MLB Playoff Predictions

Here’s some quick predictions from ThirtyandaBottle on what we’ll see in the MLB playoffs, possibly my favorite sporting event of the year. And if the playoffs are anything like the last day of the regular season, we’re in for some fun. You should all watch an amazing recap of the best night of baseball in the history of baseball here.

Also a big shoutout to Bud Selig (I’m sure he reads this) for eliminating unnecessary off-days and shortening the postseason. Game Seven of the world series is scheduled for Oct. 27. Last year Game Five was on Nov. 1.


Milwuakee over Arizona in four games.

The Brewers’ lineup is too strong for the D-Backs and Milwaukee should have enough pitching to shut down a Diamondbacks’ lineup, that outside of Justin Upton, is pedestrian. Game One features a very underrated pitching matchup of 21-game winner and Cy Young candidate Ian Kennedy vs. Brewers’ ace Yovani Gallardo.

Series MVP: Ryan Braun (he’s good).

Philadelphia over St. Louis in five games.


Roy Halladay could carry the Phillies to a World Series title. (Len Redlokes/Getty Images)

Arvada West High School grad Roy Hallady could carry the Phillies to a World Series Title. (Len Redlokes/Getty Images)


In the MLB playoffs, often times the hottest team– not necessarily the best– wins. The Cards pulled off an amazing September comeback with plenty of help from the Braves that ended with Chris Carpenter 2-hitting the Astros in game 162. They have all kinds of momentum. Unfortunately, the Phillies have all kinds of pitching. Cliff Lee was a machine last October and Roy Halladay is the best pitcher in the world. Cole Hamels isn’t too bad either. A three game series against anybody is chump change for these guys, but look for St. Louis to make it interesting.

Series MVP: Roy Halladay


Tigers over Yankees in five games.

Justin Verlander wins twice in Yankee Stadium in games 1 and 5 (assuming he doesn’t come back on three-days rest in Game Four) and the Tigers win once in Detroit.

Series MVP: Justin Verlander

Rays over Rangers in four games.

Rays fans should stay calm if CJ Wilson beats rookie Matt Moore this afternoon. The Rays will counter with James Shields, Jeremy Hellickson and David Price that I think will have success shutting down a very good Rangers’ offense.

Series MVP: Ben Zobrist


Philadelphia over Milwaukee in six games

I’m going with Philadelphia here, but not with much conviction. These were the two heavyweights in the National League all season. If there’s one NL lineup that can get after the Phillies rotation, it’s the Brew Crew. In the end I think starting pitching wins playoff series, and Philadelphia has plenty of that (pardon me if I sound like a broken record). The Phils’ offense isn’t awful either. Utley, Pence and Howard will make things tough on Milwaukee.

Series MVP: Hunter Pence


Detroit over Tamba Bay in six games

I think the Rays’ magic runs comes to an end against a more balanced team. Detroit has enough offensive firepower to light up the Rays’ solid rotation. Miguel Cabrera seems to have an MVP-caliber season every year (.344-30-105). Jose Valverde went 49-49 in save opportunities.

Series MVP: Jose Valverde


Philadelphia over Detroit

Too much pitching Phillies’ pitching. I am already drooling over a potential Halladay-Verlander showdown in the World Series. The Tigers starting pitching isn’t deep enough to hang with the historic cast the Phillies put together in the offseason. I’m afraid the 2011 season was won by the Phillies and their payroll over the winter.

Feel free to contact me when I miss all four matchups in the first round.

3 thoughts on “MLB Playoff Predictions

  1. Old geezer up north

    Well you’ve still got 2 dogs in the fight (with apologies to Mike Vick haters (I personally root for whoever (or is it whomever?) is playing the “Dream Team” on any given week)). What are your revised picks? I’m rootin’ for Miller Genuine Draft over Bud Lite. I also have a lot of respect for Nolan Ryan and what he’s done with that Ranger organization. So how ’bout Millers v LoneStar in a great Series and may the best 30 pack win?!

  2. Mitch D. Hahn Post author

    Yeah these predictions aren’t making me look too smart. I suppose I’m rooting for the Brewers in the NL because their fans aren’t as annoying as Cardinal fans. Don’t be surprised if the Crew win two games in Milwaukee. In the AL…. I’m thinking the Rangers win game Game 6 by a lot. Maybe like 15-5. (haha).


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