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Your Weekly Roundup From the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 20th Tuesdays With Mitch, where I can’t think of a clever and timely opening line. Off we go.

The Rockies are done. (Photo courtesy Denver Post  Aaron Ontiveroz)

I’ve written off The Rockies. Coming out of the All-Star break they had a 10-game homestand against three of the worst teams in the National League. They were 4 games under .500 at the time. By my estimation they had to go 8-2 to get back in the NL West mix. 7-3 would work. 6-4 wouldn’t be enough. They ended up going 5-5 on the stand and went 1-3 against the freaking Marlins.

So that’s that. RIP Rockies’ 2013. Couldn’t quite remain relevant into August.

What’s strange though, is that the Rockies, particularly of late, have gotten really good starting pitching. They just haven’t been able to hit. Too many players have shown regression or been too inconsistent. Fowler, Arenado, LeMahieu and Helton have all been inconsistent. Rutledge, Pacheco and Colvin were just bad.

Anyway, as of today the Rockies are 5 games under .500 and 6.5 out of first place. After their 13-4 start, they’re 38-52, which isn’t very good. For them to make the playoffs, they would have to get really hot and win a whole bunch more games than they lose. I have seen zero evidence that this is possible. And it looks like Dodgers might just run away with the West anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if they won the division by 10 games.

So now we in Denver are to turn our eyes to the local football squad. I haven’t heard much about them over the course of the summer.

I’m a Denver native and lifer, so I wouldn’t know, but is there another city in America that has the four major professional teams and two major colleges where the sports media focuses so intently on one team?

I remember a day in May when the Rockies were doing well and the Nuggets were in the playoffs when all four sports talk stations were simultaneously talking about the Denver Broncos even though they weren’t scheduled to play a regular season game for about six months.

I find that so strange. I get that the NFL is king and Denver has always been a “Bronco-Town” but sometimes it’s like the media doesn’t realize there are things going on too.

Anyway, the Broncos don’t have a center anymore as their nightmare of an offseason rolls along at full steam.

In April I mentioned that I think it’s awesome when official Twitter accounts show some personality instead of functining as an extended arm of lame and boring PR departments. For example, the Rockies Twitter account tweets out the day’s lineup, official roster moves and links to game wrap-ups on the team’s site. That’s pretty much it. Once in a while they interact with fans with riveting gems like this:

rox tweet

That’s fascinating stuff.  Anyway last night we all were treated to Twitter at its finest. The Rays beat the Red Sox in Boston (with help from a blown call) to take sole possession of first place in the AL East. It was an intense game with a lot on the line. Afterwards, the official Rays Twitter account talked a little junk.

Rays tweet

This is about as solid a burn as I can remember seeing from any official account of any kind. A strong jab that you know stung millions of Red Sox fans. Not unlike something a Rays fan might say to a Red Sox fan in person. Thumbs up to whoever is running the Rays account and whoever approved that tweet.

But wait.

The Red Sox had a response.

sox tweets


Just about 100 percent of the time, the Rays tweet would elicit responses only from idiot fans. Instead the Red Sox took the route of coming back with a haymaker and kick to the nuts all at the same time. This tweet starts like any other boring PR tweet. Then you’re like, Wait… *our* home games? In Tampa? At your stadium? Oh, because there’s always more Red Sox fans at those than Rays fans! I get it! Ouch. Damn. That was cold blooded.

Just imagine if Twitter was like this all time. That would be glorious.

David Ortiz doesn’t understand why the dugout can’t just text the bullpen.

(via @theScore)

This is about as good as it gets:


This is not how you are supposed to run the bases.

(via CBS Sports)

I don’t know why, but I really want one of these.


Can we please get this to Coors Field ASAP?


The best thing you’ll read this summer will be Wright Thompson’s profile of Johnny Manziel. “News” of Johnny Football has been forced down our throats all summer and somebody needed to wrap the whole thing up with a long, comprehensive piece. Wright Thompson is about as good as they come and he nailed it. All the complexities of a fascinating situation regarding his family and the changing nature of fame make for a great read. It’s long, but if you can appreciate good reporting, writing, and storytelling, it’s worth your time.

On a related note, one of the best things about Twitter is watching professionals in the media  interact with one another when interesting work is published. It’s pretty cool to watch, and all the sports media people I follow sure do seem to respect and admire Wright Thompson and his work on this story.

