to be there, and you can put that near the very top of all-time Todd Helton moments.

Jake Peavy probably grooved one for him, but that doesn’t make the moment any less cool. Not even a little bit. In fact, it kind of makes it cooler. I love the “baseball code” and the subtle understandings among players.

After a sacrifice fly, Todd almost hit one out to the opposite field. A double is fitting, going the other way is fitting, but this play is all about the balls-to-the-wall head first slide.


Great stuff right there.

One of the coolest things from Wednesday night was the video tributes between innings. My favorites came from Clint Hurdle and Peyton Manning, two great talkers who know and care about Todd on a personal level. The whole compilation can be found here. It’s worth your time, even if you saw them at the game.

Here’s a great gallery from the Rockies of the special night.

Here’s another one.

Another great, great moment came on Sunday. Before Todd’s 2,247th and final game, Dodgers legendary (LEGENDARY) broadcaster, Vin Scully read a wonderfully written, and perfectly spoken tribute to Todd. I thought it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, but I’m biased because I love both Helton and Scully. Watch it here. It was followed by nice standing ovation from the Los Angeles crowd.

Anyway, as of Sunday evening, Todd Helton’s career is over. I won’t get too sentimental on ya after last week, but that just feels weird.

Here’s to you, 17. Thanks for everything.

Moving, on, here’s a screen shot from my Rockies preview post in April:

rox ping


They finished 74-88. I’m obviously clueless.

While we’re on the topic of predictions and tooting my own horn, here’s another screenshot. This one from July 30th:

dodgers win prediction


The Dodgers were leading the division by 3.5 games at the time. They won the division by 11 games. Sometimes I wonder if I actually know what I’m talking about.

Also, The epic game-163 with the famous Matt Holliday slide was six years ago today. Crazy. I half-assed this post on that topic a year ago. Cool fan video here from six freaking years ago today:


Thooooooooose were the days.

The Broncos are just crazy good. Like silly good. Like watching-their-games-is-actually-kind-of-boring-because-they’re-going-to-win-all-of-them-by-thirty-points good.

Calling my shot: The Broncos will finish the regular season 16-0. What’s remarkable though, is that this would be the least exciting and most unremarkable 16-0 ever. None of these games matter. If they go 16-0, they better go 19-0. Or it’s all a waste of time.

Anyway, I just can’t believe how dominant they have been without their two best defensive players. Peyton Manning is a robot/alien freak with an array of weapons that just does not seem fair.

And if they stay healthy, they’ll only get better. How is that even possible?

Colorado State earned a 59-42 win over UTEP in a bit of a shootout. UTEP sucks, so this wasn’t all that impressive. Rams fans will take it. True freshman Rashard Higgins had 156 yards receiving and two touchdowns. He looks like a stud. The Rams were featured on Deadspin for this sweet fake field goal TD. CSU gets a bye week before hosting San Jose State for homecoming in a game they might actually be favored in. I look at this one as a huge swing game for CSU.

Colorado opened Pac-12 play against a decent Oregon State team and couldn’t compete in a 17-44 drubbing. The Buffs had a three-week layoff and they opened conference play on the road, so this was a tough situation. Still, if things are going to turn around in Boulder, these are the kind of games CU needs to start winning competing in. Four of the next five are against ranked teams. Three are on the road. #2 Oregon comes to town on Saturday. It’s too early for me to find any online gambling spreads, but I’m guessing it’ll be about 50. But Hey! They’re in the Pac-12! Isn’t that prestegious?!


Hey Braxton good game budd– my neck really itches.


Remember this guy?


We’ve seen some dramatic Giambi home runs in playoff races around these parts. Interesting note, Ubaldo Jimenez started that game and went 6.2 innings and gave up 1 run. Giambi finished it. (I also found the Rockies managerial job reference pretty interesting in that video.)

Oh and if you’re wondering, Ubaldo Jimenez’s ERA since July 28: 1.72. With 94 strikeouts and 1 HR allowed in 78 1/3 innings, according to @Buster_ESPN. If anybody could give me a quick update on Drew Pomeranz and Walter White I mean Alex White, I’d love to hear it. The Rockies lost the hell out of that trade.

Just sitting in the rain enjoying some popcorn by myself.

via @guysim


Drunk? Bored? Hungry? Disappointed in his Cougars? Going through an awful divorce? Definitely all of the above.

Fat guys falling down in the rain is always funny.


Smooth, Brett.

And finally, Here’s some more quality light night TV social media comedy stuff:


Happy Tuesday everybody. Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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