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Masai Ujiri is Probably Leaving and That’s Bad For the Nuggets.

It’s starting to sound like Masai Ujiri won’t be staying with the Nuggets.

The single biggest reason for the recent success of the Denver Nuggets has not been a player or George Karl. It has been Masai Ujiri.

The VP of Basketball Operations (which really just means general manager, but the Nuggets have a weird hierarchy with strange titles) was considered a rising star in the basketball world when he was hired. This season, he won the NBA Executive of the Year award.

Ujiri comes from a scouting background which is a little different than most front office executives and has apparently given him a leg up in analyzing talent and acquiring a cohesive set of players.

The NBA is a superstars’ league and superstars don’t want to play in Denver. Ujiri has recognized this and expertly assembled a roster of solid players than can compete with the big boys.

There hasn’t been any playoff success, but I point the finger at George Karl there and that’s a whole separate conversation.

The drama surrounding Carmelo Anthony’s exit was a horrible situation for a young GM to be in, but Ujiri pulled off a genius trade that reshaped the Nuggets franchise.

Anyway, the Kroenkes have given Ujiri permission to speak with his former franchise, the Toronto Raptors, about their vacant GM position and it is being reported that Toronto will be offering a very lucrative deal. The details remain hazy, but it sounds like Ujiri could pull in well over $1 million per year, with the Kroenkes not likely to match that kind of figure.

That kind of money not easy to turn down.

At this point, we’re all just waiting on Ujiri to make his decision, but personally, I’d be surprised if the NBA Executive of the Year comes back to Denver.

Ujiri leaving would not resemble most changes in the front office with relatively unknown executives moving on. He is the single most important– and perhaps most talented– person in the Nuggets organization.


Not sure what’s going on here.

Tulo is not interested in high-fiving Betancourt. (gif via

Baseball players are a quirky bunch.

Your quick Rockies update aside from cupchecks or sack taps or whatever is happening there: Finished that crucial homestand 5-2, but then started their current road trip 1-3. Went 6-4 in the 10-game NL West stretch. Should really win the next three over the AAA affiliate in Houston.

This video is perfectly titled. I present, “Tim Duncan Realizing He Has Arms”.


Chris Anderson has had a few different looks in his day.


via @NickiJhabvala of the New York Times

As good as this is, I distinctly remember a perm somewhere along the way even though I couldn’t find any evidence of this either. I’m putting the over/under him just saying “screw it”and going full technicolor face-tat at 2.5 years.

This is the best interview I’ve seen in a long, long time.

I would like to hang out with that young man.

I can’t wait for the 30 for 30 on Gordon Bombay.

Bombay’s willingness to accept eccentric characters like the Bash Brothers and implement unique techniques like the Knuckle Puck have made him a true legend.

And finally, here’s a non-sports link. A worthhile read about the devastation in Oklahoma.

Happy Tuesday everybody. See ya next week.

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Rockies In the Middle of An Important Stretch

Jordan Pacheco’s grand slam turned an important series around for the Rockies. AP Photo/ Jack Dempsey

Thursday night was a bad night for the Rockies and their fans. The Rockies were reeling. They had lost four series in a row. The four upcoming games against the Giants represented a watershed moment in the young season. The Giants have owned the Rockies the past few years, a simple fact that must change if the Rox are going to be any kind of factor after the All-Star break. The Giants were two games ahead of the Rockies in the NL West standings.

So what happened Thursday night? The Rockies jumped out to an impressive 6-0 lead over Matt Cain. They had their ace on the mound. They were at home. They seemed to be making a statement. But the Giants didn’t bat an eye and came back to win 8-6.

It was a huge punch to the gut for the Rockies. It felt like a back-breaking, season-changing loss that we would all remember throughout the summer. After that game, the Giants improved to 31-9 against the Rockies in their past 40 matchups, which is an insane number. The Rockies just couldn’t beat the Giants. Whatever semblance of confidence the Rockies had against San Francisco was long gone after that debacle.

Whether or not the Rockies could remain relevant in the National League depended on the next three games. Winning two of three and splitting the series would be a disappointment. Winning all three seemed pretty much impossible.

Then the Rockies won the next three games, highlighted by Jordan Pacheco’s grand slam, complete with a Mitch-Hahn-Approved-Bat-Spike. It’s only three games. It’s only May. But those were three huge, huge wins. Not so much because of the teams’ records or the standings, but more so because those wins can change the Rockies mindset. They beat the Giants for the first time since 1996, and they did it thrice in a row. Maybe, just maybe, they proved they belong.

When the series ended Sunday night, the two teams had identical records.

All of that said– aaaallllllllllllllll of that said– the next three games are/were against the first place Diamondbacks, followed by three more against the Giants in San Francisco. (The Rockies were shutdown by the D-Bags and Cy Young Candidate Patrick Corbin on Monday.) The four against the Giants were crucial, but the six following that series are equally important. If the Rockies can somehow win both series, we would be able to put aside the “ifs” and “maybes” and “so fars” and just call them legit contenders.