Aside from that one, the best thing you’ll read (with accompanying video) this week is this touching tear-jerker about a really, really good dude who happens to play college football.

I would walk right by this guy too.


And finally, here’s more proof that my sense of humor is on par with most 12-year-olds.


Happy Tuesday everybody. See ya next week.

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My Thoughts on Von Miller and Everything Else From the Past Week

Welcome to the 19th Tuesdays With Mitch, where it’s supposed to be a slow time of the year for sports but there is sure a lot going on. Optional background music for this blog in honor of Von “rolling” or “tripping” or whatever on something called “Molly”, which I was surprised to learn is not spelled “Mali”, can be found here. Let’s go!

Von Miller did something stupid. AP Photo

So Von Miller got busted for smoking grass and reportedly taking Molly. (I say taking because I don’t know how one consumes Molly. Do you just eat it?) Anyway if you play in the NFL you’re not allowed to do those things, and I think Von Miller probably knew that. He did it anyway, and that was really, really stupid.

By all accounts Von Miller is a really good dude. He’s always said and done the classy thing. His Twitter account (more on that in a moment) is generally not filled with the illiterate jibberish you see from so many young athletes. Doing these drugs doesn’t make him a bad dude. It does make him irresponsible and reckless and immature and stupid. It was harmful to his reputation and his teammates and his fans and the organization as a whole.

From a football standpoint, this is bad, but not horrible. Miller is probably the best defensive player in the league and not having him for a quarter of the season means the Broncos may lose a game or two they would have won had Miller played. But really, the Broncos should still win the AFC West and if they do, the regular season doesn’t matter a whole lot.

The Broncos are a Super Bowl favorite and their real season starts in the playoffs. Having homefield advantage and the bye week didn’t matter last year for the Broncos or the team that won the Super Bowl.

Miller is denying everything, which isn’t the best way to go.

Miller tweet

I have a lot of thoughts about that tweet/statement. First, why did his handlers let him write this himself. If you’re using Twitter as the avenue to… you know, DENY ILLEGAL DRUG USAGE, maybe put some professionalism behind it. Generally in these situations people will break a statement up into one or two tweets that actually spell out the words “about” and “suspension” and “will” and “disappointed” and “to” so it doesn’t read like a text message from a 17 year old girl. (I’m glad he used an apostrophe in “I’m” and ended with a period though.) I’m all about Twitter and insist on people embracing it, but in this situation it would have been better to just issue a statement like this was 2010.

Now regarding what was actually said in that tweet…  Deny til you die! Really? Who told him this was a good route? I guess he had to do it since the case is in the appeals process, but this is always, always, always a bad look. We would all be much more forgiving if you said something along the lines of, “I made a mistake. I apologize to all of my fans and the Broncos organization. I understand the severity of my actions and am very saddened by what I have done.  I hope to put this behind me and rejoin the Broncos as soon as possible and go win a Super Bowl this season.”

How hard was that? That literally took me about 90 seconds, which is sadly probably nine times longer that it took Miller to send that tweet.

Anyway, I don’t like the denial route because now Miller is not just an irresponsible and reckless and immature and stupid drug user. He’s also a liar.

Own it. Apologize. Put it behind you. America will forgive you. Your fans will forgive you. Don’t lie to everybody, bro. That doesn’t help things.

The Broncos are having a nightmare of an offseason and now the whole organization looks like a bunch of drugged out alcoholics. For John Elway, football games can’t come fast enough.

Speaking of liars and denials and getting suspended. Let’s talk about Lyin’ Ryan Roidin’ Braun. From February 2012:

He is spitting fire there. He is not passive or regretful or remorseful. He just comes out guns blazing.

There’s also these yet-to-be-deleted gems. The account isn’t officially verified but it appears to actually be Ryan Braun. (It may have never gotten verified because he has only sent out 5 tweets.) Anyway:

braun tweet1 braun2 braun3

Ummm….  What a piece of garbage.

This is a complex story but to me the most fascinating aspect is the way Braun carried himself during his last run in with getting caught cheating. He won an appeals process on a technicality and then got a little too full of vinegar. He attacked people’s character and played the, “I told you! You should all feel terrible for doubting me! How could you?!” card. He was lying and roiding the entire time.

I said doing drugs doesn’t make Von Miller a bad person. All of this stuff definitely makes Ryan Braun a bad person.

