Helton’s At-Bat and Other Stuff from the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to the first ever Wednesday edition of Tuesdays With Mitch. Sorry for the day long delay; I’ve been doing a lot of working and drinking and sleeping. Anyway, this GIF has pretty much been on a loop in my head since Friday.

Helton Swag

GIF courtesy of the former Dr. Pure, @andy_mcdonnell. Lots of good stuff on his blog at andymcd.com. Check it out.

Too. Much. Swag.

That is just too much swag for one computer screen to handle.

The term “swag” is probably not tossed around in regards to Todd Helton a whole lot, but that sequence is freaking swagtastic. Also, I promise to never use the word swagtastic again.

Here’s the full video with Drew Goodman’s solid call.


(That goober behind the dugout pointing to the stands sat throughout that entire at-bat just pointing like that. Then he just kind of chilled for a while when Todd actually hit it there. Seriously hilarious. Also a good job by Root to keep a live camera on him, just in case.)

Early in his career, you wouldn’t see even the most modest of bat flips out of the respectful and generally mild mannered Helton. That’s changed the past few years, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen him Pimp a homer quite that much. He’s earned it and it’s a welcome sight.

The situation there: Rockies down by 2. Runner on first. Bottom of the 9th. Helton pinch hits. Look at this at-bat.

Helton's AB

Screenshot courtesy of MLB.com

The count quickly goes to 1-2. Todd fouls off five pitches and takes two balls before launching a no-doubter into the second deck. Helton is the best I’ve (anyone’s?) ever seen at wasting pitches with two strikes and extending at-bats. Some solid representation of that came on Friday night. Pretty epic stuff. (The fact that Rafael Betancourt promptly gave up two runs in the 10th and the Rockies lost is a minor detail).

Todd’s the topic of plenty of debate these days with reasonable and intelligent baseball people like me quick to argue with over-reactors or very casual Rockies fans. Todd is the one athlete that I will probably never say a bad thing about, so I’m biased. I’m not diving into the whole argument here this week, but keep an eye out.

Right now I’m just trying to recover from an overdose of 39-year-old white man swag.

Last week I said that “baseball players are a quirky bunch” after showing Troy Tulowitzki reject Rafael Betancourt’s high five.

I was right about that.

That’s my favorite YouTube video in a long, long time, even though I seem to say that every week. The rakes. The fanning with the rakes. Genius.

Minnesota did not want to be out done.


All shenanigans aside, that is the least interesting interview I’ve ever seen.

This video is just heartbreaking. 40-year-old and 12-year veteran Ramon Ortiz throws what is likely his last pitch in the MLB. And he knew it.


That’s tough to watch and this piece by Will Leitch is an excellent and deep article on the difficulty of letting go.

Justin Bieber didn’t have the best week. He pissed off his famous neighbors by driving his Ferrari like a maniac. (Thank you TMZ! Without you no would have known that Keyshawn freaking Johnson was upset with the world’s most famous 19-year-old-pop-lip-syncing-robot-record-label-creation-dancer-guy-thing.) Then the world’s most famous 19-year-old-pop-lip-syncing-robot-record-label-creation-dancer-guy-thing looked like this at Game 7 on Monday.


Biebs just taking in Game 7 like the common man.

You absolutely can not make any sort of reasonable argument that that person is not a complete douche bag.

This dude’s blog on a ridiculous, gum-throwing umpire is hilarious, but it’s also relevant whistle-blower journalism. I hope MLB suspends this joker. (Follow-up blogs here and here).

I really, really do not get the whole DU Pioneer mascot “controversy.” They don’t want a mascot that resembles a pioneer, even though they are the FREAKING DENVER UNIVERSITY PIONEERS. Just absurd.

And finally, since this is a special edition:


Happy Wednesday everybody. See ya in six days.

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