Your Weekly Roundup From the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 18th Tuesdays With Mitch, during the slowest sports week of the year. We had the Home Run Derby last night. The All-Star game tonight. The ESPY’s are worth watching tomorrow night. Nothing on Thursday. Baseball comes back for real on Friday. Aside from that we have the WNBA and DUIs.

The Broncos front office is not responsible.  Surely you’ve heard the news of Matt Russell and Tom Heckert getting busted for DUIs, in just another bizarre NFL offseason story. It’s a really, really strange story for two people in the organization– not players, coaches, owners or GMs, but both high level front office assistants– to get busted for this at almost the same time.

They were suspended yesterday. It’s a an unprecedented situation, but I think the Broncos had to discipline these guys pretty severely, if only because of the public relations implications. The Broncos are not a normal company. They are a global franchise that competes in the NFL, where every move is very, very public.

Pat Bowlen and John Elway can not afford to have the image of  their front office looking like an episode of Mad Men.

This story just reinforces my Wake-Me-Up-In-September mantra on the NFL offseason.

The Rockies rebounded from their disaster of a weekend in Arizona to finish their 10-game NL West road trip 4-6, which is fine after starting 0-3 and looking very, very shaky.

It’s the All-Star break. The Rockies have played 96 games. They have 66 to go. They are 46-50. They are four games under .500. They are in third place. They are 4.5 games out of first place. They are 2 games out of second place. Neither wildcard position appears to be an option.

All of that means that, believe it or not, the Rockies are still in the mix of the NL West race. Of course this is because the division has been atrocious, but Rockies fans should be kinda stoked at their position at the break. This is a team that many people expected to lose 100 games. Those people were pretty stupid, but still.

Cargo, Cuddyer and Tulo (when healthy) are having excellent years. De La Rosa, Chacin and Chatwood are having very good years. Brothers and Betancourt are having very good years. Beyond that, it’s pretty ugly.

The Rockies may be the most top-heavy team in baseball this year, which is good and bad. They need greater contributions from their role players, but their studs are capable of beating teams by themselves.

At the very least, the Rockies current position gives fans some more time to care about the local nine. How long they are relevant remains to be seen, but it’s not outrageous to think they’ll be in the hunt as October draws near.

The best sports/comedy video in a long time came from Jimmy Fallon getting Matt Harvey to ask New Yorkers about Matt Harvey.

Pretty great stuff there.

Three great GIFs from the Home Run Derby last night:

Yoenis Cespedes had the most ridiculous/awesome bat flip ever after his winning bomb.

Cespedes for the RestOfUs!” This also gives me an excuse to link to my post about Helton’s swag flip.

It wouldn’t be a New York without a fight breaking out in the stands.

This got me thinking… Is there an MLB sanctioned event that  you would want to get more drunk for than the Home Run Derby? You’re going to want to pay attention in playoff games because of the sheer importance. All-Star games are worth remembering because of the pagaentry and the uniqueness. Meaningless games are too boring to want to really go hard.

Spring Training is probably up there, but you don’t want to embarrass yourself in such a casual, family atmosphere. I feel like if I was at the silly, pointless Home Run Derby I would be ready to rage. Why not? It’s entertaining. It looks like a blast. It kind of tries to highlight your home city. It’s completely pointless. I’m thinking the Derby is pretty good excuse to get three sheets to the wind.

One of the only other things that can make me drink to the extent of attending the Home Run Derby might be staying home listening to Chris Berman call the Home Run Derby on ESPN by constantly yelling, “BackBackBackBackBackBackBackBackBackBackBackBackBackBack” for just about every one of the 14,000 home runs that were hit last night.

This potentially unintentional videobomb will give you the heebie-jeebies.

Creepy young Yankees fan

via @SBnationGIF.

See you in my nightmares creepy young Yankees fan.

Jonathan Paplebon blew a save, then turned into a statue. I love, love, love this gif:

Pap Statue

via @cjzero

Credit to ESPN for the blink counter, but he’s not moving a muscle for over 12 seconds! That’s remarkable. Major league baseball players are so skilled!

Tim Lincecum threw 148 pitches and a no-hitter, but his reaction to the home-plate ump taking a baseball to the wiener stole the show for me.

(GIF via @gidget)

That reminds me of the ol’ “collar-pull” gag from the Simpsons.

John Elway is getting credit for being a pretty damn good GM.

The CU football program is just a mess.

So is the athletic department.

And finally, I just can’t stop laughing at this lady. And watching her again. And I just can not stop.

She really hurls that flip flop.

Happy Tuesday everybody. Enjoy the All-Star Game tonight; see ya next week.

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1 thought on “Your Weekly Roundup From the Sports World and Internet

  1. Dad

    The Harvey thing is great. Watched 90% of the Home Run Derby with the sound off so as to not have to listen to Berman. He was so good 25 years ago, but he is now so over. Hello, ESPN? And what was that thing they brought out and interviewed with open collar, long greasy receding hairline? Piazza? Go away!


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