From a baseball standpoint, this is encouraging. The cheaters may always be one step ahead of the enforcers, but the culture in the MLB regarding steroids is changing. Players are no longer looking the other way regarding this stuff. They want the cheaters to get caught and are speaking out against PEDs, which is a very good thing.

More suspensions from the Biogenesis case are coming and Alex Rodriguez is about to get hammered. So that’ll be fun for everybody.

Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus make up the left side of the infield for the Texas Rangers. They have a very interesting rapport, summed up perfectly in this video:


This is one of the stranger GIFs you will ever see:

via / @bubbaprog

What in the hell is happening at that baseball game? What in the hell.

This kid reminds me of a young me.

But seriously I was pretty slick with the glove between ages 4 and 12. Not sure what happened after that.

Someday. Someday…


This will be me.

When I was four years old I could recite Dikembe Mutombo’s full name. (Still can, Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo and yes I had to look up the spelling). Apparently the guy just really resonates with young children:


This would suck:


It also gives me an excuse to link to this HOF GIF from April.

The dude pitching against the Rockies tonight has one hell of a story that you should read.

And finally, what would you do if your dog Toaster was being attacked by a raccoon? For your dog Toaster’s sake, I hope you would do this:

That has 5.4 million views in three days and I understand why. I think about 100 of them are from me. No hesitation, shirtless, two hands, over the head, sending that maniacal rodent with ill intentions head over heels about ten yards and down a stairwell with his evil glowing eyes looking back at you with each rotation. Maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

Now all I can think about is it what it would be like to throw a live raccoon as far as I can. Would I take a running start? Would I shuffle step and go across my body like I’m dumping a heavy bucket of water on an unsuspecting friend? Perhaps I would try a one-armed fling to the side or back. Maybe I could perfect one of those soccer inbounds plays when they do a little flip. Should I spin around like an Olympian in the shot put? I bet I could throw an adult male raccoon over them mountains if I really wanted to.

Happy Tuesday everybody. See ya next week.

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Your Weekly Roundup From the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 18th Tuesdays With Mitch, during the slowest sports week of the year. We had the Home Run Derby last night. The All-Star game tonight. The ESPY’s are worth watching tomorrow night. Nothing on Thursday. Baseball comes back for real on Friday. Aside from that we have the WNBA and DUIs.

The Broncos front office is not responsible.  Surely you’ve heard the news of Matt Russell and Tom Heckert getting busted for DUIs, in just another bizarre NFL offseason story. It’s a really, really strange story for two people in the organization– not players, coaches, owners or GMs, but both high level front office assistants– to get busted for this at almost the same time.

They were suspended yesterday. It’s a an unprecedented situation, but I think the Broncos had to discipline these guys pretty severely, if only because of the public relations implications. The Broncos are not a normal company. They are a global franchise that competes in the NFL, where every move is very, very public.

Pat Bowlen and John Elway can not afford to have the image of  their front office looking like an episode of Mad Men.

This story just reinforces my Wake-Me-Up-In-September mantra on the NFL offseason.

The Rockies rebounded from their disaster of a weekend in Arizona to finish their 10-game NL West road trip 4-6, which is fine after starting 0-3 and looking very, very shaky.

It’s the All-Star break. The Rockies have played 96 games. They have 66 to go. They are 46-50. They are four games under .500. They are in third place. They are 4.5 games out of first place. They are 2 games out of second place. Neither wildcard position appears to be an option.

All of that means that, believe it or not, the Rockies are still in the mix of the NL West race. Of course this is because the division has been atrocious, but Rockies fans should be kinda stoked at their position at the break. This is a team that many people expected to lose 100 games. Those people were pretty stupid, but still.

Cargo, Cuddyer and Tulo (when healthy) are having excellent years. De La Rosa, Chacin and Chatwood are having very good years. Brothers and Betancourt are having very good years. Beyond that, it’s pretty ugly.

The Rockies may be the most top-heavy team in baseball this year, which is good and bad. They need greater contributions from their role players, but their studs are capable of beating teams by themselves.

At the very least, the Rockies current position gives fans some more time to care about the local nine. How long they are relevant remains to be seen, but it’s not outrageous to think they’ll be in the hunt as October draws near.

The best sports/comedy video in a long time came from Jimmy Fallon getting Matt Harvey to ask New Yorkers about Matt Harvey.

Pretty great stuff there.