Yes, that’s a tall task and things can change quickly, but it’s important for the Rockies to build on this momentum (even after Monday’s bad loss) and continue to make a statement in the NL West.


So this is what it looks like when a deer jumps through the window of a moving bus.

A few things here. 1) That is some incredible footage. 2) The deer’s first reaction is to get off the bus the same way he so conveniently entered, which actually makes sense. 3) For several seconds the bus driver legitimately doesn’t seem to notice a live whitetail deer wildly frolicking right next to him. 4) The lone rider in the back row seems relatively unenthused by the whole episode. 5) Why does the video stop before the deer strolls through the open doors?

I saw this a couple weeks ago but I’m just posting it now. I hesitated because it’s a video that shows a bear eating a monkey, which some people might not enjoy. HOWEVER, it is also a video of a bear and a monkey racing each other on bicycles, which everyone, everywhere should thoroughly enjoy.

I don’t know what to add to that.

This happened. This is a thing that happened. No really, this happened.

I’m told that is someone named Miguel performing at something called the American Music Awards or something. Don’t know about any of that, but I’ve always said it’s never a good idea to try and jump across a large group of people if you’re a no-name musician lip syncing on a no-name awards show in a tight white suit unless you get a solid running start. I’ve always said that! Also, I think “Miguel” is far too common of a name to try and do the whole One-Name-Only thing.

Jim Rome brought me to this and it is wonderful.

Imagine if we all exhibited the same amount of passion towards our daily work as these fine young ladies.

This is just chaos. Pure, unadulterated chaos. Hockey + crazy youth sports pressure + crazy Russians + an apparent lack of adult supervision = this.

Among all of the children pummeling each other into oblivion, all I can think about is that apparently the “Gangsta Rap” genre is a thing in Russia. Who knew?!

I was really intrigued by SI’s “Fortunate 50” list.

Colorado State’s Colton Iverson is seeing his NBA draft stock rise.

Well that was sure unexpected. Everyone’s favorite hatchet-wielding, homeless, hitchhiker hero was arrested for murder Thursday. Truly bizarre. The whole story– from the initial news story, to the strangely awesome interview, to the YouTube fame, to the celebrity (including an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel), to fading from the pop culture, to being arrested for murder– is just crazy. I’m going to try to explain all this to my grandparents just to see what happens.

And finally, it sounds like Patrick Roy will be named the next head coach of the Avalanche. So we have John Elway running the Broncos, Joe Sakic in the front office of the Avs, Patrick Roy coaching the Avs. Walt Weiss managing the Rockies with Dante Bichette as his hitting coach. The Denver sports scene is a nostalgic place.

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Thoughts on the Rockies’ Current Slide

Wilin Rosario

Wilin Rosario is one of the Rockies in a serious slump. Chris Humphreys/US Presswire

The Rockies have officially cooled off from their hot start and are currently playing some bad baseball. The Rox have gone 7-14 since their 13-4 start. They’ve lost five of their last six. On April 26 they had a 2.5 game lead in the NL West, today they’re in third place and are 3 games behind the Giants.

Michael Cuddyer hit the DL on Sunday. He was having a good year (4th  among offensive players in WAR), so his absence doesn’t figure to help an offense that all of the sudden is going through some major struggles. The offensive woes seem to have affected the entire lineup, but Dexter Fowler, Wilin Rosario and Carlos Gonzales are all struggling after starting the year playing at an all-star level.

  • The Rockies have scored two runs or fewer in six of their last seven games
  • In May Dexter Fowler has gone: 4-31/0 HR/0 SB/1 RBI/12 K
  • In May Wilin Rosario has gone: 3-34/0HR/0 RBI
  • In April that pair combined to hit .325 with 15 HR and 35 RBI.
  • In Cargo’s first 18 games he hit .343/4 HR/12 RBI/1.048 OPS
  • In the 18 games since he’s hitting .231/3 HR/7 RBI/.755 OPS/22 K.

Those are the three players who need to turn it around to get this team back on track.

Quick recap of the rotation, where things are getting a little shaky for the Js.

  • Jorge De La Rosa is pitching like an ace, minus the occasional hiccup. 
  • Jhoulys Chacin was bad in his first start coming off the DL, decent in his next.
  • Juan Nicasio was lit up Monday night, in what should be his last start in the majors. Look for Tyler Chatwood or Drew Pomeranz to rejoin the big club soon.
  • Jeff Francis has also been pretty bad and may be headed for the Springs before too long.
  • John Garland has kept his team in it, but not much beyond that.

Overall, the Rockies rank ahead of the league average in most pitching categories. Much of that is because the bullpen has been stellar, but it’s still an encouraging statistic.

We’ll hit the 25 percent mark for the Rockies’ 2013 season in a couple days. The sample size is no longer insignificant. They’re currently two-games above .500 and it’s reasonable to think they can hover around that mark for much of the year.

