Brian Wilson: Still a Douche

There was a time when I thought Brian Wilson was a breath of fresh air.

I liked the way San Fransisco Giant’s closer carried himself. I thought coloring his cleats with a Sharpie was pretty funny. His interviews with Jim Rome were good for a few laughs.

It didn’t take long to realize he was trying way too hard and needed to give it a rest.

Then he showed up to the ESPYs last night. He did not disappoint:

Frederick Brown/Getty Images

Brian Wilson reinforces his inner douche-ness. (Photo Courtesy Frederick Brown/Getty Images)

What a clown.

I understand that anyone whoring for attention will go all-out when they have the chance to walk down the red carpet. And I realize wearing this stupid costume helped Wilson build his celebrity even more, and might even lead to a dozen or so more endorsement deals.

I get it, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

Brian Wilson: Douche.

4 thoughts on “Brian Wilson: Still a Douche

  1. Your Biggest Fan

    Good Lord. I didn’t see him until after he was sitting down, so the gloves were the only thing I could really see. I am 100% with you on this one!

    1. Mitch D. Hahn Post author

      If you’re really Heath freaking Bell (and really, why would I assume otherwise?), I got nothin but props for your All-Star Game entrance.

  2. Old geezer up north

    Well yeah, he does look like an audition for a Bat Man movie gone bad. Is Mariano Rivera a better closer? Si. Are we talking about him? No. Also keep in mind he plays on a CALIFORNIA team with a “freak” and a “Kung fu panda”!


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