Three great GIFs from the Home Run Derby last night:

Yoenis Cespedes had the most ridiculous/awesome bat flip ever after his winning bomb.

Cespedes for the RestOfUs!” This also gives me an excuse to link to my post about Helton’s swag flip.

It wouldn’t be a New York without a fight breaking out in the stands.

This got me thinking… Is there an MLB sanctioned event that  you would want to get more drunk for than the Home Run Derby? You’re going to want to pay attention in playoff games because of the sheer importance. All-Star games are worth remembering because of the pagaentry and the uniqueness. Meaningless games are too boring to want to really go hard.

Spring Training is probably up there, but you don’t want to embarrass yourself in such a casual, family atmosphere. I feel like if I was at the silly, pointless Home Run Derby I would be ready to rage. Why not? It’s entertaining. It looks like a blast. It kind of tries to highlight your home city. It’s completely pointless. I’m thinking the Derby is pretty good excuse to get three sheets to the wind.

One of the only other things that can make me drink to the extent of attending the Home Run Derby might be staying home listening to Chris Berman call the Home Run Derby on ESPN by constantly yelling, “BackBackBackBackBackBackBackBackBackBackBackBackBackBack” for just about every one of the 14,000 home runs that were hit last night.

This potentially unintentional videobomb will give you the heebie-jeebies.

Creepy young Yankees fan

via @SBnationGIF.

See you in my nightmares creepy young Yankees fan.

Jonathan Paplebon blew a save, then turned into a statue. I love, love, love this gif:

Pap Statue

via @cjzero

Credit to ESPN for the blink counter, but he’s not moving a muscle for over 12 seconds! That’s remarkable. Major league baseball players are so skilled!

Tim Lincecum threw 148 pitches and a no-hitter, but his reaction to the home-plate ump taking a baseball to the wiener stole the show for me.

(GIF via @gidget)

That reminds me of the ol’ “collar-pull” gag from the Simpsons.

John Elway is getting credit for being a pretty damn good GM.

The CU football program is just a mess.

So is the athletic department.

And finally, I just can’t stop laughing at this lady. And watching her again. And I just can not stop.

She really hurls that flip flop.

Happy Tuesday everybody. Enjoy the All-Star Game tonight; see ya next week.

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Your Weekly Roundup from the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the 17th Tuesdays With Mitch, where I find it amazing how little I can care about NBA Free Agency over a long holiday weekend. I guess Dwight Howard or Shaquille O’Neal or somebody signed with the Mavericks or Rockets or Astros or somebody. Whatever. It was nice out and that cold case of magical American Budweiser cans wasn’t gunna drink itself.

Andre Iguodala never enjoyed playing in Denver. Now he’s gone. (Howard Smith, US Presswire)

In news I did pay attention to, Andre Iguodala bailed on the Nuggets and took a 4 year deal with Golden State worth $48 million. I always got the feeling Iguodala never really wanted to be in Denver for some reason, even though the team was dominant in the regular season. Oakland isn’t exactly a title contender or a huge market, and apparently George Karl wasn’t the issue either. Maybe he’s the only NBA player alive who doesn’t like weed.

I’ve always really liked Iguodala’s game, but I think 12 mil a year for four years is a little much for a player that can go through some serious offensive droughts. Also, the Nuggets have acquired Darrell Arthur and JJ Hickson in what could (or could not) prove to be a couple savvy moves. I think both of those players, Hickson in particular, are the kind of solid NBA role players a contender needs.

At any rate, next season the Nuggets will have a new head coach, new GM, new starting center, new starting two guard and a new starting small forward until Gallo comes back from his knee injury. That feels like an unprecedented amount of changes for a team that won 57 games. I guess that’s the kind of thing that’ll happen when you never win in the playoffs.

Roy Oswalt has not exactly been the savior to the Rockies rotation. Instead he sucked. Then he got hurt. (Chris Peterson, Getty Images).

The Rockies had a disaster of a series this weekend in Arizona. They were outscored 22-6 and never had a chance in any of the three games. And boy, Roy Oswalt and Drew Pomeranz sure have sucked. On Sunday, the comedy of errors reached quite the crescendo. Oswalt, the supposed savior (I never bought in) who, again, has really sucked, was in the process of pitching poorly before pulling a hamstring trying to run to home plate. So he’s done for a while, with nobody worthy of replacing him, which is saying something, since he has really sucked. Then in the ninth inning Carlos Gonzalez, who has not sucked at all, left the game after injuring his hand on a swing.