Again, the formula for Rockies success is decent pitching and a killer lineup. Right now their pitching is, for the most part, decent. Their lineup the past couple weeks has not been able to meet expectations, which has led to this downfall. One would have to imagine that the offense will wake up before too long. But until it does, they won’t be winning many ballgames.


Last year Colorado State kicked two of their best players (and another with a smaller role) off their football team because they beat the hell out of some kids. Apparently Colorado’s squad didn’t learn from that story.

It’s pretty strange that two rival, in-state programs would go through such similar episodes in consecutive years. There’s plenty of differences between the two stories, but really we are talking about football players getting wasted and *allegedly* (Jim Rome voice) bashing people’s skulls in.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think it should be that hard to walk home after a night of partying without *allegedly* just heavily assaulting random people. What the hell is that about?

“The Office” comes to an end with the series finale airing Thursday. This season has been terrible and Thursday night the show is being put out of its misery. It was worth a shot, but we all learned pretty quickly the show just couldn’t survive without the great Michael Scott. (Thank God the Dwight Schrute spinoff got nixed.)

That said, The Office has been a great show over the past nine seasons and 187 episodes. I think it will go down as the defining network TV show of my generation. Anyone under 65 knows how hilarious the show could be and most could relate to it in their daily lives. Everything from that quirky theme song to Dwight’s weirdness to Jim and Pam’s love stories will forever be a piece of our pop culture.

Here’s a quick, classic Michael Scott clip to remind you of the show’s prime.


The Memphis Grizzlies are up 3-1 on the Russell Westbrook-less Thunder. The Indiana Pacers are up 2-1 on the Knicks. We should all be rooting for a Pacers-Grizzlies matchup in the NBA Finals, if only because it would drive David Stern absolutely nuts. Zero star power and small markets; what’s not to love about that? That team in Miami makes this all a seem a little unlikely.

Those wacky eyewitness news interviews I referenced last week are quickly becoming my favorite thing on the internet. Our latest hero provided another couple of gems.

and this compilation


I enjoyed this piece on Bryce Harper‘s violent left-handed swing. Especially the cool video at the top. Check it out.

My buddy sent me this video. These bros made me laugh.


This cracked me up and helps prove why Twitter is just great.

If foul language doesn’t bother you, go ahead and watch this very, very NSFW video. (That means Not Safe For Work for the less internet savvy.) I think it’s hilarious, but seriously, it’s vulgar and you’ve been warned. Sorority girls are just crazy as hell.

And finally, this commencement speech from 2005 is making it’s rounds across the internet this graduation season. It’s worth your nine minutes.

Congrats to all the 2013 grads. But not really because the real world is a horrible place.

Happy Tuesday everybody. See ya next week.

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Your Weekly Roundup from the Sports World and Internet

Welcome to Tuesdays With Mitch. A bit of a slow sports news week around these parts so this is a shortened post. Also I’ve been busy. I’m sure you’re crushed. Off we go…

Since last we spoke, the Nuggets were eliminated in the playoffs by Golden State in six games. I still think George Karl should be shown the door, even if that doesn’t seem to be the feeling of the Nuggets’ front office.

Also I can’t help but chuckle at the Nuggets fans who are complaining about the refs. The ending to Game 6 was nothing short of bizarre and there were some awful calls down the stretch in Denver’s wild comeback, but come on. Maybe don’t fall behind three games to one against a six seed and those calls would be of less importance.

Nolan Arenado  was appropriately pumped up after hitting a grand slam off the reigning AL Cy Young winner. His career is only a few games old, but all signs are pointing towards the This-Kid-Can-Play category.

The Warriors and Spurs played an incredible, instant classic last night. Down the stretch, one obnoxious, shrieking fan managed to steal the show at the end of regulation and throughout both overtimes. In the sports-twittersphere, last night’s game will forever be remembered as The Screaming Spurs Lady game.

I’m fully expecting to hear that in a few nightmares.  Seriously, how could you sit next to that? This one excited woman/girl turned my Twitter feed into a steady stream of jokes about Screaming Spurs Lady. This gem summed it up the best after the game:

screaming gem

That reminded me of this moment:

The “KEEVVVVVVIIIIINNNN” at 32 seconds just kills me every time.

I think it’s important for all of us to read this enlightening piece on Jason Collins, Tim Tebow, ESPN, First Take, Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith and Chris Broussard. On a related topic, don’t watch that crap or listen those dudes. Just don’t. You’ll be better for it.

It has to be a first to combine an actually relevant, interesting news story with one of those strangely awesome urban news interviews that take over YouTube. Those two came together in beautiful harmony last night, when news broke that three women who had been missing for over a decade were found alive, locked in a house. It’s a horrifying story with a twist of a happy ending. Anyway, this guy is your latest hero.


Another wild story had a local angle when people in the Wyoming and Colorado State athletic departments managed to save a former Denver Post reporter’s life when they realized she was having a stroke over the phone.

This is a great picture.

And finally, Sunday was Cinco De Mayo and all that Spanish being spoken reminded me of one of my all-time YouTube favorites.


Happy Tuesday everybody. I should have more to say in a week. See ya then.

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