NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

Since I haven’t written a blog in a couple fortnights, here’s a quick post with my picks for the weekend:

Saints over 49ers

Saints over 49ers. AP Photo

I’m taking offense over defense here. There’s been a lot of talk about the Saints being a different team playing outside and on the road. I can buy into that a little bit, but I also think the Saints are just really, really good. The Niners’ have the best rushing defense in the league, but Drew Brees and the Saints don’t really run the ball. I’ll take the Saints by a field goal or two.


Packers over Giants

Packers over Giants. Photo couresty Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Giants are a very trendy little upset pick here. The media are drawing all sorts of similarities between this years’ team and the team that went through Lambeau to win the Super Bowl in 2007. That’s kind of a dumb train of thought; we’re talking about two completely different teams in two completely different years. The 15-1 Packers are somehow flying under the radar going into this game, which works out very well for them. Discount Double Check accounts for about four touchdowns and The Pack wins fairly easily.


Ravens over Texans.  Photo Courtesy, Steve Mitchell, US Presswire

Ravens over Texans. Photo Courtesy Steve Mitchell, US Presswire

The Ravens are 8-0 at home this season. Houston has the second-strongest (Broncos) running game with Arian Foster and Ben Tate accounting for over 2,100 yards rushing, but the Ravens are the league’s second-best (49ers) team at stopping the run. That match-up will decide this game. I think the Ravens’ D will have some fun with T.J. Yates even though he’s played well since taking over. I’ll take the Ravens by a touchdown in a pretty low-scoring game.


Broncos over Patriots.

Broncos over Patriots. Photo Courtesy John Lebya, Denver Post

Screw it.


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