This team is teetering on the brink of irrelevance with two series to go before the All-Star break. When Tulowitzki went down, I wrote that it was hard to see the Rockies hanging around and they really haven’t.

It’s clear that the Rockies offense is kind of a mess without Tulo in the lineup. What nobody is talking about, though, is that the Rox are missing Tulo and Dexter Fowler, who has also been crucial to the Rockies’ success or lack thereof. Not having either of them in the lineup or in the field makes the Rockies a completely different team.

The Rockies have three in San Diego (they won Monday), which has now lost ten in a row. Then there’s a possibility both Fowler and Tulowitzki will come back on Thursday for four games against the Dodgers. Those seven games could go a long way in determining how many more times I stroll out to Coors Field the rest of the summer.

In related news, Jeff Passan of Yahoo chose Carlos Gonzalez as his midseason NL MVP.

A cool GIF from Andy Murray winning Wimbledon:

(via @erikmal) I found it on the timeline of @edsbs.

And a cool picture:

(Via @GettyImages and ‏@RealMikeSinger) I found it on the timeline of @richarddeitsch.

And an incredible front page:

(Via ‏@suttonnick and @thetimes). I found it on the timeline of @richarddeitsch

As far as links go, there’s really only one piece you should focus on this week. Instead of trying to describe it myself, here’s SI’s Richard Deitsch from his weekly media column:

If you click on anything in this column please let it be the video linked in the next paragraph. It might be the best feature piece I’ve ever seen on ESPN.

ESPN aired the 21-minute video on Outside The Lines on Sunday, which documents the remarkable friendship between former Cleveland high school wrestlers Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton. Crockett, who is legally blind, earned a Judo medal in the 2012 Paralympics in London, and now lives and studies in Colorado Springs, Colo., while Sutton, who lost his legs at age 11 when he was hit by a train, is now a college student in Phoenix. It is impossible to watch without weeping.

Bravo to former ESPN features producer Lisa Fenn, who produced the original piece on these friends in 2009 and was a central figure in Sunday’s piece, and ESPN coordinating producer Jose Morales, who helmed the update.

Watch the video. Read the feature. Both are certainly worth your time.

I try not to cuss on here, but I sure don’t mind when other people do.

That’s actually a pretty appropriate response to a horrible question. “You just threw your second no-hitter! What was with that walk?”

Eric Decker had a better weekend than you.

Apparently somebody filmed me at the gym the other day.

That’s really Robert Gill of the Arizona Cardinals, supposedly running 25 MPH.

This  poor guy helped produce my favorite YouTube minute of the week, even with the sideways phone.


And finally, in the opening I mentioned that I had some fun this weekend. On a few occasions I was presented with a situation that reminded me of a Personal YouTube Hall Of Fame video from a couple years ago. It’s borderline inappropriate, but who cares.


Happy Tuesday everybody, see ya next week.

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Rockies All-Star Prospects and My Ballot

Welcome to the 16th Tuesday’s With Mitch, with a quick congrats to CSU Ram Colton Iverson getting drafted by the Pacers and sent to the Celtics. When the season ended he wasn’t really on the radar of the NBA, but his stock just kept rising during his workouts with the teams. It’ll be interesting to see if he makes the Cs; this Homer-Ram is pulling for him. Off we go…


Michael Cuddyer is a no-brainer to be an All-Star, but does he make a case to start? (Brad Mils USA Today)

I love the MLB All-Star Game. From an entertainment standpoint, there’s no doubt it’s the best All-Star Game in sports. The game itself has been awesome ever since home-field advantage in the World Series has been on the line. The players are locked in. There are fist pumps and jacked-up screams. Aggressive base running and well-played defense.

My beef with the All-Star game is that if you are going to have unintelligent fans determining the starters and that silly rule where every team is represented, the game shouldn’t determine home-field advantage.

I think there should be two options with the All-Star game. The first, make it an exhibition with fan votes and every team represented. The second, put home-field on the line and have the players/managers/writers determine the teams based on performance and in-game matchups. Either make it ultra-competitive or ultra-recreational.

Anyway, voting for this year’s All-Star Game starters ends Thursday. Here’s my ballot, which is, of course, correct. If you feel like voting, just copy all of these picks and you can feel good about yourself as an informed baseball fan.

all star ballot - AL

A couple of notes with the AL ballot:

I will not vote for any Yankees or Red Sox; never have, never will. I dislike those teams and their fan bases are big enough without my help. The latest returns were published today.

