The Most Hideous Thing I’ve Ever Seen

There’s a lot to hate about the NBA.

For starters, watch this little promo I saw during the holiday season:


That may be the most hideous 78 seconds of my life. Just horrible, horrible stuff.

Let’s recap:  We have Justin Bieber singing (or pretending to sing while computers make noises for him) a traditional Christmas song while blending fast-paced action shots of NBA players dancing around in pregame warmups, complaining to the refs, high-fiving one another, wiping sweat off of their cheeks, doing that hip-bump thing that is required of all athletes, smiling at cameras and beating their chests. If you think life can’t get any better, hold on to your freaking hat. The video then transitions into some sort of God-Awful rap remix of the Little Drummer Boy.

Reread that last sentence.

Anyway the video goes on like this and even mixes in exciting shots of referees signaling both a block and a charge call; one ref even one falls over! What’s not to love?

Obviously, this is Where Amazing Happens. Who could watch that and not think, I Love This Game.

I’m sure that is exactly what James Naismith had in mind when he nailed up those peach baskets in Kansas.


4 thoughts on “The Most Hideous Thing I’ve Ever Seen

  1. Dustin

    Not much I hate more than the NBA and Justin Bieber. Wish I hadn’t had to watch this horrific video though. Thanks a lot Mitch… ha

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