My ballot is pretty close to what will actually be the starting lineup, which is a bit of a surprise. I differ at second base because nobody has ever heard of Jason Kippins and Robinson Cano is a superstar. Encarnacion is in third place at DH but really deserves to start, even though he’s got no chance of catching Ortiz. At shortstop Peralta vs. JJ Hardy is pretty much a coinflip.

Other than those, the fans will get the AL lineup right.

all star ballot - Copy

A couple notes with the NL ballot:

I will not vote for any Dodgers or Giants; never have, never will. I dislike those teams and their fan bases are big enough without my help, even if all of the Giants fans have only been around for a few years. Also, I tend to lean towards a slight Rockies bias. Nothing too crazy though. The latest returns were published today.

The NL side is much more interesting than the AL.

I’ll just look at my three Rockies selections, since you might not be all that interested in why Pedro Alveraz should start over David Wright.

Tulo has been out for almost three weeks and still leads all NL shortstops in batting average, home runs and RBI, which is kind of absurd. He’ll still be hurt for the game and Ian Desmond should take his spot.

CarGo has moved into second place among all outfielders in the closest race of all. Beltran is in first and won’t be caught, which is fine. He’s having a nice year and is on the best team in the National League. The race for the last two spots is between Gonzalez and Justin Upton, Bryce Harper, Matt Holliday and Andrew McCutchen. All are within about 400,000 votes of each other.

This shouldn’t really be a race at all. CarGo leads the National League in home runs and is first among outfielders in RBI. He’s 6th among outfielders in batting average and stolen bases. First among outfielders in Slugging and 2nd (to Cuddyer) in OPS. So he should definitely start, and probably will.

Cuddyer on the other hand, doesn’t have a shot to start, which isn’t much of a surprise. He’s not in the top 15 in fan voting, but he actually does have a very good case for starting. He leads all NL outfielders in hitting. (He’s 33 points ahead of the next guy). Among outfielders, he’s sixth in RBI and homers, second in OBP, first in slugging and OPS. He also currently has that impressive…. nevermind.

He’s also a Rockie, so he gets my vote.

It may seem crazy to think that the Rockies, who are having a mediocre season, should make up 33 percent of the starting lineup in the All-Star Game, but those three guys are really having years that are that good.

So Tulo will be announced as a starter and CarGo will probably be a starter. Cuddyer would be an enormous snub if he’s left off, but we’ll consider him good to go. Any other deserving Rockies?

Jorge De La Rosa should be in the mix but he probably hasn’t been consistent enough to warrant a spot. Jhouylis Chacin started out great and is nails again, but was pretty bad in between. Both these guys have another couple starts to make a case to be added to the team by Bruce Bochy, but I don’t see it happening.

Rex Brothers should be an All-Star. He’s given up two runs in 34.1 innings, which is good for a 0.52 ERA. He has 37 strikeouts to only 17 walks. Hitters are batting .192 against him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bochy wants a hard throwing lefty to have in his back pocket in the late innings. He also has a really cool name.


I’ve always been a fan of the MLB Stars and Stripes hats that come out for the 4th of July Each year. There’s lots of pretty sick lids (brah!) this year. I like the Rox one a lot, even though I don’t know why we always get red instead of blue, when blue is a lot closer to purple.

What is not cool about that?

The Dodgers bring the Yasiel Puig show to The Keg tonight. What he’s doing is just ridiculous (speaking of should-be All-Stars). Jeff Passan of Yahoo! had an interesting feature today on what is was like when Puig defected from Cuba and was caught by the Coast Guard. Puig is one mysterious superstar.

Great moment from the NBA Draft:


Speaking of the Dodgers, this story by Bill Plaschke on a Dodger Stadium usher who worked there from 1958 until he died this year is just a great read.

Good work from the Chicago Tribune here. Two bars, one game:


This is the funniest way to blow a 9th inning lead I’ve ever seen.

via @sbnationgif

Pretty funny story on Buzzfeed of a girl taking some selfies while running on the field at a baseball game. Here’s a taste in GIF form:

Whatever works. (via buzzfeed)

Solid work from this kid:


And finally, I’ll leave you with a nice, calm drive through the European countryside.


Happy Tuesday everybody, see ya next week.

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